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02 October 2023

It will not work at all in Tikhonov, but will the judges cover?

In the case of the ex-deputy head of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation Anatoly Tikhonov, Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak and ex-governor of the Irkutsk region Sergei Levchenko may appear. The judicial community is still holding the defense of civil servants.

The criminal case of the ex-deputy head of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation Anatoly Tikhonov, co-comrades, revealed many facts of dubious acts of high-ranking officials, and also branched into many directions. One of them is the case of an attempt to drown a company that first initiated a criminal case against Tikhonov's deputy, Roman Shcherbov, who, in turn, sang like a nightingale about the role of his boss in history.

So the creation of GIS TEK, in which almost 1 billion rubles were poured in, turned into a chain of high-profile criminal cases. And, apparently, not all the defendants have yet fallen into the attention of the investigators.

While the fate of the former high-ranking official of the Ministry of Energy of Russia is being decided behind closed doors of the court, new details of the case and possible connections between Tikhonov and his acquaintances are becoming known. The Moscow Post correspondent dealt with the new materials that came to the editorial office.

Recall that Tikhonov, who was very closely associated with the head of the Ministry of Energy Alexander Novak (the current deputy head of the government of the Russian Federation), including for work in the Krasnoyarsk Territory, became a defendant in a criminal case on fraud with the GIS fuel and energy complex and embezzlement of more than 600 million rubles from the country's budget. At the time of the alleged acts, Tikhonov held the leadership post of the Russian Energy Agency (REA), which was the curator of the project. The Moscow Post spoke in detail about the background and main defendants earlier.

In particular, the editors have already talked about Tikhonov's wife, Valeria Kovalenko, who, according to reports, also has Swiss citizenship. Namely, the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Vladimir Kolokoltsev spoke about the transfer of funds through accounts in foreign banks in the "Tikhonov case" a year ago, speaking in the State Duma, and talking about another episode - a bribe worth 227 million rubles.

The editors also reported about the children of the main defendants, who were successfully attached under the wing of Tikhonov's associates. In general, The Moscow Post has released a series of materials on the "Tikhonov case," starting in 2019, and continues to publish details.

As we have already reported, the investigation of the "Tikhonov case" started from another case launched against his deputy, Roman Shcherbov, who was convicted of a multimillion-dollar "rollback" requested from one of the tender participants for the supply of a data storage system for the GIS TEK project - with LLC "Information Communication and Security Systems" (LLC "ISSB").

It was with the statement of the ISSB that the "Shcherbov case" appeared in the relevant authorities. Shcherbov himself got off quite easily for his actions, and perhaps this is due to his stories about the affairs of the chief, which already formed the basis of the "Tikhonov case."

It is the stories with the ISSB that are devoted to the new materials received by the editorial office of The Moscow Post from the informant.

Deft move from REA

The fact is that the requested "rollback" did not reach the final addressee - after all, the intermediary was detained during the transfer. Who was the addressee of the "envelope" simply called a bribe, we can only assume, but subsequent events lead to his name. Judge for yourself.

Immediately after Shcherbov was "taken," the customer breaks the contract, although the goods have already been delivered. The REA justifies its actions with a certain act on the non-compliance of equipment, which, according to the ISSB, was fictitious and previously acted as a lever of pressure for a bribe.


But these arguments were not accepted and the ISSB demanded the return of 46 million rubles (the amount after adjusting the plaintiff's claims), but the goods were not returned to the supplier, and, as suspected in the company, continued its operation. ISSB, as part of a counterclaim, tried to challenge the unilateral refusal of the contract, but Judge Skachkova, who listened to this REA lawsuit, sided with the plaintiff and issued a verdict to recover more than 47 million rubles.

At the same time, even at the start of the dispute, when the amount was still over 71 million rubles, the ISSB accounts were seized as an interim measure within the amount of the claim. That is, the company's goods were not returned, and access to working capital from the filing of the REA was deprived.

At the same time, attempts to challenge the verdict of Judge Skachkova also did not lead to anything, it did not help that additional documents were transferred to the district court, namely, "a statement about falsification of evidence and an act of inventory of arrest No. 1 from 25.01.2017 with photo exploitation." The supplier also pointed out that the conclusions made by the specialist in the conclusion about the product were originally based "on documents containing, in the opinion of the applicant, inaccurate information."

The ISSB company noted that the court also refused to conduct a forensic examination, since allegedly the case had to be considered as soon as possible so that it was possible to retrain Shcherbov's article to a less serious one - from a bribe to extortion, they say, the money was received for acceptance of poor quality goods. At the same time, the informant, as a person implicated in this somersault, names Alexei Kramarenko, the former head of the SU for the Central Administrative District of the Main Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee of Russia in Moscow, who was later sentenced to 14 years in prison for bribes.


As for the further course, everything is simple here - based on the court's decision to recover millions of rubles from the ISSB REA, it is filing a bankruptcy lawsuit, which is already being accepted by Judge L.A. Kravchuk. ISSB was eventually declared bankrupt and bankruptcy proceedings are underway today.

The participants in this court case noted that the judge satisfied any claims of the plaintiff and the bankruptcy manager Yu. Shlyapova, who, as previously reported in the last publication of The Moscow Post, could be a relative of Sergei Yanson, who has ties with Tikhonov.

It is noteworthy: the goods, which probably appeared in Shcherbov's criminal case, were sold to a certain individual entrepreneur V. Komissarov from Izhevsk for 1.97 million rubles as part of the bankruptcy case by the bankruptcy trustee of the ISSB in April 2023 (did they sell the price? and then something the price is more like a "gift" is similar). At the same time, in terms of the main type of activity, the buyer has nothing to do with IT, but sells various kinds of goods, including cars.

Komissarov previously had a company that worked in the field of software development - Izh-Spektr LLC, but in 2021 it was liquidated. What did he need server hardware for on the cheap? Or maybe the lot is sold, because after the deal, no examinations can be carried out with it, that is, it is already more problematic to prove something. Interesting alignment, do not find?

Surprises the participants in the case and the behavior of the judge in the bankruptcy process.

"The judge, under the audio protocol, distributes advice to representatives of the Federal State Budgetary Institution and a representative of Kopylova V. B., who turned out to be the former secretary of the bankrupt composition of the Arbitration Court of Moscow and was previously familiar with L.A. Kravchuk. Again coincidence?" - the authors of the letter to the editorial office are outraged.

Of interest is Judge Kravchuk herself, a native of Smolensk, who graduated from the diplomatic academy of the Russian Foreign Ministry. Appointed judge of the arbitration of Moscow in 2010.

As follows from the income statement for the last disclosed periods (and this is 2017), the judge had a Toyota AV 4 car.

Photo: site cache

The car has a special car, which prohibits checking such cars and the people in them. According to the informant, as follows from the open base, parking sessions for a car, at least in 2015, were paid from a dozen different phones and during the working hours of Judge Kravchuk L.A. And these numbers are not few, so it is unlikely that it was used only by members of the judge's family.

Photo: Courtesy of the reader


Photo: Courtesy of the reader

According to the data provided by The Moscow Post, on the morning of June 30, 2015, they paid for parking a car with a license plate, whose owner was L.A. Kravchuk, from a telephone number that corresponds to the phone number of lawyer Naila Samatovna Kharlamova. Kharlamova, in addition to law practice, previously worked at the Federal Tax Service of Russia No. 15 in Moscow, that is, she was in the civil service and is an employee of the YurCity board.

Photo: Courtesy of the reader and from the site

According to the informant, both Kharlamova and Kravchuk studied at the same university, that is, they may be familiar from the student bench.

In addition, according to the informant The Moscow Post, the phones that appear in conjunction with the car of Judge Kravchuk coincide with the phones of different employees of the YurCity company. What can we say about a close connection not with one Kharlamova, but in general with the company.

As for Kharlamova, in May 2014 - January 2022 she was a co-founder of the bar association MKA Yursiti, chairman of the presidium and second co-founder in which Victoria Shakina is.



Shakina is also an assistant member of the Federation Council, but his name has not been specified. A certain Nadezhda Shakina, probably Victoria's daughter, also works at YurCity. There is among the employees of YurCity a certain Vitaly Borisovich Shakin (probably the husband of V. Shakina), who previously worked as an investigator in the bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation.

And now, interestingly, in lawsuits with the participation of the ISSB, when they demanded to return the money for the equipment supplied for the GIS fuel and energy complex, Shakin V.B. also acted as a representative of the Ministry of Energy and the institution controlled by him, helping to conduct the case to REA lawyer Afanasyev. And what happens, the judge conducting the bankruptcy case of the ISSB is familiar with the co-founder of the law office, whose employee conducted the affairs of the Ministry of Energy? But what about the conflict of interest?


Another entertaining fact: Victoria Shakina from Irkutsk (her hometown on the social network is indicated), began her career as a lawyer for the Baikal Bar Association. In it, she was a co-founder, like Vitaly Shakin.

In addition, Shakina and Kharlamova co-founded the Moscow Bar Association "MKA" Kurin and Colleagues. " Among the co-founders were also noted Yuri Kurin and Igor Mukhachev. Kurin is a State Duma deputy of the third convocation from the Irkutsk region and a former adviser to the governor of the Irkutsk region, when Sergey Levchenko held the post.

Kurin, judging by his biography, previously worked in the prosecutor's office of the Irkutsk region, the last position in this area was the prosecutor of the Central District of Bratsk. Kurin also worked in the administration of the Irkutsk region in various positions and was an associate of the first governor of the Irkutsk region, Yuri Nozhikov. In general, Kurin is a person with relations, including in law enforcement agencies.


In addition, Kurin is a former member of the board of directors of Irkutskenergo JSC, which appeared in the scandals under Levchenko's governorship. In particular, in 2016 it became known that the FAS approved the purchase of 40% of Irkutskenergo by a subsidiary of Eurosibenergo Deripaska from the state-owned company Inter RAO (formed as a subsidiary of RAO UES of Russia, whose head of the board was Chubais). As a result of the transaction, a group of persons of Eurosibenergo JSC received the right to indirectly dispose of more than 75% of the voting shares of Irkutskenergo PJSC, and the state, accordingly, lost this control.

Now, according to open data, the main shareholder of PJSC Irkutskenergo is En + Group, affiliated with oligarch Oleg Deripaska. And, as previously reported by The Moscow Post, there was also a place in the history of Tikhonov for Chubais's former colleagues, for example, Anatoly Shevlyakov, Tikhonov's deputy, worked for a long time with the former head of UES Russia.

Levchenko left the governor's post in 2019 amid a scandal related to a business affiliated with his family. Levchenko's son, Andrei, was later convicted of fraud in replacing elevators during the overhaul of houses in the Irkutsk region. And a year after the resignation, Levchenko began to make loud statements about Irkutskenergo, as if, having forgotten with whose governor the energy asset sailed into private hands. What, Sergei Georgievich, do you think people have a short memory?

Here are such interesting connections with the lawyers of the Ministry of Energy in courts related to the "Tikhonov case."

What do we have in the dry residue? And in the dry balance, the judge who is considering the bankruptcy case of the company-important person involved in the Tikhonov case may be connected with persons from the Ministry of Energy and the REA controlled by him. What kind of homelessness can we talk about in this case? In this story, there is something to check, both the General Prosecutor's Office of Russia, Sledkoy, and the Disciplinary Panel of Judges.

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