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29 November 2023

"Rus-oil" in Seychelles: Shpigotsky helped Klyachin with taxes?

Tax payments to the Rus-Oil oil company hypothetically could go through the former head of Instroygaz, Sergei Shpigotsky, offshore.

Tenders for the sale of objects belonging to the structures of the former shareholder of the bank "Ugra" Alexei Khotin were canceled as part of the claim of the Prosecutor General's Office against the oil company "Rus-oil". The latter was convicted of tax evasion.

Interim measures were imposed, among other things, on the assets of the developer Alexander Klyachin. As the correspondent of The Moscow Post found out the other day, the latter may try to escape from problems by denying Rus-oil and investing in projects of "denominations".

The funds could be withdrawn with the help of businessman Sergei Shpigotsky, who had already been convicted of such manipulations. How - the correspondent of The Moscow Post understood.

Family business

The founder of Rus-Oil until 2021 was Dmitry Nikolaevich Vishnevkin. Now the owners are hidden. The same person is the founder and general director of Technoservice, which also owns Ivan Sergeevich Shpigotsky. The latter is most likely the son of a famous figure from the 2000s: his father is probably Sergei Shpigotsky, the former head of Instroygaz (Transneft's contractor), who was sentenced to a suspended sentence in 2012 for (here, a coincidence!) Tax evasion in the amount of more than 400 million rubles.

As the investigation established then, Sergei Shpigotsky's company collaborated with a number of firms that existed only on paper, did not submit tax reports and actually did not conduct any activities. LLC "Instroygaz" overestimated costs by concluding fictitious contracts with them. And she used the settlement accounts of one-day companies to transit funds to the personal accounts of Sergei Shpigotsky and his proxies.

Shpigotsky left Russia and was put on the international wanted list, but three years later he returned to the country himself and voluntarily surrendered to law enforcement officers. Perhaps he was promised a great future here? Could Shpigotsky serve as a consultant in the tax evasion story at Rus-oil?

Several legal entities were registered on Sergei Shpigotsky, through which funds could hypothetically be "laundered": PSC ISG-Zashchita, PSC ISG-Zashchita-1, Galaktika and others. Now most of these firms have been liquidated.

Sergey Shpigotsky. Photo: Yuri Kabantsev/from the archive of BNKomi

Klyachin Trail

Sergey Shpigotsky is the owner of the current MAM LLC - together with Roman Podyachev. The same person is the founder of Nerl LLC. A company with the same name in the early 2000s actively and sometimes aggressively bought the lands of liquidated collective farms and state farms for further sale already for development by elite cottages. The company belonged to Klyachin's interests - "Novy Vzglyad" wrote about this.

So it can be assumed that Mr. Shpigotsky acted in his interests. Hence, among other things, the conclusion of a possible kinship between Ivan Shpigotsky and Sergei Shpigotsky, indirectly associated with Rus-Oil.

By the way, a number of now defunct companies were also registered with Mr. Vishnevsky - very suspicious. They either have no financial statements, or it is zero. And one company has a note about the inaccuracy of information in the column about the founders. We are talking about Vessolink North-West LLC: its "unreliable" founder is Bars LLC, registered offshore with Seychelles DAINEMIK SOLUSHNZ LTD. Could the money "Rus-oil" saved on taxes go there?

There is also an interesting detail. The second founder of "Bars" also with a mark of unreliability is LLC "Paid Roads - Ryazan". This company is registered at Bonn LLC, controlled by Anastasia Nikonova. The same lady owns an organization with a similar name "Bonas", in which Kushnyr Sergei Mikhailovich has a share. Similarly, the name of the deputy of the legislative assembly of the Primorsky Territory of the V convocation. Given the fact that other Kushnyr companies are located in the Primorsky Territory, I can't believe in a coincidence.

But let's return to Shpigotsky and the company. Sergey Alexandrovich is a participant in several court cases related to the bankruptcy of Instroygaz. The bailiffs seem to have taken everything - right up to the company's bulldozer.

It should be thought that the former head of the Transneft contractor still managed to hide part of the criminal proceeds, and he lived in Germany with this money. But when you get used to big earnings, it is difficult to give up them. Apparently, that's why Shpigotsky returned to Russia, but already "under the wing" of the rich and powerful developer Klyachin?

Alexander Klyachin. Photo: Grigory Sysoev/RIA "Novosti"

Not "Rus-oil" united

If our assumptions about their connection are correct, it will be logical to think that Klyachin could use Shpigotsky not only to withdraw taxes from Rus-Oil. In this case, appropriate checks should be subjected to his entire business - hotel and agricultural.

And it is worth starting with Eruv LLC, which is mostly owned by the Cypriot CANEO LIMITED, whose shares are pledged by the British TREND INTERESTS INVESTMENTS LIMITED, as well as Klyachin's share.

This company, by the way, in 2020 at the minimum price acquired the assets of Russian Railways in the sanatorium and resort industry in the Stavropol Territory. Since then, she has never paid taxes, and the Prosecutor General's Office has recognized the privatization of more than 1,500 sanatoriums in the Stavropol Territory as illegal. Despite this, nothing was still taken from Klyachin.

Klyachin has long and tightly entrenched the fame of an entrepreneur who can act not by the most honest methods. His attempts to challenge the legality of IKEA's location at a site in Khimki were called nothing more than a raider seizure.

People also remember the blatant story of deforestation of the protected forest near the Istra reservoir, which was preceded by the purchase of these lands by Vector Investments, which may be part of Klyachin's interests. Moreover, there are questions about its (buying up) legality - in fact, this is an environmental zone and cannot be built there.

And while people are falling out of Klyachin's hotels due to non-compliance with the requirements for building barriers, he seems more concerned about how to take more money with minimal costs. If the security forces begin to check Shpigotsky, who knows - what can he tell?

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