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05 December 2023

Raiders flew to Kuchuksulfat

Raiders wanted "powder."

The thriving Kuchuksulfat enterprise has become a center of attraction for supervisory authorities. Did you get a squeeze team?

According to the correspondent of The Moscow Post, for six months now, as a stable and successful enterprise in the region, Kuchuksulfat OJSC, which produces high-quality sodium sulfate for the production of washing powders, has been "shaking" from constant checks. In parallel with this, as the owners of the enterprise assure, they now and then receive persistent offers to sell the asset. Of course, without any benefit for the owners themselves - at a reduced price.

The company is headed by Dmitry Goryunov, and the board of directors is the former head of the FSB in the Altai Territory Vasily Gamayunov. The management of the plant calls what is happening only as a raider seizure.

It is noteworthy that Kuchuksulfat OJSC was doing great - both in terms of financial indicators and production volumes. In 2019, Kuchuksulfat's revenue reached 5.6 billion rubles, and profit - 857 million. This is one of the few factories in the region that managed to increase production by 2.5 times compared to Soviet times.

Moreover, Kuchuksulfat is a city-forming enterprise, which is one of the ten largest taxpayers in the region and gives work to about 1.2 thousand people. In other words, a "tidy" asset, the stopping of which can lead to a real collapse.

And now it seems that someone has already appreciated the prospects. Prior to this, from 2017 to 2019, inspections of supervisory authorities rattled at the enterprise - both from the Federal Tax Service and the Prosecutor General's Office and from the environmental prosecutor's office visited Kuchuksulfat.

At the same time, representatives of the Alfa Group consortium contacted the owners with a very tempting offer to sell the enterprise, but at a price that the shareholders calculated was underestimated several times. Well, how is it possible to refuse here?

Apparently, for greater coherence, the company was again under pressure. Again, as if to their home, "checkers" looked into "Kuchuksulfate." For greater efficiency, apparently, the media flowed an incomplimate stream of information. It was reported that almost 300 requests were sent to the enterprise.

The owners of Kuchuksulfat also decided to contact law enforcement agencies. But will they be able to get an answer?

Sledkom in the Altai Territory has already begun a pre-investigation check against inspectors from the supervisory authority. Sources of "Tigi.Info" reported that already several employees - "inspectors" admitted to falsifying the inspection act.

"Kuchuksulfate" is already in court defending itself from the actions of officials. In his letter, the management of the enterprise says that neither the supervisory nor law enforcement agencies expressed other claims against Kuchuksulfat OJSC. According to shareholders, "illegal measures organized by the raider group create an absolutely threatening situation for shareholders and members of their families."

Among the "aggressors" who visited the enterprise, AEON was also called, where oligarch Roman Trotsenko sits at the head of the board of directors. The corporation unites it with the Novaport holding, river transport enterprises, SDS-Azot and the developer AEON-Development.

However, the main suspicions so far fall on the structure of Mikhail Friedman - Alfa-Group, known on the market for its experience in acquisitions. Moreover, as observers say, not the most friendly.

In all details, the situation was described by the Altapress publication.

Be that as it may, applicants for Kuchuksulfat can be very influential, and therefore it becomes more and more difficult to resist the onslaught of the shareholders of the enterprise.

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