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09 December 2023

Monopoly and Trotsenko point to Globaltruck

Roman Trotsenko goes to Globaltruck to make money on raising tariffs?

The Monopoly group of companies plans to buy back shares of the largest car carrier Globaltruck in order to gain control over the group.

Globaltruck may be part of Sergei Shishkarev's business (he is associated with the deputy head of the Presidential Administration Sergei Kiriyenko and is credited with raider seizures), since Ilya Sattarov, the former general director of the Shishkarev Criminal Code DELO, runs it. He is the founder of Globaltruck along with Alexander Eliseev.

Monopoly is controlled by the Cypriot offshore company GLAZIFER LIMITED, which belongs to Ilya Kalinkin and a number of other persons. According to media reports, among them is the structure of Siman Poverenkin, known for the network of coffee shops "Shokoladnitsa" and "Baring Vostok."

Thus, the interests of officials and very ambiguous businessmen could converge in the field of transportation. Details - in the material of the correspondent of The Moscow Post.

Chocolates and gold

Povarenkin is a character no less iconic than Mr. Shishkarev. Previously, he was engaged in the gold mining industry. As "Argumenty Nedeli" wrote, in the Sverdlovsk region, local residents opposed one of his enterprises, who did not want to breathe stench from pipes that were not even equipped with treatment plants.

By the way, there were also questions about how Povaryonkin received this land - after all, it was previously owned by the municipality, and then suddenly went on loan to an unknown farmer, later the head of the city Igor Busakhin changed its purpose, and the farmer transferred the site to the "National Antimony Company."

Plants related to Povaryonkin were banned, and the courts - as in 2018 for the processing of antimony in the Asbestov city district - again due to environmental protests.

There is reason to believe that Povarenkin could have had a hand in the loss of 800 million rubles from Russian Railways, designed to provide Internet access services for Sapsan train passengers. The fact is that the RM company that performed the work belongs to RBE LLC, one of the founders of which is Nikolai Ruzanov, Povarenkin's partner. The Moscow Post covered the story in detail.

Povarenkin himself was suspected of having ties with Arron Banks, who is considered the main sponsor of the referendum on Britain's secession from the EU, Forbes said. In addition, he sold his gold mining business to the influential oligarch Roman Trotsenko.

Trotsenko is now also a member of the director of the offshore company GEOPROMINING INVESTMENT, for which the legal entity GPM Holding LLC is registered. Previously, the asset belonged to Povarenkin.


The businessman can also have connections with the local "financial king" - this, of course, is about the head of Sberbank, German Gref, who generously credits organizations related to Povarenkin. Moreover, the head of the largest state bank is by no means embarrassed by the fact that many companies from Povarenkin's orbit have/had to do with offshore structures.


Bankers' entrance is open

As for Baring Vostok, which also controls Monopoly, the interests of banker Artyom Avetisyan, one of the former co-owners of Vostochny Bank, may be protected here. Recall that the founder of Baring Vostok Michael Calvey and his partner Philip Delpal received suspended sentences in a criminal case of embezzlement of 2.5 billion rubles of this bank.

Prior to that, Calvey said that the operational management of the united bank was ready to transfer Artem Avetisyan. The latter promised Baring Vostok to create a united bank that would work with small and medium-sized businesses. In fact, it can be assumed that the goal was to create a "gasket" between state money allocated from federal programs and enterprises.

As a result, the idea did not work and Avetisyan, it seems, decided to "shove" out of the bank. A corporate conflict began, which eventually led to the arrest of Calvey and Delpal, and the shares in the bank were transferred to Avetisyan, and subsequently Vostochny bought out Sovcombank of the Khotimsky brothers. Avetisyan collaborated with this monetary institution for a long time. Wasn't the whole "cheese-bor" in his interests?

Not the path is important, but the goal

In total, in the story of the purchase of Globaltruck, we get the likely tandem of Avetisyan and Povarenkin. They do not seem to have money for development. At least just last year, Monopoly sold half of its truck fleet to develop a third-party project. It is possible that the buyout of Globaltruck is carried out by these figures in favor of the same Mr. Trotsenko, to whom the assets may subsequently go.

Trotsenko is known for his "absorbing ability." Recently, its structure, Russian Energy, was acquired by Vorkutaugol by Alexei Mordashov, which could mean the beginning of a redistribution of the coal industry market. In the scandal, the possible seizure of Kuchuksulfate also allegedly traces the influence of the oligarch - The Moscow Post spoke in detail about this. So no one will be surprised if his interests "pop up" in the story of Globaltruck.

Moreover, back in 2018, the media reported that Trotsenko was interested in a stake in Globaltrans. This is not much - the largest private railway operator, is engaged in the transportation of metallurgical and construction goods, oil products and coal.

The company is controlled by entrepreneurs Nikita Mishin, Andrei Filatov and Konstantin Nikolaev. In 2017, they sold part of their business to Shishkarev. Now we see that presumably his Globaltruck may soon receive Trotsenko.

Recently, the Globaltrans subsidiary proposed to increase Russian Railways tariffs for special platforms for the transportation of rolled steel to the level of the cost of transportation in gondola cars. And, of course, the lobby of domestic iron and steel enterprises was criticized. If you look at this situation from an angle of benefit for specific individuals, we will find an answer to the question why Mr. Trotsenko and CO might need the assets of Globaltruck and Globaltrans.

Apparently, the friendly company is going to push through the initiative, thereby increasing its own earnings several times, having bought the company even before it begins to bring such income, at a similar price.

Something, and the heroes of our history cannot occupy entrepreneurial veins. Only, of course, our figures did not think about the losses of metallurgists, or how this would affect the country's economy.

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