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30 November 2023

Sell a bankrupt: as Yavorsky decided, she is trying to "shove" the chemical institute

The fate of NIIK JSC, an institute that has been engaged in designing in the field of ammonia, melamine, urea since Soviet times, is becoming more and more unenviable.

If earlier, for controlled bankruptcy, the owner Igor Esin attracted specialized "specialists" Yuri Yavorsky and Maxim Katan, now we are talking about selling the remains of the once pearl of Soviet chemistry faster.

Back in the middle of last year, everything looked quite rosy: the owner Igor Esin became the general director, sold his shares to the invited bankruptcy specialist Yuri Yavorsky, who brought with him the interim manager Maxim Katan. Mr. Katan at one time bankrupt Yavorsky himself and apparently succeeded. If you wonder how this is possible, then yes, it is possible: first you file a personal bankruptcy, and then you become a shareholder of the only project institute in your field, ordinary people cannot understand.

The purpose of the invited Yavorsky and Katan seems to us very standard: to put NIIK into bankruptcy, write off debts, divide the balances. 500 employees and customers are irrelevant. But something probably went wrong: rumors are creeping around the market that Yavorsky is running around contractors and competitors and trying to sell what is left of NIIK. The design market for chemical plants in Russia is quite narrow, information is spreading quickly.

Piquancy in the sale of "NIIK" is given by the fact that the real owner of the institute is not known for sure. At the beginning of the year, Yuri Yavorsky said that he was the main shareholder of NIIK JSC. Including he announced this in a commentary to the Kommersant newspaper. Now there is information that the shares no longer belong to him. What status Yavorsky has in the process of selling NIIK is a big question. What is the point of talking to him about buying an institute is not clear.

Why is Yavorsky in such a hurry to get rid of his alleged asset? On June 18, a bankruptcy court of NIIK JSC is planned. After him, the institute will hang dead weight on the fragile shoulders of Yavorsky and Yesin, who, as lawyers say, will also have to reimburse all overdue loans within the framework of subsidiary liability. Well, it's okay, since 2015, Mr. Esin and other shareholders received about 945 million rubles from NIIK in the form of dividends, something should have remained.

And now about the sad: if on June 18 the court decides on the bankruptcy of NIIK JSC, 500 employees lose their jobs, the remaining contracts turn into a pumpkin, the 70-year history of the institute remains in the past. And what was the circus started for with bankruptcy, resale of shares, attempts to shave off NIIK at a bargain price? Question to the competent authorities.


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