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30 November 2023

Markets, money and two "wings" of God?

The security forces broke into God Nisanov's "Food City". Another uproarious story?

According to The Moscow Post, by having blocked the entrances to the market in Moscow, riot police kept the sellers out. The official reason for such a cordon is still kept secret. A week earlier, however, a series of unauthorized protests broke out with sellers demanding a reduction of rent due to pandemic-mandated quarantine measures, which were met by a scandalous counteraction - the rent payments have been raised by 2 thousand rubles. The administration denies any information regarding illicit protests. Apparently, God Nisanov is on a bad streak and won't evade inspections easily.

Perhaps, Nisanov was born under a lucky star - otherwise, it would be difficult to explain why his markets keep getting mixed up in endless scandals and still operate properly. Let's remember that last year the police, Russian Guard and the FSB dug out the documents on Food City, Sadovod and the shopping center Moscow, all of which belong to "Kyevskaya Ploshad" (Kyev Square). TASS reported that security officials found several mining companies operating at Sadovod and the shopping center. Among other things, FederalPress wrote about 2 billion worth of unaccounted cash. The inspections could prompt a second wave of mass conflict near the market Moscow.  

 This "dance" began back in 2018, when, according to FederalPress, the shopping center "Moskva", which had gained notoriety as "the black cryptocurrency exchange”, drew the attention of law enforcement officers. It then became clear that the businessmen suddenly turned into leaders in the supply and purchase of cryptocurrencies. Kommersant estimated their monthly shadow turnover at 600 billion rubles! That is, the security forces actively "shook" the markets, but there were no complaints about God Nisanov. Did he manage to prove himself "clean"?

In 2018, more than 1,500 people signed a petition to the Mayor Sergei Sobyanin with a request to close or reprofile wholesale venues, according to

Food City - 15% of the food turnover of Moscow!

According to REN TV information, boxes with counterfeit cigarettes and mixtures for hookahs, as well as "fake" alcohol, passed through Food City. Alcohol that killed people! The market location. surrounded by the forever congested highway, the solid waste landfill, and the Khovanskoye cemetery, also called for a gripe. By far the "best" place to store food!

How did Nisanov manage to save this place for himself? The authors on Russian Crime, a portal, allegedly claimed that when Nisanov first started the market business, he turned to the "criminal dignitaries" - formerly convicted persons. The latter, according to rumors, lured local traders to the businessman's side from the businesses of yet another criminal "dignitary" - Rovshan Dzhaniev. Such a rush could hardly do without brutal conflicts between parties.

God Nisanov and Zahar Iliyev, interestingly, weren't alone in the market business. They were in relations with Ilgam Ragimov, an honored lawyer of Azerbaijan, a doctor of law, and a person with lots of connections. In 2012, Forbes estimated Ragimov's shares in large Moscow real estate  assets at $ 500 million. He had left God Nisanov's real estate business in 2018, according to BFM. Was that the year, when the security forces began to suspect the markets' management in organizing transactions of "shadow" billions? Was Ragimov quick to understand that Nisanov's "cart", full of glowing scandals and legal violations, would not travel far?

Or would it, after all? Back in 2013, Komsomolskaya Pravda wrote about Sobyanin’s statement that Sadovod would be closed, after the inspections unearthed a series of legal violations. It has been seven years, and things seem to remain the same. In addition, Nisanov is expanding his business and actively investing in new projects, one of which is the famous pavilion at the Patriarch's Ponds. Nisanov may well take it down to build an elite restaurant in its place. Residents and famous actors turned to the mayor with a request, but all in vain. The Moscow Post wrote in detail about how Nisanov has appeared at the Patriarchs.

"12 percent" mayor?

The reason for Sobyanin’s indifference to Nisanov’s scandals may be a simple arrangement between the two. A video by The Facts YouTube channel is ranking among the popular on the Internet, in which  Ilgar Hajiyev, the businessman’s former partner, says that the mayor receives about 12% of the total turnover of Nisanov's companies! And the money, according to rumors, is being funneled through Sadovod! Is this really why the market does not close? Is it too precious for the mayor?

The authors of the video, The Facts, also claim that Nisanov allegedly "skimmed off" about $ 25 million for the election of Sergei Sobyanin. Does such “support” guarantee immunity? What if the mayor really has his "share"? Is it why Nisanov is not bothered by any inspection or the petitions of deceived stakeholders?

The Moscow Post has repeatedly written about the expropriation of businesses of Ilgar Hajiyev, his former partner. Now SDI Group construction sites are frozen, with last year residents still unaware whether their apartments would be ready. It is especially concerning when you consider that "Kyevskaya Ploshad" is only involved in commercial spaces, with no care for residential premises!

Another guarantee of Nisanov's immunity could be the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Vladimir Kolokoltsev, whose son controls the unprofitable company "Il Forno"LLC. But negative profit is of the least importance. Until the winter of 2017, Oleg Yusupov was among the founders of the company. Rumor has it that he is a relative of Vladislav Yusupov, a cousin of God Nisanov. What a coincidence! It is Vladislav Yusupov, who could sign the documents for dubious payments through which God's people could funnel the money through SDI Group, as was repeatedly mentioned by The Moscow Post.

By the way, Oleg Yusupov works with Ben Zion Zarakhovich Iliyev - a possible relative of Zarakh Iliev? It is Ben Zion Iliev who controls part of the shares of "Kyevskaya Ploshad", the owner of Nisanov's markets. Is it just a mere coincidence? Or does God Nisanov not only allocate money for mayoral elections, but also grease a palm of the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs?

God Nisanov apparently cares very little about the security measures executed at his markets - but wrongfully so. It seems that the businessman has organized a large-scale market empire run by its own rules. Employees of Food City have shared some of the main "rules" with Allegedly, you can buy everything on the market, including sanctioned products which would miraculously appear on the shelves, with a hand from good friends. Conflicts often break out at bases, only to get quickly hushed with help from "above".

Here is how one of the employees described the work on the market: “Generally, in such places the rule is simple: the less likely you are to poke around, the better off you will be. I wouldn’t get mixed up in a conflict either, because brushing it off would be impossible.”

Given such a set-up, can it be said that Nisanov is not afraid of anything? Especially if influential officials guard him under their broad "wings" on both sides? Generous Sobyanin on one, and Kolokoltsov on the other?

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