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24 September 2023

Kuban trace of Makarevich "cold"

Odious businessman Oleg Makarevich, having lost influence in the Krasnodar Territory, could huddle in Austria? Meanwhile, orientations with his data have already been sent to the Kuban.

According to the correspondent of The Moscow PostOleg Makarevich, the beneficiary of the UMK holding, was put on the wanted list, he was suspected of non-payment of taxes to the Metallovlavsnab company controlled by him for 347 million rubles. Recently, a license was also revoked from UMK Bank, controlled by the entrepreneur, which mainly served the business of Makarevich and related companies. Earlier, the businessman was more than once involved in high-profile scandals and even managed to sit in the dungeons of the pre-trial detention center. And, apparently, soon he may be there again.

The case with Metallaglavsnab has been going on since 2012, when the Krasnodar IFNS, after checking, added taxes to the company, which has been in bankruptcy proceedings since 2010. Tax officials found that between 2009 and 2011, the organization underpaid taxes by 347 million rubles. The company itself tried to appeal the results of the audit - they say that by the time the Federal Tax Service was checked in 2012, all the documentation of Metallovlavsnab LLC was lost by the previous management, so the tax authorities applied the calculation method.

According to Kommersant, in 2019, law enforcement officers found that Oleg Makarevich and his wife Natalya Makarevich were the actual leaders of Metallovlavsnab LLC. It turns out that it is they who are guilty of missing documents. The investigation also believes that inaccurate information on VAT and income tax in the company's returns was made by employees of the UMK holding at the direction of Makarevich. Based on this, the businessman became a defendant in a criminal case.

Now the Makarevich family is trying to prove that it has nothing to do with what is happening in Metalloglavsnab. However, the fact of their direct affiliation with the company is obvious - according to Rusprofail, the only founder of the legal entity currently in the process of liquidation is Natalya Makarevich.

She owned 78% of UMK Bank, in which Makarevich himself had 8%. The Central Bank revoked the license from the financial institution in March this year. The bank was focused on servicing the interests of owners and related companies, which accounted for a significant share of the loan portfolio. More than 70% of the loan debt recorded on the balance sheet was low-quality. During the audit, operations to withdraw funds abroad and conceal real financial flows were revealed, Kommersant wrote.

According to Banki.ru, in the period from January 2020 to January 2021, the bank's net profit "sank" by 160 million rubles, the loan portfolio significantly decreased, especially the indicator of loans to enterprises and organizations ("smelled" by more than 200 million). But legal entities are always the most sensitive to what is happening on the market - and this time their "chuika" did not fail.

But what can ordinary investors do now? As you know, Mr. Makarevich does not really like to pay bills. Instead, he replenishes an account with an Austrian bank, where he sent more than 10 million euros in 2019 alone. And this despite the fact that, according to the decision of the Krasnodar October Court, his property and accounts were arrested. The fact that cash tranches are regularly sent abroad follows from the file cabinet of arbitration cases.

But it was not by chance that Makarevich liked Austria. According to the authors of the Oprichnina telegram channels, allegedly the former vice-governor of the Kuban and the current State Duma deputy Alexander Remezkov settled just in this country - in particular, his daughter lives in Vienna. Some consider Remezkov the patron saint of Makarevich, who himself could have settled in Austria for a long time, while the orientation on his search is sent throughout the Krasnodar Territory.

"Favorite" tax officials

However, even if Makarevich is now behind the cordon, he clearly expects to step again on his native land. It is no coincidence that he is trying to "whitewash" - for example, he collects 100 thousand rubles from the Main SU of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation in the Krasnodar Territory. To the latter, he probably hid a grudge after a story from the Slavyansky PKK controlled by him, from which they intend to cancel the license for the manufacture and sale of alcoholic beverages. As Versiya wrote, the company found a frank "palenka" and at the end of last year Rosalkogolregulirovanie sent a statement to the organization on the cancellation of previously issued permits, and the Arbitration Court of the North Caucasus District canceled earlier decisions of lower instances that found nothing illegal in the activities of production.

Sometimes tax scandals become loud in every sense. During an exit check of the Federal Tax Service on the Slavyansky PKK, the tax authorities had a "skirmish" with a certain Viktor Poznyak, who attacked them with threats. As the Version wrote, the latter even allowed himself to declare that the inspectors "may not live to the end of the check"! And after, apparently, for more convincing, someone poured paint on a car belonging to the family of one of the inspectors of the Federal Tax Service, who was present at the inspection at the enterprise. Is this the style of work of Mr. Makarevich?

After the incident, the Federal Tax Service turned to the very Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in the Krasnodar Territory, with which the businessman has now begun to sue. Law enforcement officers opened two criminal cases at once: on the fact of damage to a motor vehicle and the use of violence against government officials by Viktor Poznyak, Notepad reported.

But even on this, the tax showdown on the Slavyansky PKK did not end: later they counted hidden taxes on 400 million rubles. Maybe this story will be written down to the current case?

It seems that Makarevich is generally used to not reckoning with tax. So, the Federal Tax Service wrote off 147.6 million rubles of unpaid taxes from OJSC Southern Multisectoral Corporation in 2018. At that time, the claims were related to the return of VAT by the company for large transactions, Kommersant wrote. As usual, at the enterprise itself, the fact of violations is denied and, it seems, even bankrupt the company later for future reliability. So the creditors don't get through?

According to rumors, the development of various tax "diagrams" under Makarevich could be carried out by a special "anti-tax division" - "Audit company" M-Klass. " If this is true, then it seems that the employees of this company work in sweat.

Kuban will be full of rumors

But not only tax scandals are known Makarevich. According to the authors of the telegram channel Cheka-OGPU, allegedly earlier he was the most influential person in the Kuban, and he was even called the "night governor." He is credited with almost bringing opponents to death, as well as the unfriendly absorption of agricultural land. Like, on the fact of a kind of "turbulent" activity, the merchant in his regard could even initiate an audit on behalf of Bastrykin himself.

Makarevich's biography really has a criminal moment - as Ugopolis reported, the entrepreneur has already managed to sit in a pre-trial detention center on suspicion of abuse of authority. According to investigators, he created an illegal scheme for the theft of funds of the Krasnodar municipal unitary enterprise "State Farm" Progress "during the implementation of a joint investment project for the development of agricultural production with OJSC YUMK. However, the case was quickly hushed up, and after a couple of months Makarevich left the detention center.

The story of Krasnodar farmers who staged the Tractor March to Moscow in 2016, opposing the actions of the Sovetskaya Kuban Agricultural Company controlled by Makarevich, eloquently speaks about how a businessman works. According to VK Press, the organization's security blocked the road for farmers to their plots, and the head of the farm, Alexei Volchenko, and his father were beaten, their house was set on fire. All this resembles the plot of some series about bandits from those very infamous 90s... But, alas, this is all - in reality and in our time.

One of the participants in that conflict situation died altogether - as they say, farmer Nikolai Gorban voluntarily passed away, accusing Makarevich of "squeezing the land and equipment from him," wrote the Sobesednik.

However, that time the court sided with the "Soviet Kuban." And in general, often the authorities made decisions precisely in favor of Makarevich and his structures. There were rumors that in the judicial corps the businessman has influential patrons - the ex-deputy chairman of the Arbitration Court of the North Caucasus District Yakov Volkov and the former head of the Krasnodar Regional Court Alexander Chernov. Allegedly, not without their participation, regional courts made decisions beneficial to Makarevich. However, in February 2019, Chernov resigned, and in the fall of that year he moved to the capital Volkov. It turns out that now Makarevich could be left without judicial "armor"?

In addition, the former head of the Krasnodar Territory and former Minister of Agriculture Alexander Tkachev more than once stood up. Makarevich himself, whose business especially flourished under the former governor, spoke very flattering about Tkachev.

Now Makarevich, according to rumors, is patronized by Governor Veniamin Kondratyev, who continues to give multimillion-dollar contracts to close businessmen. They say that under Kondratyev Makarevich runs in the Dinsky, Labinsky, Kanevsky districts. The Moscow Post previously told in detail about all these "garments."

At the same time, Mr. Makarevich clearly does not like attention to his person - on the Internet you can find only one (!) Photo of him. And it seems he didn't know he was being filmed. He does not like the fact that the media write about him - in particular, he began to sue our publication, demanding to shoot the material "Makarevich-on-Kuban, or Kondratyev in anticipation."

Nevertheless, now the entrepreneur is mentioned in the news reports - then they put him on the wanted list, then his bank "collapses," then the tax authorities came with the next claims. It seems that his "house of cards," built on the fertile Kuban land, is about to break down, and more criminal cases will arise.

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