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09 December 2023

Kostyashkin on the "Moon"

The company supplying expensive corporate events for Anatoly Chubais can be connected through Russian Post with joint projects.

The App Store now has the Russian Luna browser. As the correspondent of The Moscow Post managed to find out, this development may be related to the interests of Stanislav Kostyashin, who on the Web is almost directly accused of creating a sweatshop system of slaves in the Wild North American West at work.

The company Innovative Development (part of the Russian Post circuit) and Anton Yakimov own Luna. This Mr. was previously the general director of Information Technologies in Trevela, owned by Tatyana Rozhdestvenskaya. We do not observe other significant places of work.

Rozhdestvenskaya until 2021 owned Continent Express JSC, the permanent general director of which has been Stanislav Kostyashkin for almost two decades. He is also called the founder of the company. Rozhdestvenskaya also owned a stake in Continent Express, Sakhalin CJSC and a couple more travel companies. Apparently, this is a man from Kostyashkin's team.

Not cheap and angry

"Continent-Express" is a very ambiguous company - it is a large supplier of government agencies, is engaged in the organization of tourist and business trips. In 2015, I got into a scandal related to the expensive corporate party Rusnano, which took 3.3 million rubles to the Continent Express piggy bank. The then head of the department, now Anatoly Chubais, who "went" abroad, transferred this amount to the company two days after the corporate party.

At the same time, according to the remote publication of the publication Whitney Media, Mr. Kostyashkin boasted of democratic prices for the services of his company. But, I think, it was rather an offense that in 2016 the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the same Denis Manturov left Continent Express for the equally expensive Service 007.

The Kostyashkin structure also had other contracts with Rusnano Management Company - for example, the company received almost 300 million rubles in 2017 for organizing business trips for employees. On the Public Procurement website there is neither the contract itself, nor any specifics on what specific trips, for how many people, etc. So the ability to analyze the adequacy of the price calculation is difficult.

But it is interesting that, according to Kontur Procurement, the initial contract price was 98 million rubles - how the cost tripled is an open question.

Photo: https://zakupki.kontur.ru

The same story was in 2014 - when a competition worth 70 million rubles was announced, and in the end they spent for some reason all 330.

And not Rusnano is one. Rusatom Overseas Inc, which was part of Atomenergoprom, also once paid Continent Express 129 million rubles instead of 99 planned ones. Apparently, Stanislav Kostyashkin fascinated everyone so much that they were ready to overpay him. Or just "laundered" budgets together with officials?

The funny thing is that in this purchase the application "Continent Express" was generally rejected, moreover, initially it was at around 99 million rubles for services and varied. In the final procurement protocol, where the commission allocated points to everyone who passed the competition, it was also not. How did she then become a supplier? Enigma.

Even the Federal Tax Service, it would seem, should ensure that the funds are spent correctly, ordered from Kostyashkin's company "Services related to sending the Customer's employee on a business trip" for more than 8 million rubles. At the same time, judging by the context of both the name of the purchase and the contract, where only the amounts that Continent Express takes for ticketing and other accompanying services are spelled out, one person had to fly. For 8 million budget rubles? Nehilo. It's also good that the purchase was canceled on time.

Photo: https://zakupki.kontur.ru

She worked during her long life "Continent Express" and with the banking structure JSC Holding VTB Capital and LLC Holding VTB Capital Ai Bi - in 2017 on the same date they entered into 20 and 25 million agreements, respectively, for travel services. Apparently, the purchase was divided into two departments. This is often done when the cash size of the purchase "does not pass" according to the allowed parameters.

In addition, the lack of zeal with which this government published the calculation of prices (i.e. did not publish at all) suggests thoughts of a possible corruption component.

You're just "space," Stas

You can list for a long time what other contracts with government agencies at Continent Express raise questions. But we will better turn to sites with feedback from the company's employees about the employer. After all, much can be said about how greedy or, on the contrary, generous, good or bad businessman based on how he treats his employees.

Here's what people write:

- Lay off staff without severance pay

- Mr. Kostyashkini and the personnel officers of the company completely scored on the labor code of the Russian Federation, work in the Continent resembles the sweatshop system of slaves of the Wild North American West....

- I fully confirm the previous comments, in our branch we cut people in general terribly. No one was fired by law - by reduction. Everyone wrote of their own free will, agreeing on the amount of payment after the end of the work.

Photo: https://pravda-sotrudnikov.ru

Many write that they are lured to the company during an interview, I want to work in it, but subsequently all this translates, in fact, into a nightmare.

There are reviews about the attitude towards customers:

"Absolute non-client orientation," flattering, "with a client who pays a lot of money, by the way, communicate like soldiers, quite sharply and rudely. And here in the reviews you write "the client is always right"... only this remark forced you to write a refuting review. "

Photo: https://pravda-sotrudnikov.ru

Yes, it seems that Mr. Kostyashkin clearly lacks budgets, even despite the fact that a significant part of public money flies to him in the company in an amount sometimes several times higher than the "initial price of public procurement" established in the column.

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