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03 October 2023

Gutseriev was covered with Shishkhanov

The oligarch Mikhail Gutseriev avoided responsibility for the "gone" 300 billion rubles from B&N Bank and continues to increase assets.

The other day the Arbitration court of Moscow partially satisfied the claim of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, having collected from the ex-shareholder Growth of bank Mikayla Shishkhanova and the former top manager Alexander Lukin of 283.9 billion rubles. As Interfax reports, originally the claim was submitted to the former beneficiaries of B&N Bank: To Mikhail Gutseriev, Mikayla Shishkhanova, Lukina, to Konstantin Kalagin, Pyotr Morsin and Lyubentsov about solidary collecting losses from them in favor of FC Otkrytiye bank of 85.4 billion rubles (the FC Otkrytiye bank is specified by the third party in the claim of the Central Bank). But already on March 15, 2021 the court approved the settlement agreement between bank and Gutseriev according to whom the businessman has to pay to bank only (in comparison with the total sum of the claim) 14.2 billion rubles.

The businessman Mikhail Gutseriev in general constantly is in large debts which to him suspiciously easily are remitted. Business isn't limited to one "Opening": so in 2019 Russneft in which Gutseriev was the largest shareholder from shares of 60% received a delay on payment of a tax.

And it is not the only examples of the debts which are registered for Mikhail Gutseriev. Our edition already suggested that between Mikhail Gutseriev and the head of the Central Bank there are some special relations.

Details - in material of the correspondent of The Moscow Post.

From where money?

The most, perhaps, interesting news in all this is despite debts, Gutseriev all the same has funds for acquiring all new and new assets.

Gutseriev received not one serious blow for all the activity: so after the crash in 2017 of B&N Bank (which it founded) the financial hole in 300 billion rubles was formed. Still earlier B&N Bank participated in "landromata": to the scheme according to which from Russia 22 billion rubles were removed. The scope and efficiency say for themselves what also information of the Central Bank speaks about: for 2010 the profit of bank was – 2 billion rubles, 2011 – 3.5 billion rubles, 2012 – 1.27 billion rubles, 2013 – (-2.8 billion rubles). That is, during action of "landromat" more than 5 billion rubles could be brought out of bank, and it is nearly a quarter of all money withdrawn from Russia! The Moscow Post in detail lit this story.

The similar blow wouldn't be born not by one normal banker, - both in terms of financial solvency and in terms of legal liability, - but Gutseriev remained not just afloat, but also is in eternal search of more and more big chunks. Here and the other day there passed news about purchase by one of the former top managers of holding of family of Gutseriev of one of assets of Siemens. The Insight investment group became the buyer. The company belongs to the former top managers of "SFI" of family of Gutseriev led by Avet Mirakyan. And it is not the only such purchase: The Insight participated in purchase of the John Deir Faynenshl company: Russian "subsidiary" of the American producer of John Deere agricultural machinery.

Mentioned above by Avet Mirakyan enters into board of IDBank, and that, in turn, through offshore FISTOCO LTD since 2016 controls Vartan Dilanyan: one more businessman having a lot of business interests in Russia and Armenia. In 2008 Dilanyan represented the interests of ex-senator from the Belgorod region Vadim Moshkovich in negotiations on sale of B&N Bank. Then they didn't agree on the price with Mikhail Shishkhanov, but for Moshkovich, however, it, can became also to the best.

Unlike, actually, B&N Bank and Shishkhanova which as show affairs of recent days, could be extremely toxic partner. So last year he became the person involved in criminal case about waste to 107 billion rub, at sanitation of JSC Rost bank. The financier having so far the status of the witness is abroad, and the former top managers Rost bank and "Bin" Kirill Lyubentsov and Alexander Lukin by a court decision went to the pre-trial detention center. In turn, the bank of non-core assets "Trust" submitted to capital arbitration a claim to Mikayla Shishkhanova and to the former top managers of "Bin" on 306 billion rubles. Within business it was seized assets Shishkhanova.

Gutseriev's Ukrainian interests

And again, in all growth, a legitimate question arises - what about Mikhail Gutseriev? The businessman himself is in debt, as in silks, his own nephew was even forced to rush on the run from Russian justice, while his uncle, it seems, not only does not fear such a fate, but also continues to buy up everything that reaches?

Unlike Shishkhanov, Gutseriev is forgiven for much more (not to mention Binbank) - as, for example, the so-called case of the Cyprus offshore, about which The Moscow Post wrote: when in 2017 about 100 tons of diesel fuel instead of Turkey "suddenly" went to Ukraine. Responsibility for the "puncture" was assumed by the Cypriot partner of the businessman - Cantarell Trading, and Gutseriev himself seemed to be out of business. Gutserieva generally connects a lot with Ukraine - back in 2012 it was reported that the company Russian Coal, which belonged to him, sold the most economically profitable mines in the Rostov Region to DTEK, owned by Ukrainian oligarch Rinat Akhmetov. And a few years ago, the final owner of the logistics company LLC MCP-Chaiki, registered near Kyiv, was changed.

Until 2018, the final owner of Chaika was Mikhail Gutseriev, after which Victoria Kushch from Kyiv became the owner, who was replaced by Turkish citizen Dogan Mesut in December 2022. Several more Ukrainian firms are associated with Gutsuriev: MLP-Borispol LLC, registered to the Cypriot offshore company Zonemark Limited (until 2019 the owner is Gutsuriev, then Victoria Kushch, and from 2023 - Dogan Mesut) and MLP-Ukraine LLC and Titan-2006 LLC (the ultimate owner of both is Victoria Kushch).

In Ukraine, Viktoriya Kushch is better known as a composer, author of Russian-language songs and producer. But Gutseriev himself is known for writing lyrics for popular pop artists in Russia. Accordingly, these "two loneliness" met - and as it turned out, they found a common language in more than one cultural field.

Mikhail Gutseriev, musician and songwriter Victoria Kushch (Kokhana) and composer Igor Krutoy. Photo:

Under the wing of Gref

Perhaps the solution to the free, despite all the "but," Gutseriev's position is that the aforementioned Vadim Moshkovich has been cooperating closely with German Gref's Sberbank for a long time through his structures. However, Gutseriev himself has long-standing contacts with German Gref: so back in 2014, Mikhail Gutseriev entered into a deal to hedge oil prices with Sberbank on the direct recommendation of Sberbank President German Gref. The hedge allowed Neftisa Gutseriev to sell 50 million barrels of oil at about $85 per barrel at a market price of $85-110 per barrel. But at the end of 2015, the average annual oil price was $50, and Neftisa's profit increased by $1.75 billion. According to experts, it was the deal with Sberbank that allowed Gutseriev to think about buying assets during the crisis in the oil industry.

And in 2019, the owner of Russneft Gutseriev has already acquired the Afipsky Refinery, whose creditor was also Sberbank. And in general, Gutseriev and Gref, apparently, are good acquaintances. Rumor has it that when from 2007 to 2010 Mikhail Gutseriev was hiding in London, it was Gref who flew there and persuaded the businessman to return, promising to ensure security.

This may also explain his probably amicable relations with the Central Bank, whose head Elvira Nabiullina is, in fact, Gref's longtime colleague.

Only the question remains open: what is the interest of people, seemingly state-owned, in keeping afloat the financial schemes of a person whose affairs, like his relatives and comrades-in-arms, do not suggest his sincere experience for the fate of the Fatherland.

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