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29 November 2023

Klyachin cannot reach Azimut: the arrested assets of the oligarch are drawn to the article

Developer Alexander Klyachin is trying to preserve what he has acquired by "overwhelming labor" with the help of dummies?

Tenders for the sale of objects belonging to the structures of ex-banker Alexei Khotin have been canceled, since they were seized at the suit of the Prosecutor General's Office against the Rus-Oil oil company.

The owners of the latter, as determined by the court, were the former billionaire Khotin and the still-current billionaire Alexander Klyachin. Several companies were arrested from Klyachin and recovered from Azimut Hotels. All because it was possible to prove evasion of the payment of MET and VAT by the structures included in Rus-oil. The damage is estimated at about 200 billion rubles. According to Forbes, the businessman's fortune is $1.2 billion. Thus, the required means are about one-sixth of the Klyachin state.

The case is being considered in some kind of strictest secret. On the website of the Moscow City Court, not a single published document.

Representatives of Klyachin deny his connection with Rus-oil. However, according to available data, in 2013, 27% in Exillon Energy (a structure that belonged to Khotin and mined in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug and the Komi Republic) was bought by Sinclare Holdings Limited, which was associated with Klyachin. Exillon Energy Prosecutor's Office, apparently, considers the holding company "Rus-Oil."

As the correspondent of The Moscow Post managed to find out, so as not to lose his assets, Klyachin can sell them and invest in other projects that cannot be seized due to the fact that they are not formally connected with the developer.

What, where whose correspondent The Moscow Post understood.

Everywhere their own

There is such a company Zont Hotel Group. Now she plans to manage the future hotel with 300 rooms as part of the Aquaparadise complex on Russky Island in Vladivostok. Financing the project, apparently, will be from the state pocket. After all, the developer of the object is Eastern Aqua Paradise LLC, 25% owned by the state corporation "Tourism.RF".

Zont Hotel Group operates a whole chain of hotels. And the structure itself is led by Nikolai Filatov and Alexander Gendelsman. These gentlemen previously occupied top positions in the Klyachinskaya "Azimut", and then went to do their business. Which successfully develops, and no one puts sticks in his wheels. Meanwhile, many believe that in fact this business belongs to Klyachin.

Recently, The Moscow Post correspondent managed to find another curious thread that could potentially lead to a businessman. The fact is that his "Azimut" was going to reformat the Marine Station in St. Petersburg as a hotel, received the territory and began to use. And literally nearby - on the street. Opochinin 2 began to build another facility for hotel use. Only here is a catch - according to the answer of government agencies to the local deputy, permission was not issued for the development of this site.

Photo: Archive of The Moscow Post

Photo from the site of the proposed development. Photo: panorama of the Yandex Maps service

The territory has belonged to the Gorbenko family since time immemorial, and was recently re-registered to Magomed Alievich Abdulmalikov and his own LLC SK Quality. It seems nominal. Gorbenko, on the other hand, was and remains the owner of several agricultural assets - mainly in the Krasnodar Territory, where Klyachin has large interests. So the question arises - is it not his person. Judge for yourself: it is being built next to the Klyachinsky hotel precisely at the period when the owner of Azimut is developing his business. Moreover, it is being built, apparently, illegally. He is a company for Klyachin in the Krasnodar Territory. And does not run into the resistance of such a large player.

It is quite possible that Klyachin is behind Gorbenko, and is conducting his affairs through him. And the site on Vasilievsky Island is tasty. And when the Seaport begins to receive guests from other countries again, the state may need to return the premises that the developer is now filling up. In the future, Gorbenko's hotel can become an excellent alternative for arriving tourists - and for Klyachin's wallet.

Sanatorium-resort romance

The way Klyachin zealously denies what was related to Rus-oil brings back memories of the case with the privatization of sanatoriums in the Stavropol Territory. In 2020, the Klyachinskaya Azimut acquired a controlling stake in Russian Railways-Health, which managed sanatoriums, for 6.6 billion rubles. Moreover, the price, according to media reports, was minimal.

Subsequently, the Prosecutor General's Office recognized the privatization of more than 1,500 boarding houses in the Stavropol Territory as illegal. Legal proceedings are still ongoing and it is unclear whether the businessman will be taken from the assets. At the same time, as the governor of Stavropol said, "I will fight for the owners of sanatorium-resort complexes, who invested money in them and managed them in good faith, to continue to own health resorts". Hints that someone will have objects in use?

I must say that Klyachin, apparently, is trying not to "stick out" in this story. At least, he does not provide any comments, as well as evidence of ownership of the disputed objects. Since 2022, the owner of the company-owner of the Russian Railways-Health sanatoriums has been hidden, but the general director of the company is the head of the Klyachin Eruv structure Maxim Brodovsky. So, it seems, the asset is all in Klyachin's hands.

By the way, you can write a separate article about how Klyachin "invests" in acquisitions. Many people remember the blatant story of the deforestation of the protected forest near the Istra reservoir, which was preceded by the purchase of these lands by Vector Investments, which may be part of Klyachin's interests. Moreover, there are questions about its (buying up) legality - in fact, this is an environmental zone and cannot be built there.

For about ten years, the company remained the owner, and then suddenly began to distribute land to third-party companies, eventually transferring about 156.3 hectares. This happened on the background of protests against the construction of the highway. Presumably to create the appearance of project suspension. In fact, the firms to which the plots were transferred have signs of affiliation with Vector Investments. The journalists of "Versiya" wrote in detail about each.

Raider manners

Many still recall the IKEA land scandal, when Klyachin tried through the court to prove that the hypermarket was on them illegally. Representatives of the company then called what was happening nothing more than an attempt at a raider seizure.

And according to the publication "Top Secret", at the beginning of the tenths he, together with the founder of the PIK construction corporation, Sergei Gordeev, gained control over the asset of Vyacheslav Rudnikov: and for this he conspired with the businessman's cousin Vasily Vasin, entered the business, "squeezed" the former owner out of it, and then allegedly withdrew the assets of the office.

The use of "dummies" can be one of the entrepreneur's chips. It was Klyachin who could be behind the strange "rise" of an unknown businessman from Nigeria, who in 2019 suddenly became the owner of Moscow real estate worth 2 billion rubles. After the real owner of the property announced a raider seizure, a criminal case was opened against him.

According to the injured businessman Rudnikov, it was Alexander Klyachin who allegedly stood behind the scattered claims, although he "worked" through Igor Sundukov, Adetunzhi Bumgbala (Rudnikov's Nigerian partner) and Vasily Vasin (another partner).

The methods are old, but the workers

Eruv LLC, owned for the most part by the Cypriot CANEO LIMITED, whose shares are pledged by the British TREND INTERESTS LIMITED, as well as Klyachin's share, are registered with the businessman himself.

Photo: Rusprofile

Can this office be used as a box for withdrawing funds abroad? The company's revenue is zero, the profit is negative.

Klyachin also has "Vector Seliger", the possession of which is closed to the businessman. The company's shares in the pledge with Credit Europe Bank. The firm is showing strange financial results, too. According to the latest data, its profit for the year increased from a negative indicator to 1.1 billion rubles. We will not be surprised if the company no longer has this money in the next reporting period.

The developer owned shares in 19 more companies, but of all of them he came out in 2021-2022. I also decided to protect them from bailiffs? Firms earn good funds and even receive government contracts.

In general, Klyachin must go from how to "work" with state assets.

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