Rogozin takes his "cruel" revenge

The head of Roscosmos to "blame" the unsuccessful space launches on The Moscow Post?


The head of Roscosmos to "blame" the unsuccessful space launches on The Moscow Post?

The story began with a letter, more precisely, a statement. In his statement to the police, The head of Roscosmos claimed that The Moscow Post reporters have been disseminating slanderous materials online, thus besmirching the honor and dignity of the space “guru”. Dmitry Olegovich found the materials calling him "a gravedigger of the Russian space" and "a robber with a doubled energy" particularly offensive. But when the editorial office sent a request to Roscosmos asking them to explain the reason for filing the statement to the Moscow Central Internal Affairs Directorate, as well as answer a few questions, nothing but a banal "reply" followed from the state corporation. Rogozin was not going to enter the dialogue, was he? The reporter for The Moscow Post attempted to uncover the reason behind the "attack" of the head of "Roscosmos" against journalists.

Why did Dmitry Rogozin not bother to explain what specifically offended him in the journalistic materials of Vladislav Oparyshev? Does the head of Roscosmos consider everything undermining his reputation a slander? Though curious it might be, the state corporation not only failed to indicate specific discrediting facts, but also answered the remaining questions in a vague manner.

Send your letters, Dmitry Olegovich will surely reply

For instance, one of the questions was whether the domains of the "Machine-building Plant" named after M.V.Khrunichev and the design bureau "Salute" near Filevsky Park in Moscow were transferred to the owner of "Kyevskaya Ploshad" (Kyev Square) God Nisanov, where, according to RBC, Rogozin's son Alexei worked.

In addition, journalists set to find out whether "Roscosmos" sensed a conflict of interest between the state and a fact of possible employment of Rogozin's son in Nisanov's business, to which the press-service of "Roscosmos" responded with a brief, saying that Nisanov had no part in the project of the creation of National Space Center, nor did Alexei Rogozin work at "Roscosmos".

"Statement" from Roscosmos

Since the state corporation never cared to elaborate on what so discrediting was about the journalist's article in The Moscow Post, the second request was submitted. But the process has already started, and according to information from the editorial sources, the Ministry of Internal Affairs has issued the command to start a criminal case. Is Rogozin so easy to offend? Or were the facts stated in the article called "Rogozin - a "gravedigger" of the Russian Cosmos?" hard on his pride?

Perhaps, what Rogozin considered a "slander" was the information about Roscosmos cutting prices on launching small satellites by half, which "Kommersant" wrote about in detail. The publication provided specific figures: in 2018, the launch of 1 kilogram of cargo cost 20-30 thousand dollars, and the last year the figures were 15-17 thousand. What is Rogozin's pout then about? Losing the competition to the cheaper SpaceX of Elon Musk?

The Moscow Post's first request

Why not pout here? American competitors are about to strip him of his primacy. Rogozin is losing the competition, the fact mentioned not only by the Moscow Post journalist in his "slanderous" article, but also by RBC. If in 2014 Roscosmos carried out 26 launches, while SpaceX could pull off only 6, 2017 marked SpaceX taking the lead, having implemented 16 launches against the 15 of Roscosmos. Quite a disappointing trend, isn't it?

Or was Rogozin perhaps furious about being reminded of the endless accidents? Vladislav Oparyshev mentioned that 2019 was a happy year for Rogozin, since all the launches were successful - the first trouble-free period since 2009! That is, for almost ten years one project after another resulted in failure, and the funds just vanished in the "black hole".

Where exactly is "a slander"? TASS shed light on the "quirks" of the state corporation. The launch of three Glonas-M satellites into Near-Earth orbit in 2010 ended in an accident. The rocket deviated from the desired trajectory, resulting in the DM-03 booster and the spacecraft crashing into the Pasific Ocean. A year later, Proton-M failed to deliver the "Express-M" communications satellite to the orbit: the communication with the spacecraft was cut off and it was dropped from the orbit and drowned in the Pacific Ocean a year later.

The launch of the launcher with two communication satellites failed in 2012. Roscosmos admitted to having lost the Express-MD2 spacecraft and the Indonesial Telkom-3. A year later, the infamous Proton-M collapsed 17 seconds into its flight due to improperly (upside-down) installed speed sensors. In 2014, Proton-M with the Express-AM4R communications spacecraft, the Breeze-M booster block and the satellite burned out in dense layers of the atmosphere over the Pacific Ocean ... the list goes on until 2019.

Since Mr. Rogozin did not deign to indicate what particularly of Vladislav Oparyshev's writing hurt his honor and dignity, an assumption can be made that those likely were the paragraphs about the embezzlement and the criminal cases of the Vostochny spaceport. In his "Roberry" with the doubled energy" article, the journalist made it clear dozens of criminal cases were initiated on the facts of embezzlement and 13 people were convicted only in 2017. The President himself reprimanded Mr. Rogozin for this "mess", RIA reported in detail. " It was said time and again, that you should work transparently: the allocated funds are huge and the project is practically nationwide. But no, they keep embezzling hundreds of millions."

Is Rogozin the only one "not to steal"?

Is Rogozin hovering in space while everyone else around, including the President, sees millions of dollars be misappropriated? Or did the head of the state corporation feel offended because the journalist named the subjects to criminal investigation? That including the CEO of VIP-Stroyengineering Vadim Mitryakov, who, according to Kommersant, appropriated 1.4 billion rubles? Or the former director of yet another contractor of Rogozin - Stroykonstruktsiya S LLC - Anatoly Ryazanov, who, based on Kommersant, facilitated the embezzlement of more than 1 billion rubles?

Despite the facts of corruption being published by leading media agencies, Rogozin decided to take it out on the journalists of The Moscow Post. Why did not the head of Roscosmos jot down a statement on RBC? After all, the publication (to which Vladislav Oparyshev referred) published information on corruption schemes that apparently had existed for decades being found at Roscosmos. In 2019 alone, more than 15 criminal cases were started on grounds of the materials of the internal audit service of the state corporation.

The Moscow Post journalist also mentioned the suspicions of the Accounts Chamber. The auditors announced that they would check the effectiveness of budget spending by the state corporation, including the cost of maintaining the Glonass system in 2020. This information was published by all leading media agencies, and particularly covered by Interfax.

The head of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, Alexander Bastrykin, also spoke of the embezzlement of billions. At an international youth legal forum, he announced that investigators were able to locate embezzled billions at Roscosmos. "There seems to be no end to that. Billions are being impudently stolen." RBC quoted. Are they still slandering "angelic" Rogozin?

Veracity of Oparyshev's words about the employees of Roscosmos having laid their hands on almost 400 million rubles can be confirmed by the publication of Moment of Truth. Meanwhile, Rogozin went on to embezzle as much as 542 million rubles from RSC "Energia", his own entity. According to the Interfax, the lawsuit against him was rejected. So, what could possibly offend Rogozin? And where did Oparyshev lie?

Or was it Rogozin's heart that could not take the words of the journalist on RSC Energia ending 2018 with a loss of 2.2 billion rubles, despite the fact that more than 600 billion rubles were poured into it from Roscosmos alone? But financial indicators of RSC Energia are published on the public domain, meaning that everybody can take a look at the wonderful results of Rogozin's work. Maybe, it is time for the cosmic "genius" to evaluate the outrageous numbers.

How to buy a video about yourself on YouTube for 5 thousand dollars?

The editors of The Moscow Post are left to guess what outraged Dmitry Olegovich, because he prefers to respond to requests with "statements". Slander, period. It is rather strange that the embezzlements and scandals at Roscosmos are covered regularly, but Rogozin filed the statement (and immediately to the police) precisely on the articles of The Moscow Post. The truth turned out to be rather harsh, didn't it?

We talked to the authors of The Facts , a YouTube channel, which published a video about the scandals at Roscosmos in 2018. As bloggers said under the conditions of anonymity, representatives of Dmitry Rogozin allegedly offered $ 5,000 for taking the video down. Is it easier for Rogozin to remove the ugly information than to improve his position? Or is it too late to save Roscosmos?

Is it possible that Rogozin informed the Ministry of Internal Affairs at God Nisanov's request? Rumor has it that the latter has pretty good relations with the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Vladimir Kolokoltsev. Perhaps the whole point is that Kolokoltsev's son - Alexander - is actively engaged in business and controls a stake in Il Forno LLC, one of the founders of which is Oleg Yusupov, a possible relative of Vladislav Yusupov, a cousin of God Nisanov. And The Moscow Post reporters repeatedly tried to shed light on scandalous biographies of Nisanov, Kolokoltsev, and Rogozin. Did Rogozin decide to take the initiative into his own hands?
It is worth noting that the trusted people of Dmitry Rogozin failed to indicate a "slander" in the articles of Vladislav Oparyshev. And according to articles 38.39 of the Media Law, ignoring questions of a journalistic inquiry is a violation of the law. It seems that Rogozin couldn't care less about this fact. Is his only concern to "shut the journalists up" by "setting" the police against them?