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Billionaire Igor Borovikov can continue to replenish his pockets at the expense of the state, replenishing his offshore "pockets"?


Billionaire Igor Borovikov can continue to replenish his pockets at the expense of the state, replenishing his offshore "pockets"?

The Tomsk prosecutor's office fined Softline Projects for bribing commercial organizations for refusing to submit proposals for reducing the price of contracts as part of electronic auctions for the supply of equipment. This allowed the company to win them.

The founder of a company such as Softline and the founder of Softline Projects, respectively, is billionaire Igor Borovikov. So investigators should address questions first of all to him.

As the correspondent of The Moscow Post in the Tomsk region managed to find out, Mr. Borovikov can also engage in other manipulations that lead to unjust enrichment for the state account. Details - in the material of The Moscow Post.

Tikhonov, Borovikov and company

Few people paid attention, but the likely theft of budget millions through Softline Trade JSC is one of the episodes of the criminal case against the former Deputy Minister of Energy Anatoly Tikhonov. Which is being considered as part of the "loss" of 600 million rubles for the development of the GIS TEK system.

According to investigators, employees of the Russian Energy Agency, when concluding contracts for the supply of equipment for GIS fuel and energy complex, used forged documents to overestimate the cost of equipment by almost 110 million rubles. At the same time, the auction documentation was drawn up in favor of Softline Trade.

Many of Borovikov's firms and related ones are tied to offshore structures - at least in the past. So, the state millions could be calmly withdrawn to the "azure shores." They take great doubts that the offshore companies that left the founders of firms associated with Borovikov really ceased to be related to them. At least for the reason that the mass of such companies still remain registered with Borovikov and a native of his structure, Sergei Chernovolenko.


At the same time, by the way, they have state contracts, as they say, to a heap. Customers not only the Ministry of Energy, but also Transneft, the Federal Tax Service, and the Ministry of Digital Industry. Contracts continue to flow to companies associated with Borovikov, despite the status of the company that was a defendant in the overpricing case. Are the government agencies not afraid of the same story? Or in a share with Borovikov?


In the Tikhonov case, Softline Trading was credited with overestimating by 19 million rubles the cost of supplying equipment for GIS TEK. An expert was hired to resolve this issue, who considered that there was no overstatement of value, so the court decided not to punish the company. Although, if not to competence, but to the conclusions of the expert, questions arose from other participants in the process.


The third person in the case was ISSB, which also participated in state procurement procedures from the Ministry of Energy, but, according to its representatives, was forcibly "pushed away" from the execution of contracts in favor of other contractors. She supported the claims of the Ministry of Energy, apparently trying to prove that she was unfairly removed by giving contracts to firms that significantly overestimated the price. But - and here she suffered a failure.

By the way, one of the chosen performers was, in addition to Softline Trade, the Lanit company, which is now controlled by Philip Gens, the son of the founder of the office, Grigory Gens. The office, like Softline enterprises, cannot complain about the lack of government contracts. Together with Gens Borovikov appears on the same diagram of Russian billionaires.

To become a billionaire, be sure to steal from the state? Photo:

The case of ex-Deputy Minister Tikhonov has been going on for more than two years. And there is reason to believe that influential officials are trying to shield him and his accomplices from the blow, among whom may be Tikhonov's former chief Alexander Novak and the governor of the Chelyabinsk region Alexei Teksler. The Moscow Post spoke in detail about this. Did they try for Borovikov?

Rumor has it that Borovikov in 2016 was credited by Rostec, headed by Sergei Chemezov, he is also the head of the IT breakthrough project organized by United Russia. So, having stained his reputation, it would be possible to harm other powerful people of this world. Therefore, in the situation with the GIS fuel and energy complex, the Borovikovs could simply be fenced off.

Borovikov purges

Borovikov himself was stained on his reputation by Oleg Zhelezko, chairman of the Board of Directors of Softline and co-founder of the Da Vinci Capital fund. What the company was not accused of, starting with a lawsuit against Telegram demanding compensation for the TON blockchain project and ending with a grain scandal, which was organized by the Slavyansky Export agricultural firm, writes

Slavic Export allegedly received funding from the background. Subsequently, it turned out that most of the funds were withdrawn to the accounts of affiliated organizations and to accounts with foreign banks. There were other stories that indirectly hurt Zhelezko. He himself called all this "dislike of the yellow press," but somehow there is a lot in his biography such "dislike" to be just speculation.

Who knows, maybe Zhelezko "chased" Borovikov's money? The latter, by the way, through Softline recently expanded its empire by adding three more IT companies to its portfolio: the MMTR, the Engineer Shopping Center and the iTI Academy. Remembering how he could earn them, we will not be surprised if it once becomes known that these transactions are illegal.

According to the authors of the Kompromat1 website, allegedly through the "foreign investor" Michael John Foggo, Borovikov's companies may be associated with close associates of ex-President of Ukraine Poroshenko.

What do you say? Great "garters" for someone with access to public money. Especially during the SVO period.

Returning to the story of bribery of companies, we must think that Softline would hardly have done this without the benefit of itself and its founder. Therefore, he probably seriously overestimated the price of purchases. Taking into account the costs of bribery, as well as the likely share for officials, the amounts can be cosmic.