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29 November 2023

Out of competition: Roman Avdeev and Sergei Sudarikov are "hooked" on ratings

Roman Avdeev and Sergei Sudarikov could "privatize" the NRA with the help of Alexei Chetverikov.

Alina Rosenzvet left the post of head of the National Rating Agency, which is engaged in assigning credit ratings. Before taking this post, she was vice president of the investment company (IC) Region Sergei Sudarikov and, along with Roman Avdeev's Rossium Concern (associated with the Region), remains one of the co-owners of the NRA.

As the correspondent of The Moscow Post managed to find out, it may be related to the story of the "redistribution of power" in the NRA in favor of Sergei Sudarikov and, most likely, Roman Avdeev, and the agency itself worked for several years in the absence of powers to carry out activities. Details - in the material of The Moscow Post.

Double two and general director wanted

Another co-owner of the NRA is Viktor Chetverikov - his share in the pledge from Rossium. In 2015, a conflict arose between the co-owners of the NRA on the basis of a change of power. Then Chetverikov led the NRA, but suddenly instead of him, according to the documents, a certain Stryapan became the head. As Vedomosti wrote, the incident "hurt" another co-owner of the company - Maria Semyonova, because it happened without her knowledge.

Chetverikov, meanwhile, continued to be the "face" of the company, while renaming NRA LLC, which he personally owns, NRA Derivative Ratings LLC. So the result was a fair amount of confusion. It was not clear which NRA Chetverikov represented, and in both cases it turned out that its actions were not liquid. Since he legally did not have the right to speak on behalf of the main NRA, and from the newly made one - in the absence of a legal opportunity to carry out the work of a real NRA.

Chetverikov himself said that no one changed the general director, Stryapan was generally a citizen of Ukraine and wanted, but the "old" legal entity would still be canceled, since during the period that Stryapan de jure leads the NRA, most of the contracts were concluded for a new legal entity, which, accordingly, is headed by Chetverikov himself.

Could it be that the latter decided in this way to pull the blanket over himself? If you now look at both NRAs, then we will see that the one that belongs to Semyonova and Chetverikov - in 2017 was renamed into Consulting Analytics LLC. The year before, the notorious Stryapan resigned from the founders of the LLC.

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But the NRA, where Ms. Rosenzvet was in charge, who left the post of head, was created by Chetverikov - the record of this in the YERGUL dates back to December 2015 - just during the conflict with Semyonova.

So, it seems that the new NRA still "stuck" on the rating of credit agencies, despite the lack of initial authority to deal with them. And the old one "sank into oblivion."

In favor of Avdeev

As we said above, Chetverikov's share in the pledge from Rossium. It was imposed in 2019. After that, Rosenzvet also appeared in the founders, which bought a stake from Alexei Vencakov, who replaced Chetverikov as general director of the newly formed NRA in 2016. He entered the capital of the company with Rossium back in 2016. Six months after the mention of the ownership of 100% of the company by Chetverikov appeared in the YERGUL.

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Now, in addition to Chetverikov, Rossium and Rosentsevt, the company is owned by NSD JSC (head of Cheremisin Marina Vladimirovna - a native of the Sberbank structure - RSD LLC), NPF Future JSC (also part of Sudarikov's group), a subsidiary of Seligdar PJSC Rusrus olovo "(it is believed that the beneficiaries are Sergei Vasiliev and Konstantin Beyrit), the state bank" Otkritie "and" Sovcombank "of the Khotimsky brothers. Everything except Rossium and Chetverikov entered the company's capital from 2018 to 2022.

Moreover, between these perturbations, other financial organizations became founders. Meanwhile, the "backbone" itself in the form of the structure of Sudarikov and Chetverikov remained. From all this, we can conclude that the NSD could initially be created precisely under Sudarikov and the head of Rossium Avdeev, and Chetverikov acted in their interests.

In 2019, the structures of Region and Rossium began unification on the basis of the latter, and Avdeev headed Rossium. In fact, he became Avdeev's man.

This means that Avdeev could calmly enter the valuation market.

The Central Bank issued a license for the activities of the newly formed NRA only in 2019 - earlier applications were rejected, among other things, due to the fact that the methodologies did not comply with the requirements of the law in everything - Vedomosti reported. How exactly is unknown. Maybe the regulator was embarrassed by the almost raider seizure of the previous NRA?

One way or another, and the license was issued, but before that the NRA still conducted activities and did not even hide it. For what reason all this was allowed, and no one was punished - a big question. Perhaps the head of the Ministry of Finance Anton Siluanov helped? With Olga Khromchenko, which is considered his close friend, Sudarikov had a common business:

Region Concession, which belongs to Sudarikova's IK Region, with Rusdor-Finance LLC Khromchenko was a joint company LLC Paid Detour Shchelkovo.

As for Avdeev, there are many questions about the businessman's vision of business methods - as The Moscow Post previously told, he takes on new projects, laying old ones in banks - and so on in a circle.

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Meanwhile, the whole game described above was worth the "candle." In fact, Sudarikov and Avdeev received a powerful tool for market management. After all, their fate depends on the rating that the agency assigns to certain companies, and therefore the financial layouts of which are managed by the owners of Rossium and the Moscow Credit Bank.

As for the "old" NRA, the company is functioning, but since 2015 it has no longer received public money. And its revenue in 2016 fell to zero and no longer rose. The owner of the company, Maria Semyonova, no longer "cast a vote." Or realized the futility of the attempts.

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