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09 December 2023

Linchenko does not shine "Seven Sans"

The vice-governor of St. Petersburg came into conflict with a development group, whose interests he himself could have lobbied for earlier. Will equity holders suffer from the "battle of the titans"?

In St. Petersburg, another scandal is flaring up related to power and housing construction. LLC "Specialized developer" SPb Primorskoye, "part of the development group Seven Suns Development (" Seven Sans ") Alexei Ryzhkov, was offended by the words of the vice-governor of St. Petersburg Nikolai Linchenko, who criticized her work on the development of the complex of apartments" Bright World "Inside" in Sestroretsk.

The Ryzhkov structure decided to defend its honor and dignity in court - it filed an application for reputational damage. The amount of damage is not disclosed, and the developer himself is really scandalous. But the same can be said about Mr. Linchenko, who for several years did not notice the problems of Seven Suns Development shareholders. And now suddenly aroused...

Why - The Sankt-Petersburg Post understood.

Linchenko's words could really damage the reputation of the group - if it still has one. The vice-governor said that Seven Suns Development violates its obligations to build social infrastructure in Sestroretsk, expressed fears about the possible timing of the delay of the second stage of the apartment complex, and indeed warned citizens against linking their fate with this developer.

The same "Bright World Inside." Photo:светлый-мир-внутри-фото/

This statement can be interpreted in different ways. But Linchenko himself has long been trying to attribute the dubious fame of a construction lobbyist. And then, on the contrary, he "drowns" a large developer. In whose interests? Maybe in your own?

Where is Nikolai Linchenko from

Linchenko's rise through the ranks was expected, because his father was a deputy of the Petrosoviet and the head of the department of the Committee for Property Relations of the city. Just under him in the 90s there was a process of privatization of the largest urban enterprises, with all the known costs, raider seizures and other "joys."

Therefore, it is not surprising that the young Nikolai Linchenko quickly found himself in power. During the leadership of the city, Valentina Matvienko, he worked as the head of the apparatus of the "construction" vice-governor Alexei Vakhmistrov, then rose to the rank of head of the Admiralteysky district.

But he did not stay there for long - he quit with a scandal. According to Fontanka, when he was the head of the district, Linchenko held a party conference on the territory of the administration, which greatly helped the proteges of the then speaker of the city's Legislative Assembly. As if Governor Georgy Poltavchenko, who was with Makarov, as they say, "in the contras," really did not like it, so the head of the district administration was asked to leave.

Therefore, from 2012 to 2019, Nikolai Linchenko headed one of the departments in the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation. I.e. now surely enjoys the support of Denis Manturov, one of the most powerful ministers of the Russian Government.

Since 2019, at the invitation of Alexander Beglov, Linchenko has become vice-governor of St. Petersburg. And something hasn't been heard since then to be heavily critical of developers, including Seven Sans Development. Although the company's problems, considering both high-profile scandals with equity holders and litigation, appeared almost regularly.

Seven Troubles of the Seven Suns

One of the indicative scandals "Seven Sans" in recent years was their LCD "Bright World" Quiet Harbor "on the long-suffering alluviation of Vasilyevsky Island, which happened in 2021. Just recently, The Moscow Post published an investigation into the activities of another large development structure, Andrei Molchanov's LSR Group. But local residents do not burden Molchanov alone.

Apparently, Alexei Ryzhkov's company could delay the process of renting houses, did not give the keys to equity holders on time. And those who received them allegedly had to sign retroactively - as if they had received them back in 2020. The dissatisfied were sent to court, and hinted that if the company had problems with law enforcement officers, the equity holders might not wait for the keys at all.

The construction was carried out by the Northern Dvina company, which is part of Seven Sans. All this resulted in the initiation of a criminal case under the article on arbitrariness. The reason was the appeals of residential equity holders who were tired of enduring the rudeness of Ryzhkov's employees. Searches were carried out in the offices of the Severnaya Dvina, he wrote about this

According to the law, the developer is obliged to pay interest holders a fine for delay. Apparently, in order not to do this, they were offered to sign the acceptance of the keys retroactively. But there are also banks to which equity holders have credit obligations. It is much more difficult for them to explain this situation. Therefore, a "setup" for equity holders could come out noble.

We do not recall that the vice-governor Nikolai Linchenko was then very worried about the timing and construction of Seven Sans.

"Seven Sans" managed to light up in scandals on the alluvium of Vasilyevsky Island. Photo: Seven Suns Development

In the meantime, equity holders deal with banks, and other Seven Sans divisions, which are in no hurry to fulfill their obligations, do the same. Even before Linchenko, they climbed into the courts with Promsvyazbank. The latter presented claims for almost 3 billion rubles as part of a bankruptcy lawsuit against Basfor, a subsidiary of Seven Sans.

"Basfor" built the apart-complex "Bright World" Inside "in Sestroretsk - the one, only first of all. The territory itself was pledged by the bank, but at some point Basfor simply stopped servicing the debt. As a result, the company was not declared bankrupt, obliged to pay debts, which ultimately happened. About history writes Business Petersburg.

Why was it to pull the cat by the paw? According to evil tongues, allegedly the calculation could be that Promsvyazbank was experiencing reorganization and wild confusion in the leadership at that time. It was not possible to play "on the thin" (bank problems).

Now a special place in the business of the Ryzhkovs (Alexei and his father Peter) is also occupied by the Moscow region, where they turned to the fullest and also climbed into the courts. They were engaged in the construction of the Fairy Forest residential complex near the Losiny Island national park. As a result, they received a lawsuit from environmentalists who tried to stop the development of 2 thousand apartments, because they were convinced that this would seriously damage the environmental situation in the area. Their position was also supported by the Ministry of Natural Resources.

The efforts of social activists were aimed at revoking the permission of the Moscow City Construction Supervision, but more serious forces could intervene in the situation than eco-activists. The construction was carried out by Grandnext (now SZ LLC MSK Losinoostrovskaya), a subsidiary of Seven Sans Development MSK South-West.

And before it, it belonged to the offshore company BREISTARS TRADING LIMITED. Apparently, the company's money could go there, because as of 2018, it received a loss of over 300 million rubles. Where is the money, offshore?


Previously, the share of the founder of Seven Sans Development MSK South-West was under the encumbrance of Finservice Bank. The founders of the latter were Alexey Mityushov, Vladimir Kartashyan and Mikhail Botvinkin. All three are somehow connected with Gazprom. Rumor has it that the former head of Gazprom Mezhregiongaz and the multiple hero of our publications, Kirill Seleznev, were allegedly the curator of the construction.

Therefore, it is not surprising that ecologists, as they say, went through the forest. Moreover, Seven Sans struck back - trying to prosecute Moscow officials for inaction - allegedly they refused to agree on the economic activities of the company in the city. But not all Shrovetide's cat was denied the claim.

Later, in January 2021, the Moscow authorities, represented by Moskomstroyinvest, filed a lawsuit against the developer Everest Trade (another daughter of Seven Sansa), trying to block the raising of funds from equity holders for the LCD project In Pursuit of Light. As it turned out, earlier the general director of Everest Trade had already been repeatedly brought to administrative responsibility for violating the law on shared construction. Writes about this

"Tarnish" Beglov

There are many more such examples of Seven Sans in both capitals in recent years. But, we repeat, they did not cause reactions from Nikolai Linchenko, so I believe in the sincerity of his current "speech" with great difficulty.

At the same time, there are a lot of complaints against him, which he is in no hurry to answer. And not just about the vice-governorship. According to the author of the blog, Alexander Skurkis, on the Live Journal platform, allegedly lied to local residents as the head of the Admiralteysky district. And then, already from Moscow, he allegedly resolved issues with the district prosecutor of Admiralteysky, discussing the details of conducting a dubious garbage business.

This can be mistaken for the usual innuendo of competitors. But after all, "on the hat" Linchenko received even from the governor of the region - his boss. In 2019, Alexander Beglov reprimanded Nikolai Linchenko and two other vice-governors over the situation in Murinsky Park. Writes about this "Komsomolskaya Pravda."

The case concerned a scandalous construction in the park of the Nova Arena complex, which was opposed by local residents. People did not like the development of the green zone, which is not so much in the sleeping areas of St. Petersburg. It turned out that the project was implemented with a lot of violations, was not agreed with the residents, public hearings did not take place.

When the builders began to cut trees, the residents went to the district administration, the scandal reached Beglov. It is not clear why Linchenko was not concerned about this problem at all.

However, Linchenko could take revenge on such an attack in the future. According to the authors of the site "Bezdukhovnosti," allegedly he is indeed a construction lobbyist, and could provoke a new wave of attacks on Alexander Beglov through the publication of compromising evidence by the deputy chairman of the St. Petersburg VOOOPiKA and one of the key city defenders of the city, Alexander Kononov.

Linchenko's activities (behind Beglov) could negatively affect not only the city, but also the reputation of the governor. Photo:

The latter resulted in a lot of nasty things in Telegram channels, where he was accused of almost having ties with Ukraine. And at this time, Beglov lobbied Kononov for the post of head of the executive committee of the local ONF. Only not Alexandra, but Andrei Kononov, the former deputy head of the Kronstadt region, who lost this position with a scandal during the time of Georgy Poltavchenko.

Of course, such "stuffing" could damage the choice of the governor, and therefore his reputation. Whether Linchenko had anything to do with this is not known for certain.

But what is definitely clear is that the construction lobbyists who Linchenko is trying to represent have no place in the structures of the city government. And if earlier Linchenko was silent about the problems of Seven Sans, and now he spoke, then with a great desire, you can see a possible material interest in this. What happened - they used to pay, but now they stopped? In that case, the conflict between the company and the lieutenant governor can still be settled out of court...

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