From the scandal around the Barvikhinsky forest, the ears of Chervichenko and Agalarov stick out?

In a loud story about an attempt to build up the Barvikhinsky forest, the names of a relative of the president of Crocus Group Araz Agalarov - Alexander Dadiani and the business interest of the family of the ex-president of the Spartak football club Andrei Chervichenko flicker. Forest scandal threatens to escalate into a criminal case?


In a loud story about an attempt to build up the Barvikhinsky forest, the names of a relative of the president of Crocus Group Araz Agalarov - Alexander Dadiani and the business interest of the family of the ex-president of the Spartak football club Andrei Chervichenko flicker. Forest scandal threatens to escalate into a criminal case?

The story of the sale of federal lands in the Barvikhinsky forest, where there is such a unique object as the Barvikhinsky settlement, dating from the first half of the 1st century AD. er, can turn into a high-profile criminal case. Among the owners of the plots were offshore companies with registration in Belize and the Seychelles, as well as developers associated with such famous persons as the ex-co-owner of the 1520 Group of Companies, co-owner of Interprogressbank Valery Markelov, antiquarian banker Alexander Dadiani, who is a relative of Crocus Group President Araz Agalarov.

The ex-president of Spartak Andrei Chervichenko and his son Denis, the manager of the HOA, whose founder was previously the Department of Housing Policy and Housing Stock of Moscow, left their mark on this story. And it is precisely this composition that the inhabitants of Barvikha are forced to resist (not to be confused with elite cottage villages). Details in the material of the correspondent of The Moscow Post in the Moscow region.

What is happening in the Barvikhinsky forest?

Almost 20 years ago, sections of the Barvikhinsky forest - the only resting place for local residents and the place where the areas protected by law are located - the Barvikhinsky settlement, according to a cunning scheme, were transferred to a certain investor for development. The plots were divided and have already changed owners several times, not only companies associated with prominent businessmen, but also offshore companies with registration at the line on cakes managed to appear in the chains. Residents of the village went out to protect their forest in 2008, 2012, 2015 and all subsequent years. The struggle continues to this day.

At the end of September 2022, residents of the village created a voluntary people's squad "Barvikha Militia." At the same time, Sergei Tenyaev, a representative of the Council of Deputies of the Odintsovo City District, said that he had received new documents revealing "fraud with federal lands."

"From the newly received documents it follows that the Barvikhinsky forest, in accordance with the procedure established by law, was not sold by the owner represented by the state of the Russian Federation. Land plots with forest were assigned to the Office of the President of the Russian Federation. Despite this, the so-called "owners," various private firms, continue to try to seize the territory of boron in order to cut down and develop commercial housing, "the deputy wrote on his page in social networks.

Residents create a people's squad. Photo:

A month later, Tenyaev wrote that he received an answer from the Federal Property Management Agency: "The answer is indicated:" within the boundaries of the village of Barvikha, illegal sale of land plots that were previously on the right of permanent (unlimited) use at the Federal State Institution Clinical Sanatorium "Barvikha" of the Office of the President of the Russian Federation.. " To further resolve the issue, the case materials were sent to the relevant competent authorities. "

Perhaps this time the scandalous story with the Barvikhinsky forest will end in a criminal case and all the persons involved will answer for their actions?

Tricky scheme: how did the Barvikhinsky Forest end up in private hands?

The most cunning scheme for the transition of forest federal lands was revealed in the court case 2-208/2021, which was heard in the Odintsovo court in 2021. The plaintiff in it was the Odintsovo prosecutor's office, which, however, heard the residents, apparently, with only one ear. In the lawsuit on the claim of land plots from someone else's illegal possession, only lands occupied by the water area of ​ ​ water bodies, the coastal strip and the sanitary guard zone appeared. And this is not all the allotments that they managed to go into private hands. Looking ahead, we note that it was possible to return part of the plots to the balance of the state, but still most of the land remains in private hands with a permitted purpose - for housing development. This means that the sound of an ax residents of Barviha can hear from the forest at any time.

Legal dispute over the lands of the Barvikhinsky forest. Photo:

So, it was this legal dispute under number 2-208/2021 that revealed in more detail the scheme for transferring land to a commercial company. It turned out that in the 2000s, a certain Rusinfo CJSC received a 49-year lease with the right to purchase a land plot of 19.5 hectares. It was intended for housing construction and transferred by the decree of the head (here the name of the body that transferred the land was removed from the case file, but other documents indicate that it was about the administration of the Odintsovo district).

And already, based on this lease, ZAO buys the land (the amount of the transaction is unknown). The CJSC itself did not last long - from November 2003 to January 2007, and, as it were, was not created at all under this dubious land transaction.

CJSC Rusinfo received 19.5 hectares. Photo:

Both the director and the founder of the CJSC was a certain Alexander Minakhin, who today has only the tail of the liquidated companies.

The original plot was divided into 19.5 hectares, crushed. He turned into a kind of passing cup. In 2020, a fence appeared around a dozen forest plots, which was the last straw for the residents of Barviha. Residents went to mass walks, rallies and pickets. The head of the Odintsovo administration, Andrei Ivanov, then said that the work on establishing the fence was not coordinated with the district administration, and the owner did not apply for a warrant for earthworks, as well as for permission to build a fence and housing. Then Ivanov himself dismantled the fence and turned to the prosecutor's office.

In his official video message, the owner of the fence, PremiumStroy LLC, was named, and the statement listed land plots with a total area of ​ ​ about 7 hectares, on which the fence stood. Ivanov also clarified that since 2003 the plots have been privately owned.

Looking ahead, we note that ten out of 14 plots, whose cadastral numbers appeared in the video message of the head of Odintsovo Ivanov, continue to remain in private ownership as of January 2023, but, according to data from the unified state register of real estate, the rights to them were issued on December 4, 2019, that is, on one day. All have a targeted purpose - for individual housing development.

The plots are still privately owned. Photo:

Whose ears stick out of scandalous forest history?

It was thanks to the aforementioned lawsuit of the prosecutor's office that Odintsovo managed to reveal the owners of forest lands, among whom was not only the mentioned head of the PremiumStroy district.

The prosecutor's office revealed the owners of the plots in the Barvikhinsky forest. Photo:

As we can see, among the defendants whose parts of the Barvikhinsky forest were seized from illegal possession were offshore companies whose beneficiaries were not disclosed - Virgo Enterprises LTD (Mahe Island, Seychelles), Plamer Systems Corp. (Belize), individuals - Alexander Borisovich Linnik (not to be confused with the Linnik brothers from Miratorg), Viktor Semenovich Abramov, Valery Anatolyevich Markelov, BusinessPremium, Briz, Premiumstroy and Seguro-Holding LLC (in the participants' card there is a typo in the company name, which was corrected already in the court decision).

To filter the namesake companies of the same name, we did a little analysis. It turned out that in the unified state register of legal entities there is a single company with the name Seguro-Holding LLC, that is, it can be the owner of the disputed land. This company was established in 2010 and is engaged in the purchase and sale of its own real estate. The owner of the company is Sergei Smirnov, but earlier the asset belonged to Ekaterina Devyatkina, who, in turn, together with UK BSM LLC owns the Construction and Installation Train 810 company.

Ex-owner of Seguro Holding. Photo:

But Devyatkina's business partner, UK BSM LLC, is already owned by Group of Companies 1520 LLC. The latter previously belonged to Valery Markelov, a defendant in a high-profile criminal case on bribes to ex-Interior Ministry colonel Dmitry Zakharchenko. Markelov is a former co-owner of Group of Companies 1520, co-owner of Interprogressbank, as well as the leader of the Forbes magazine rating Kings of State Order in 2018.

Valery Markelov is the former owner of LLC Group of Companies 1520. Photo:

But much more remarkable in this matter is not the Seguro-Holding company, but PremiumStroy LLC, which the head of Odintsovo spoke about in his video message. PremiumStroy LLC with TIN 5020086012 participates in the Barvikhinsky Forest case. It was this company, in turn, that wrote a complaint against the residents of Barvikha and deputy Tenyaev, calling itself the owner of the plots.

PremiumStroy LLC is the legal successor of PremiumStroy JSC. The owners of the LLC are Sofya Yaroslavtseva, Natalya Dodonova (the former co-founder of the now liquidated ROO "Support Center of FC Spartak-Moscow") and Stroyrestavrator LLC (share - 41%). The latter today completely belongs to Denis Andreevich Chervichenko, whose data coincide with the data of the son of the former president of the Spartak football club Andrei Chervichenko. Moreover, this Denis Chervichenko has with Andrei Chervichenko - a common asset, Duff.

Business Chervichenko. Photo:

The 's website states that Andrei Chervichenko worked for some time as a commercial director at LUKOIL-Nefteproduct and at Krasbank Moscow. And Denis Chervichenko is the chairman of the board of the Kutuzovsky Prospekt, 29 HOA, among the founders of which was the Department of Housing Policy and Housing Stock of Moscow (published in January 2022) and another member of the Chervichenko family. And the HOA email is located on the mail server of the aforementioned Duff family company.

Chervichenko and the Department of Housing Policy and Housing Stock of Moscow. Photo:

If we pay attention to the lawsuit of the prosecutor's office in the Barvikhinsky forest, then the decision mentions both PremiumStroy CJSC and the eponymous LLC. This is most likely not a typo. In 2015, it was the CJSC that unsuccessfully sued one of the TV channels for the story about the Barvikhinsky forest. The TIN of the company involved in that dispute today has the company JSC "Sportstroyengineering" (probably there was a change of name). Its founder is Alexey Ryskin, a business partner of the Chervichenko family, at least for Hudson Trust and Hudson Finance. At the same time, earlier among the owners of PremiumStroy CJSC (aka Sportstroyengineering JSC) were Andrei Chervichenko and Dmitry Kulakov (chairman of the central council of the Zastava Interregional Public Organization of Veteran Border Guards). Kulakov is also the current director of PremiumStroy LLC, which now declares itself as the owner of the Barvikhinsky lands.

Thus, as we can see, the business interest and the Chervichenko family are behind the case of the lands of the Barvikhinsky forest.

But the family of the former president of the Spartak club is again not the only notable persons involved in the forest scandal. There are also among the owners of BusinessPremium LLC, whose TIN (7728273158) was indicated in this document. The only owner of this company is another well-known person - Alexander Valentinovich Dadiani, who also owns Crostby Auction LLC. He is also a co-owner of Crocus-Bank CB LLC.

Dadiani assets. Photo:

Dadiani is a well-known antiquarian, and also, according to the Izvestia newspaper, a relative of Crocus Group President Araz Agalarov. In Forbes reported that Araz Agalarov and his son Emin (Emin singer) at one time negotiated development projects in Moscow with Donald Trump.

And what next with the Barvikhinsky forest?

Despite the fact that the case at the suit of the prosecutor's office was completed in 2021, in January 2023, a certain private complaint appeared in the case card, filed by one of the co-defendants. This suggests that even this legal dispute is not over yet.

In the case at the suit of the prosecutor's office in 2023, a new round appeared. Photo:

In general, as we can see, the Barvikhinsky forest is still defenseless against penetrating developers, since most of the plots remain in private hands and are intended for housing development. The struggle can be considered completed only after absolutely all plots return to the balance of the state and receive the status of land where any development is prohibited. In the meantime, alas, the work for the people's squad of Barvikha still remained.