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09 December 2023

Khachaturyants return: was Malyshev's appointment to Spartak controlled by Fonbet?

A new appointment at Spartak could put the interests of German Gref and his "faithful squire" Ashot Khachaturyants on stream?

Oleg Malyshev became the new head of the Spartak football club. As the correspondent of The Moscow Post managed to find out, the new head may represent the interests of the former head of the RPL Ashot Khachaturyants and the head of Sberbank German Gref.

Details - in the material of The Moscow Post.

Longtime acquaintance of Khachaturyants

There is almost no information about the new head of one of the most representative football clubs in Russia. The media "smear" his biography, highlighting that he "held senior positions in one of the largest consulting companies in the world." The company, which is not named - apparently, the Russian division of the audit PricewaterhouseCoopers - has a manager's card in the Vedomosti newspaper.

Maybe that's why Spartak prefers to talk about the past of its new director? Photo:

In general, the Austrian Ministry of Finance recently launched an investigation, suspecting the company of involvement in the leak of confidential plans by the Australian government, which is one of PwC's clients. Does this mean that the firm is selling data? The firm was also accused back in 2015 of helping to evade taxes.

But let's go back to Malyshev. He is also listed as a managing partner of OKS LABS. Vedomosti, during the period when Khachaturyants came to the RPL, wrote that "judging by the footage of the protocol shooting from the general meeting of clubs, which took place on November 22, the consulting project OKS LABS helps the new president to prepare a new RPL development strategy - his logo is visible on the title slide of the draft strategic development concept" Competitive League. Equal opportunity. "

So the strings from Malyshev may well stretch to the ex-head of the RPL. And there, even before Mr. Gref, it is known that Khachaturyants held the position of head of Sberbank Capital for many years before joining football. Controversial organization, which detractors called the invader "Pavlovskgranita." Sberbank Capital then took the company for debts, having previously entered its capital. And apparently doing there is by no means a recovery of the corporation, but its corral into an even larger debt hole.

Khachaturian is generally credited with just such a style of doing business - when he was in office, he took part at least three times in, to put it mildly, the "unfriendly takeover" of companies even among the most reliable businessmen.

A similar story may now unfold in the Gotek company, whose capital also included Sberbank. According to the annual report of Gotek for 2019, the Board of Directors included Ivan Ponomarev, general director of SBK Carton, and Fedor Perfiliev, deputy general director of Sberbank Capital.

It was rumored that SBK Carton immediately took a rather tough position on managing all the affairs of GOTEK. This led to the termination of contracts with a number of buyers and suppliers in court. Instead, the lender imposed its suppliers and buyers on Gotek, under less favorable conditions for the company.

Rate cases

But let's get back to the football topic. When Khachaturyants came to power in the RPL, the Betting League, Fonbet, Tinkoff fought for a partnership providing advertising at Spartak matches. According to rumors, somewhere a 1xBet recognized as illegal also loomed, the founder of which Oleg Karshkov died just yesterday after visiting a clinic in Switzerland. Karshkov was 42 years old, the cause of death was apparently a medical error.

"I went to Switzerland to check. Contrast MRI fluid and subsequent MRI led first to allergy, then to coma, and then to death... " - quoted by Vedomosti the words of the animator Pavel Muntyan.

Earlier, Karshkova, together with other founders of the 1xBet, Roman Semiokhin and Dmitry Kazorin, were put on the wanted list in the case of illegal gambling.

By the way, despite this, the companies LLC Insistem and LLC Insistem + issued for it continued to work in Russia and even receive government contracts!

The latter dates from 2022. The Ugra Medical Information and Analytical Center ordered technical support services for the Contact Center component of the information system "The central node of the regional segment of the unified state information system in the healthcare sector of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug - Ugra" from Insistem.


According to open documentation, the institutions of Ugra also collaborated with PricewaterhouseCoopers Rush B.V. So the hypothetical deceased could be familiar with Karshkov. Could he try to "drag" an illegal office to stadiums?

As for the rest of the participants in the "struggle," "Fonbet" at the beginning of 2020 and until 2022 belonged to the Cypriot holding, businessman Sergei Tetruashvili, ex-State Duma deputy from the Liberal Democratic Party Stanislav Magomedov and social activist Irina Borodina.

According to rumors, Sergei Tetruashvili, through his relative, David Tetruashvili (known as David Tetro), may be related to the business and not advertised interests of Sergei Chemezov. Tetro headed Novikombank, the Rostec reference bank, and was accused of embezzling 8 billion rubles.

He could "launder" these funds through Fonbet, which, by the way, is not clear how in 2020 he was included in the list of backbone enterprises.

Another shareholder of Fonbet, Stanislav Magomedov, was associated with Maxim Lalakin on the Luchok click. Burtakov, on the other hand, is called the "evil tongues" by the wife of "reshala" Alexander Burtakov.

In general, an excellent tandem for the development of money of Russians.

By the way, if there were really Chemezov's interests in Fonbet, and Gref is behind Malyshev, it is not surprising. After all, it seems that the heads of the largest state bank and corporation are used to doing business together. Just recently, for example, the former structure of Sberbank "Modern Real Estate Funds" bought part of the speech therapy from PNK Rental. The composition of the company's tops suggests that in fact it is still controlled by Sberbank.

The post of general director of Modern Real Estate Funds remained with Ekaterina Chernykh, who was in charge of the fund at the time of Sber's ownership. Chernykh came to the structures of the state bank from the brokerage company Veles Trust. This structure is part of the financial "empire" of entrepreneur Alexei Gnedovsky, partner of Chemezov's childhood friend Vitaly Maschitsky.

Thus, with the appointment of Malyshev, we get the same Khachaturian and, possibly, Gref behind him. At the same time, the fact that the names of companies with not the most decent reputation "flashed" around Malyshev makes one doubt the decency of the new head of Spartak. No matter how the club turned into a "goblet" for the listed gentlemen.

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