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09 December 2023

"Itar" is understandable for three: the former head of the RFBR and the ex-deputy prime minister share the distillery

The Kaliningrad distillery Itar could have been bought in the past by the notorious official and businessman Vladimir Malin. Prior to that, the enterprise belonged to the local ex-deputy prime minister Konstantin Suslov and his brother Alexander for a quarter of a century.

The businessman Vladymyr Malin submitted the only application for acquisition of property of the Kaliningrad distillery Itar. He agreed to pay for lot of the bankrupt enterprise which included the land plots, industrial buildings, the equipment for production of alcohol and trademarks more than 400 million rubles.

In spite of the fact that the auction is recognized as cancelled, follows from lot documentation that the contract of purchase and sale can be signed with its only participant. For what should Suslov so have got rid of the plant, and to Malines to buy it? Or everything is much more difficult, and Suslov didn't get rid of the plant?

Details – in material of the correspondent of The Moscow Post in the Kaliningrad region.

The buyer with the rich past

In 2000 Malines was appointed the chairman of the Russian fund of federal property, he entered into the boards of directors of such companies as Gazprom, Lukoil, Svyazinvest. In 2004 concerning him criminal case about plunder of 20% of stocks of JSC Apatit and commercial bribery was brought.

As a result a year later he was found guilty, he was sentenced to four years of imprisonment conditionally and for three years forbade to hold positions in state structures.

In "Apatite" were is involved not who others as heads of Yukos of that time Mikhail Khodorkovsky (it is recognized as the foreign agent in the territory of the Russian Federation) and Platon Lebedev. Him Malin sold shares at the price underestimated four times. Instead of trying to obtain return of actions to the state, the fund was satisfied with compensation of $15 million that more than $47 million damage caused to the state.

Commercial bribery was connected with the owner of the Murmansk CJSC Agrosfera Soslan Harebov – too not with the businessman, especially clean on a hand. He transferred to Malines two wooden houses and the Mercedes car worth 2.6 million rubles for protection in business. According to authors of the website, allegedly that the first deputy of Malines, for example, the old harebovsky colleague.

Connect the native of North Ossetia Harebov and Malines still, apparently, and the related relations. His spouse Zarina – too is from tiny Ossetia. She received a share in business controlled by Harebov at the symbolical price, and his company sold to her parents two cottages in the Khimki district at balance, but not market value – for 113,000 rub.

Now Malines possesses a share in LLC Reo-development which is engaged in delivery of commercial rooms on Ostozhenka, in the center of Moscow, for rent. Co-owners of this firm – Alexander Voloshin and also the former head of the Agency of mortgage housing lending (nowadays the House. Russian Federation) Alexander Semenyaka.

But few years ago Malines could accidentally and sink – and in small water. The female resident of Moscow Valeria Kurochkina placed on Fedresurs the notice of intention to appeal to court with the statement for bankruptcy of Malines. The basis – the debt confirmed with Dorogomilovsky regional court of Moscow.

The debtor didn't fulfill the obligation within three months that gives the grounds to demand his bankruptcy, followed from the notice. It was talked of the outstanding credit of 16.4 million rubles under 12% per annum. The court decided to collect from the defendant the loan sum with percent and also the late charge. According to data of Federal Bailiff Service, the total amount of debt is 19.6 million rubles.

By the way, one more enterprise of Malines, LLC Innovatsionnye sberegayushchiye technologii hides the financial data. However every year affairs at her go worse and worse. So, for example, last time, when the firm reported, in 2023, it incurred only losses. Since then it is in the status of elimination.

It isn't less interesting that also a certain Alla Pluzhnikova owns this firm. All her organizations either are liquidated, or are in process of elimination.

Under a brand "Stalin"

Stalinskaya vodka was one of the main Itara brands. Her name is connected allegedly not with the former leader, and with the word "Steel", its owner Konstantin Suslov claimed.

By the way, Suslov could be familiar with Harebov since old years – here Ossetia emerges too! Suslov was born, grew up and even graduated from the institute in this republic.

But another is interesting to us. In 2018 in the Kaliningrad region the scheme of bankruptcy was found. The enterprises gave to "friendly" firms the multimillion credits, and then went bankrupt. So, for example, the LLC KRK enterprise with debts on 500 million put up for sale for the sum of five thousand rubles. The same sad fate at JSC KRKK, LLC Neo Kaliningrad and LLC Gavan. The general at these companies not only bankruptcy, but also founders – Konstantin Suslov, the director of port Vladimir Kalinichenko and the deputy Oleg Urbanyuk.

In 2008, Kalinichenko gave Suslov five million dollars under honest word. One of the port's shareholders is, by the way, Kharebov, already notorious to us. This deal was not secured by anything. "KRKK" - a fish canning plant - was not modernized with this money - the amount simply evaporated in the air.

Soon the leadership changed in the port. But it did not demand a refund either - Konstantin Suslov bought shares in the port and joined the board of directors. Soon the loan from KRKK was reissued to KRK. And "KRK," in turn, decided to sell its property "Neo Kaliningrad." This company allegedly did not realize that it was buying someone else's property.

In general, one way or another, but all the amounts went, most likely, offshore. It is impossible to prove anything - during the bankruptcy of KRKK OJSC, the reporting documents were allegedly stolen by unidentified persons, and at the right time KRK LLC allegedly burned down a car loaded with documentation.

As a result, Suslov fell into the government, and the companies sank into oblivion.

It is possible that Suslov wants to run a scheme with the Itar plant, which he had been doing well before. It can be assumed that in fact he did not sell the plant to Malin - at least, given the unimportant business affairs of Malin, we can conclude that he himself hardly has an extra 400 million.

Secondly, Suslov knows the bankruptcy procedure to the smallest detail - how to bankrupt what, in principle, can be saved.

Thirdly, it is surprising that there were no buyers for the plant at an attractive price. There is a high probability that they were simply not allowed to bid.

Accordingly, Suslov may also be the new owner of Suslov's plant in fact. And Malin is only a figurehead with whom he has repeatedly done his job.

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