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29 November 2023

"Horse" Severilov - in the case of Abyzov?

How did Alfa-Bank take $120 million and what does businessman Andrei Severilov have to do with history?

A Russian businessman with an ambiguous reputation, Andrei Severilov, who previously appeared in the scandalous FESCO shares case, appeared in a story about fraud with $120 million, in which Alfa Bank is the victim.

The story is closely connected with the case of the ex-minister of the "Open Government" Mikhail Abyzov and the offshore company Batios Holdings Ltd, the nominal beneficiary of which the foreign court calls Severilov, allegedly acting in the interests of Abyzov. In the role of Severilov in this matter and in general, the correspondent of The Moscow Post understood the situation.

We will remind, earlier The Moscow Post talked about the participation of Severilov in the FESCO case. In this material, we have already mentioned some offshore companies that may be associated with Severilov, in particular Kalamita Trading Limited, Rikima Holdings Limited, Vovosa Co Limited, Mirihia Holdings Limited.

In addition, this article by The Moscow Post also mentioned such an offshore company as Batios Holdings Limited (Batios Holdings Ltd), which in 2019 appeared in the media as an asset of the former Minister of "Open Government" Mikhail Abyzov.

Abyzov is charged with creating a criminal community using his official position, fraud, illegal entrepreneurship and laundering criminally acquired money and property. It was about a scam worth 4 billion rubles.

Vladimir Niyazov and Andrei Titarenko, who were put on the international wanted list, were also held as defendants in the "Abyzov case","as they could not be detained. At the same time, Niyazov and Titarenko, according to the Panama Dossier website, are allegedly connected through at least one offshore company - ROMOS LIMITED from the British Virgin Islands. And, if you look at the address at which Niyazov is listed, then this is Cyprus. That is, it can be assumed that you need to look for wanted people in those parts. This is also supported by the fact that the defendants themselves are quietly suing in foreign courts. The same Titarenko appeared in the lawsuit for 2021, which was heard in the Supreme Court of the Eastern Caribbean Islands.

The connections of Titarenko, Neyazov (offshore), ROMOS LIMITED and Mikhail Abyzov indirectly confirm the case that was considered in the Supreme Court of the British Virgin Islands. Such familiar faces as Renova Industries, oligarch Viktor Vekselberg, also appeared there.

After publication, a letter and a package of documents came to the editorial office of The Moscow Post.

To look for fugitives in Cyprus, ask Severilov for an address?

It follows from the letter that Mr. Titarenko and Neyazov allegedly live in Cyprus at: 7 Kykladon street, Iokastis Court, flat 21, Governors Beach, Pentakomo, 4528, Cyprus, and are also related to a number of offshore companies, including, in addition to the already mentioned, MAPELOGIO HOLDINGS LIMITED, CUSHENDAL VENTEN URES LIMITED, ALABASTER ASSOCIATES LIMITED. According to the informant, these assets are served by PARALLEL NAMES CYPRUS LIMITED, known from the past material, where Katerina Papanikolau and Anastasia Euripida, already known to readers, were noted.

Namely, with PARALLEL NUMBERS CYPRUS LIMITED, the Panama Dossier indicated the connection of a certain Andrei Severilov (ANDREW SEVERILOV), through another offshore company from the British Isles - ORANGE HOLDINGS LTD


In addition, according to the materials provided by the informant, a certain Severilov is the owner of ORIDEN HOLDINGS LTD, which in turn has a residential address in Latvia, and is also associated with such companies as DaVinci Travel.

Photo provided by the author of the letter

And here's what is interesting: Russian businessman Andrei Severilov (a former person involved in the FESCO case) and his business partner Mikhail Rabinovich had shares in Davinci Holding Company LLC. And Severilov until 2020 was also the owner of Davinchi Travel LLC.


In addition, he was followed by LLC "Parallel. UK, "whose address coincides with the address of a certain Parallel Legal Consulting.


Moreover, Parallel Legal Consulting previously had a branch in Cyprus, but after the publication of The Moscow Post, the address disappeared from the site. But the editorial office preserved the print screen with the corresponding page. And this address (as well as the phone) coincides with the address and phone PARALLEL NUMBERS CYPRUS LIMITED, the head of which is Katerina Pascali Papanikolaou. Anastasia Evripidou (Anastasia Evripidou) is also indicated as employees there.

"Subsidiary" assets PARALLEL NOMINEES CYPRUS LIMITED named Guardiana Holdings Limited, Milanlaa Nominees Ltd, Parallel Management Limited, Parallel Trustee Limited и Stevona Management Limited.



Thus, this can indirectly confirm the connection of a certain Mr. ANDREW SEVERILOV with the full namesakes of the defendants in the "Abyzov case" - Niyazov and Titarenko.

This is the first moment that would not be superfluous to check the Sledky. What if the wanted can be found. There are addresses!

At the same time, according to the Panama Dossier, with a certain PARALLEL NUMBERS LTD., which is related to the Russian company Parallel. YuK, "a certain ARMANDO ROGEL VILA CABRERA is associated. The full namesake of this Mr. appeared in the court case, which was heard in the Supreme Court of the Eastern Caribbean Islands, and stated that he was de companion to Mr. Severilov.


Moreover, according to the documents provided by the informant, it turns out that ARMANDO ROGEL VILA CABRERA was a director of BATIOS HOLDINGS LTD, which was previously associated with Abyzov. The owner of the asset was ORIDEN HOLDINGS LTD, the owner of which was called Severilova.

Photo provided by the author of the letter

Photo provided by the author of the letter

Alfa-Bank, Abyzov and Severilov: where were millions of dollars lost?

The above case was not simple, but precisely concerning Mikhail Abyzov and his history. It was about fraud with 120 million US dollars.


As noted in the materials of this case, the plaintiff was Alfa-Bank, and among the defendants was a certain BATIOS HOLDINGS LTD and was mentioned as a former associate of Abyzov - Mr. Titarenko. The Andex Foundation, a Liechtenstein foundation founded for the benefit of Mr. Severilov's family, is also mentioned in the same case.

From the testimony of Severilov, quoted in the case file by Judge Adrian Jack, it follows that he knew Titarenko from 2006-2007, but then they lost contact. And only at the end of 2017, Titarenko left Severilov a certain voice message. He later revealed that Emmerson owns Batios, which he wants to sell.

As follows from the materials of the court, Mr. Severilov organized the purchase of these shares by Oriden, the beneficial owner of which was his family foundation Andex Foundation. The deal took place in December 2017 in installments at a total price of just over $3.3 million. The final payment at the purchase price was allegedly made on July 17, 2018.

The document clarifies that on August 1, 2018, Mr. Titarenko and another nominal representative of Mr. Abyzov resigned as director of Batios.

On the same day, Oriden appointed Mr. Cabrera, Ms. Kostya and Ms. Maria Panagiota as directors. On April 12, 2019, Oriden and Emmerson entered into an indebtedness settlement act whereby all Batios' debts to Emmerson were settled.


The court materials also mention other transactions related to the assets of Abyzov and Severilov, carried out in 2019. For example, for Brasspoint Trading Ltd and Dayneswood.

Judging by the materials of the court, the plaintiff has some doubts about the transactions involving Severilov. In particular, Alfa-Bank, for example, claimed that the estimated purchase price was actually received from Batios itself, since in 2018 Batios lent Oriden 3.05 million euros, which corresponds to the purchase price. It was clarified that in the future Batios received other loans from companies associated with Mr. Abyzov.

So, on March 18, 2019, Hillestrato, owned by Abyzov, provided Batios with a loan of 6.5 million euros, which indicates the ongoing close connection between Batios and Abyzov. And taking into account that Batios, as it were, was sold and Severilov was called the beneficiary, this, in our opinion, can talk about the connection between Severilov and Abyzov.

During this court case, Alfa-Bank called Severilov's denial of his awareness of Mr. Abyzov words that do not stand up to criticism.

Judge Adrian Jack summarized: "It was accepted on the current application that there was a good arguable case in fraud against Mr. Abyzov. There is also a substantial risk of dissipation of assets. The whole structure of companies set up by Mr. Abyzov was designed to conceal his wealth. I have held that there is good reason to suppose that Mr. Severilov holds Batios and Brasspoint as nominee for Mr. Abyzov." (Translation: During the consideration of this petition, it was recognized that there were strong arguments in favor of fraud against Mr. Abyzov. In addition, there is a significant risk of waste of assets. The entire structure of the companies created by Mr. Abyzov was aimed at hiding his wealth. I have concluded that there is every reason to believe that Mr. Severilov owns Batios and Brasspoint as the nominee holder for Mr. Abyzov).


And after such conclusions of the judge, businessman Severilov is only a witness in the case of the fraudulent withdrawal of $120 million from Alfa Bank?

At the same time, the previously mentioned Titarenko and Niyazov in Russia are on the wanted list, but, according to the informant, they are conducting business on their offshore companies with the Cypriot company PARALLEL NUMBERS CYPRUS LIMITED, the chains from which also led to Severilov. That is, it can be assumed that Mr. Severilov knows perfectly well where the data of the wanted "associates" of Abyzov live?

The question arises, did all Abyzov's "comrades-in-arms" in this case go to the dock or at least put on the wanted list? Did not forget anyone Sledkom?

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