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03 March 2024

Kolokoltsev gathered everyone: Velle will be shared by partners of the Year Nisanov and Peter Zhukov

The son of Vice Speaker Alexander Zhukov, Peter, will share his business with friends of the God Nisanov, the son of Interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev Alexander, Shokoladnitsa and partner Andrei Skoch.

Beverage maker Velle has changed its ownership structure. As the correspondent of The Moscow Post managed to find out, the interests of the family of Interior Minister Alexander Kolokoltsev, the largest owner of commercial real estate God Nisanov and controversial entrepreneurs Alexander Kolobov and Viktor Kozhevnikov can be "protected" in history.

What official without relatives in business?

Peter Zhukov, the son of First Deputy Speaker of the State Duma Alexander Zhukov, entered the structure of the company. Zhukov Jr. became widely known after the scandalous case in London, where he was tried for a brutal beating while drunk. Rumor has it that Zhukov Sr. had to redeem the heir for £7,500. Now Peter is engaged in business and tries not to "shine" in such stories.

Together with the Trinfico investment group Oleg Belaya, at one time he found a way to "earn extra money" on the public procurement system by launching the Tendertech Internet service. The meaning of it is that for a certain percentage to provide a participant in public procurement tenders with bank guarantees.

Alexander Zhukov. Photo: http://duma.gov.ru/news/14310/

Kolobov's "Chocolate Dreams"

But let's go back to Vella. Earlier, Artur Sirakanyan, project manager of the main owner of the Shokoladnitsa Group of Companies, Alexander Kolobov, became a co-owner of the company. Kolobov is a former partner of Siman Povarenkin. The latter was associated with Arron Banks, a British entrepreneur who is considered the main sponsor of Britain's exit from the EU. In addition, in the past, Povarenkin "partnered" with Herman Gref. Or rather, with Sberbank, which he heads. The organization bought 10% in franchisees of KFC restaurants, which is engaged in Shokoladnitsa - A.K. Rush LLC.

Therefore, in the market, the successes of entrepreneurs were associated, among other things, with the influence of the head of Sberbank German Gref, as well as representatives of the family of Interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev and Presidential Aide Igor Levitin.

RBC reported that Kolobov makes close friendship with the brother of the ex-Minister of Transport - Leonid Levitin.

As for the connection with Kolokoltsev, then, as the publication "Restauran.Ru" wrote, Kolokoltsev Jr. owns 33% in the restaurant company Il Forno LLC, and Kolobov is the ultimate beneficiary of the structure. However, according to Rusprofail, until 2017, at the same time as Alexander Kolokoltsev, the company belonged to Oleg Yusupov, a relative of Goda Nisanov, and then the latter's share passed to Tatyana Smirnova.

Earlier, Kolokoltsev, Kolobov and Yusupov had another common business - the Brinde company.

God Nisans. Photo: Vladislav Shatilo/RBC

Nisanova entrepreneur Ilgar Hajiyev, for example, accuses of seizing his own business. Hajiyev now does not live in Russia, because, in his own words, he fears for his life.

Yusupov is also found in the business of Vladislav Romanovsky, co-founder of Velle Holding, the Retailer publication wrote that he, together with the already mentioned Kolobov project manager Arthur Sirakyan, planned to launch a coffee shop project together. Romanovsky is a restaurateur, most likely a man of Sirakanyan (read, Kolobov) and Nisanov.

And Kolobov also had Vyacheslav Mareev in his colleagues. Together they owned Petra + LLC, they also own Hermes. Mareev is a business partner of Anastasia Kaganskaya, who may be a close relative of the famous criminal authority, a native of the structures of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Maxim Kagansky.

Banks, airports and Panama dossier

Now the structure of the founders of Velle LLC is as follows: the company belongs to Velle Holding LLC. The owner's share is pledged by Transkapitalbank Olga Gryadova. This means that the company can work on borrowed funds. As for the counterparty chosen for this, the credit and money institution Gredova may not be engaged in the most transparent manipulations on the market - for example, to be related to the problems of the Euroonko clinics, which were suspected of forgery of documents. The Moscow Post covered this story in detail.

But let's go back to our drinks lovers. Velle Holding is controlled by two individuals whom we have already mentioned above - these are Vladislav Romanovsky and Peter Zhukov, who recently appeared there.

Romanovsky, in addition to the fact that Yusupov's colleague and Sirakanyan's "comrade," still has a common business (Arena Park Catering LLC) with Viktor Kozhevnikov. This is the partner of the co-owner of USM Holdings Scotch and Vitaly Vantsev at Vnukovo Airport.

Vladimir Skoch. Photo: https://uznayvse.ru/znamenitosti/biografiya-vladimir-skoch.html

In 2012, Vitaly Vantsev was on the verge of a criminal case in connection with the misuse of 1.6 billion budget funds, which the metropolitan government issued in 2008 as budget subsidies to Atlant-Soyuz. The surname Skocha appears in the Panama dossier - an investigation into foreign offshore prominent figures in politics and business. In Russia, not a single criminal case was opened on this story.

An interesting company is going to. Nisanov, Kolobov, now still - Kozhevnikov. And all this under the possible "cover" of Kolokoltsev for a couple with Zhukov. Apparently, Kolobov alone was not allowed to conduct such a business, so he had to "launch" interested parties like Nisanov and Kozhevnikov. Kolokoltsev and Zhukov here can act as a "roof."

Sber "made friends" with TKB?

The head of Velle is now Chan Michel. He is the head of Frutti LLC, owned by Zhukov, Kolobov and Sirakyan.

Zhukov, by the way, had a common project with Sberbank. He was part of the team that prepared many landmark deals, including Sberbank's LPN. In this regard, as well as the fact that ex-colleague Siman Povarenkin - Mr. Kolobov - could also be associated with German Gref, a reasonable question arises: why did Vella not lend to the state bank, but chose Transcapitalbank?

Especially taking into account the fact that Sberbank and TKB could have a conflict against the background of the story with Euroonko - the media asked literally the following question: "Sberbank became a shareholder of Euroonko in order to" squeeze "Transcapitalbank and Olga Gryadova from there?"

Now the situation can appear in a completely different light. And the question changes to: "Sberbank became a shareholder of Euroonko in order to act together with Transcapitalbank and Olga Gryadova?"

Hermann Gref. Photo: https://www.tadviser.ru

TKB was suspected of withdrawing money offshore. So, maybe Sber decided through this structure to also carry out some operations so that he himself would not fool his hands?

In this sense, the fact that Velle's assets are credited to TKB suggests that a similar scheme may take place here. Moreover, earlier 100% of Velle LLC was owned by offshore Onyx Stone Fund Ltd, the ultimate beneficiaries of which were Broadreach Ltd. on the island of Jersey and Arthur Sirakanian.

It remains to add that the founder of the company, Sergei Vyshchikov, died in 2016 at the age of 47 under unclear circumstances. And his business is now, as we can see, in the hands of very ambiguous personalities, overgrown with connections with the powerful. Wide scope for "excavations" by the investigating authorities.

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