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01 December 2023

From Chemezov to the Emirates one step

Behind the latest deals of the RDIF Kirill Dmitriev may hide the interests of Rostec and Sergei Chemezov himself.

Behind the deal between PNK Group and Professional Logistics Technologies (professional logistics technologies - PLC) related to the purchase of warehouses in the Moscow region and the Samara region may be the interests of the Rostec state corporation, in which Sergei Chemezov is at the helm.

Moreover, it turned out that all the money from the PLT structures is in the hands of the appointed businessman Alexander Chistyakov.

More details in the material of the correspondent of The Moscow Post.

In the footsteps of offshore companies

Professional Logistics Technologies was established by Kirill Dmitriev's Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) and a number of Middle East funds for investment in logistics real estate.

Now PLT owns 736,000 square meters. m of warehouses, earlier the head of RDIF Kirill Dmitriev said that the company plans to bring its portfolio to 1 million square meters. m. It is not known exactly how much PLT paid for Ozon warehouses in the Moscow region and the Samara region. However, the company is fine with finances, revenue for 2021 amounted to 484 million rubles. It is important to note that the founders of the company have almost all foreign companies: SERTI SEVENZ INVESTMENT COMPANY LLC, CO-INVESTMENT PARTNER 6, L.P., CO-INVESTMENT PARTNER I, L.P., AIYAR INTERNATIONAL NL INVESTMENTS COMPANY and Moscow LLC PPIT-13.


The owners of PPIT-13 LLC are hidden, however, according to historical information, RUSPROFILE was managed by Promising Industrial and Infrastructure Technologies JSC, where RT-REGISTRAR JSC is the holder of the shareholder register. This, in turn, is a single platform for maintaining registers of companies included in the contour of the State Corporation "Rostec" and companies of the military-industrial complex of the Russian Federation.


Everywhere and immediately

It is also noteworthy that Alexander Chistyakov is listed in the RDIF structures. He was the CEO of PPIT-24 LLC and was the head of RDIF Corporate Center LLC. In total, he has 14 firms and all of them with similar names.


It is worth noting that LLC "PPIT-24" owned LLC "PPIT-23," which at the end of 2021 showed a loss of 1.2 million rubles. And in terms of liquidated organizations, there is also a "negative" balance sheet. It turns out that all funds could be "leaked" to the very offshore companies on which the PLC is tied.


The fact that in the media there is nothing on Chistyakov, it can be assumed that Dmitriev everywhere put one "switchman" through whom finances drive. Is it possible that now the RDIF team is transferring offshore companies to people from Rostec?

Boiler story

It is noteworthy that quite recently The Moscow Post wrote about the history of the missing 200 million rubles of Kotov boiler houses, in which the head of Sergei Chemezov and the head of the RDIF Kirill Dmitriev could be involved. They both lobbied for the Complink project for the construction of boiler houses in the Tambov region, the city of Kotovsk. Criminal cases have already been initiated against top managers of the company, but the courts diligently reject the demands of the prosecutor's office to stop cooperation with the company.

The founder of "Complink" is Mikhail Lyya, and it is possible that he had influential patrons. In 2002-2007, Complink's shareholders included Delta Private Equity Partners, the management company of the US-Russia Foundation. Kirill Dmitriev, general director of the Russian Direct Investment Fund, worked as its managing director at that time.

It is noteworthy that earlier the detention of Lyashch was associated with embezzlement on contracts with the state corporation Rostec. However, the structure was quick to refute the information and stated that it had not concluded any contracts with Complink. It was cunning, according to the Procurement Contour system, in 2017 Rostec carried out a purchase under the "speaking" name "Open one-stage tender in electronic form without qualification selection for the supply of equipment for a multimedia complex," where only Usp Complink (the current "Infralink") participated. It is likely that Chemezov helped Lyashch in this whole story.

It turns out that both Chemezov and Dmitriev could be involved in the same story, and now the state corporation is close to the structure of the RDIF. Coincidence?

Close cooperation

By the way, Rostec has been cooperating with RDIF for a long time. So, in 2017, they together attracted investors to implement the Rostec City technopark. The volume of investments in the project on the territory of the Tushinsky airfield in the north-west of Moscow will amount to about 90 billion rubles. The consortium included the Russian-Chinese Investment Fund (created by RDIF and China Investment Corporation), leading Middle East investment funds and the Vi Holding Group.

And in 2020, Natsimbio Holding, Rostec State Corporation and Dmitriev's Russian Direct Investment Fund agreed to implement a joint project to produce a blood plasma-based drug for the treatment of COVID-19.

Mr. Dmitriev

Meanwhile, the activities of Dmitriev himself are questionable. For example, RDIF said that it invested a lot in high-tech industries and infrastructure projects, but investments in the Central Ring Road and the Far East were accompanied by corruption scandals.

Also, Dmitriev was not implemented on time the project of a cottage village near Kyiv (before the Russian-Ukrainian crisis), in which investors invested $60 million. In early May 2011, billboards appeared along local highways informing investors about the delay in construction. Kirill Dmitriev himself refused to comment on anything, the case calmed down, and where $60 million is unknown.

And here we should remember that Dmitriev has a "special relationship" with Oleg Deripaska. But back in July 2014, Deripaska and Chemezov, according to media reports, began to discuss a possible partnership. Then journalists reported that if Deripaska did not pay off his debts, then shares in his companies could go to the state, and it is possible that Rostec would be entrusted with managing them. However, the deal never materialized.

Therefore, it is difficult to deny that Dmitriev and Chemezov have always kept close.

Dangerous seller

In this whole story, with the purchase of warehouses, it is important to pay attention to the seller - PNK Andrei Sharkov. Over the years, in business, he seemed to have built his methodology: arson, power outages, cash fees for passing to the territory of his own enterprise - all this affected companies that were "lucky" to cooperate with PNK Group.

In addition, in 2020, the Ozon online store opened a new warehouse in St. Petersburg. He rented space from Marvel Logistics in the PNK Park Sofia Ring Road complex. Marvel Logistics is a subsidiary of one of the largest IT distributors, Marvel, owned by businessman Sergei Girdin.

His last name sounded in the context of the scandal with the "Russian landromat" - the largest European "laundry," where the money of many unscrupulous entrepreneurs from Russia was laundered. Novaya Gazeta wrote about this.

According to rumors, Andrei Sharkov could also be associated with the landromat. Against the background of this structure, Girdin and Sharkov looked logical. They "sang" in this field, and together they could withdraw money used both in the construction of the complex and received from Ozone and other tenants.

It is important to note that earlier the RDIF structure bought out the square from Sharkov in the complexes PNK Chekhov-3, PNK Northern Sheremetyevo and PNK Bekasov Park in the Moscow region, PNK Tolmachevo in Novosibirsk and PNK Kosulino in Yekaterinburg.

According to experts, the last purchase of Ozon warehouses by Dmitriev's structure is also one of the largest transactions in the warehouse real estate market in its history. This means that they were able to pay PNK very generously, which will not miss its own. In addition, the amount of the transaction was not disclosed.

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