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09 December 2023

FESCO offshore Severilov and Rabinovich

Loko-Bank shareholders Mikhail Rabinovich and Andrei Severilov may be involved in the murky cases of former FESCO owners accused of withdrawing billions from Russia through offshore companies.

The events that took place the day before with the death of the vice president of Loko-Bank caused increased interest in the monetary institution.

Exactly with this, the Editorial Office of The Moscow Post received interesting documents that contain information about the possible opaque activities of its ultimate beneficiaries Andrei Severilov and Mikhail Rabinovich. The Moscow Post correspondent understood the confusing story.

Shackled by one Limassol

The information provided contains data on the ownership of a number of Cypriot companies by Mr. Severilov. All (with the exception of one, registered in Rabinovich) listed companies that represent the interests of the bank's shareholders are located at the same address in Cyprus: Gladstonos 124. Limassol. In all Cypriot and virgin companies, the same directors and shareholders, according to the informant, are employees of Severilov's office in Cyprus. So these faces are more of his denominations.


Photo: Courtesy of The Moscow Post reader


Photo: Courtesy of The Moscow Post reader


Photo: Courtesy of The Moscow Post reader


Photo: Courtesy of The Moscow Post reader


Photo: Courtesy of The Moscow Post reader

At the same address is the company Parallel Nominis Cyprus Limited, the general director of which is Katina Papanikolau. This lady took part in transactions from this offshore in the sale of shares in the FESCO group, whose former shareholders, the Magomedov brothers, are now in prison on charges of withdrawing multibillion-dollar sums from Russia. Parallel Nominis Cyprus Limited was engaged in the execution of documents and their accompanying when selling shares to offshore companies.

The same lady is also listed as a contact person in transactions made by Ermenossa Investments Limited offshore, the beneficiary of which is Rabinovich.

Through this company, he received the rights to PJSC DVMP.

Similarly, as a result of strange transactions, rights can be reissued in relation to 23.8% of the shares of DVMP PJSC, which Severilov received. It follows from the claim and is confirmed by the FESCO share ownership scheme that the ultimate beneficiary of Caestano Management Limited through Parallel Trust Ltd is Andrey Vladimirovich Severilov.

At the same time, the buying company is registered at the same address as Ermenossa Investments Ltd and Parallel Nominis Cyprus Limited: 3032, address, Gladstonos, 124, Hawke Building, 1st floor. The contact person of the buyer in the contract again appears Oleg Gonchar, as well as Anastasia Euripidou, indicating their email addresses: o.gonchar @ parallel.legal, a.evripidou @ parallel.legal.

Thus, despite the fact that Severilov is the acquirer of this block of shares (23.8%), the same persons actually engaged in the conclusion of contracts as in relation to the blocks in the amount of 9.1% and 17.4% issued for Rabinovich. So they all acted, apparently - at the same time. At the same time, including with the Magomedov brothers.

According to the informant, since May 15, 2023, neither Severilov nor Rabinovich have been FESCO shareholders and owners of the Vladivostok commercial seaport, but Severilov is still acting Chairman of the FESCO Board of Directors.

According to media reports, Rabinovich and Severilov are defendants in the FESCO shares case. By the way, where Oleg Gonchar and Katina Papanikolau are listed as contact persons of the buyer under the transaction - Ermenossa Investments Limited, their email addresses are indicated: o.gonchar @ parallel.legal, k.paschali @ parallel.legal. As you can see, very similar to the corporate mail of Parallel Nominis Cyprus Limited employees.

The court materials on the seizure of shares of "DVMP" in favor of the state directly state that the defendants, including "Severilov A.V. did not provide a single evidence confirming the legality of the acquisition of the disputed asset, the actual payment of funds in the amount corresponding to its market value, as well as the source of the origin of capital." At the same time, both citizens were not brought to any responsibility and continue to increase their business portfolios.

300 "Spartans"

The reader who provided us with this information has been trying for a long time to challenge his involvement in a number (about 300) of other Cypriot firms, allegedly issued on his passport by Mr. Severilov, and through which, according to the applicant, Russian capital was withdrawn. At the same time, checks are carried out, but the CAO police send a response to appeals about the absence of corpus delicti in Severilov's actions.

At the same time, as part of the trial in Cyprus and the tax audit carried out by the inspection of the Federal Tax Service No. 4 in the city of Moscow, it was established that the bank of Sistema Design Bureau has a document signed by Katerina Paschali (Katina Papanikolau) representing him as a beneficiary of the Cypriot company Trofense Holding Limited.

The name of the victim is Sergei Tyulenev - he is a writer and a good acquaintance of Severilov. Together they were even going to issue tickets to Cyprus, for which Tyulenev handed over his passport data to Severilov, eventually discovering later that after that companies in the offshore zone were registered for him. A list of these firms is at the disposal of The Moscow Post.

Photo: Courtesy of The Moscow Post reader

"Pay attention to the company Tingueta Holding Limited, it represents the interests of Severilov in Loko-Bank, the same company represents me in the Russian Merchant Bank, that is, the Cypriot Severilov companies are real shareholders in the Russian Merchant Bank. Stanislav Boguslavsky and his daughter Yana are the most important owners of the bank, Severilov opened an offshore company for him in the Virgin Islands, and he himself became a director of this company together with Armando Vila, "our informant reports.

And he adds that allegedly the money of all shareholders of Loko-Bank was withdrawn to Cypriot companies, and then to personal offshore shareholders, Severilov managed this process since 2013. According to the same scheme, Rabinochich's money was allegedly withdrawn, only in Cyprus he created another office, personally for his companies, not trusting the information of his transactions to Severilov.

According to the source, the investigation of this fact showed that Russian companies, having a Cypriot company in their shareholders, withdrew money from Russia under the guise of withdrawing dividends, under loan agreements during 2017-2019. "The funds that went into the accounts of Trofense Holding Limited were immediately transferred to the account of Scour Marketing LTD. Since in Cypriot banks, Katerina Paschali (who is another signed Katina Papanikolau), showed another trust agreement in which the beneficiary of Trofense Holding limited was no longer Cypriot Sergei Tyulenev, but the Virgin company Scour Marketing LTD (the shareholder of which was Severilova Oriden Holding Limited "). Thus, the money earned by Russian companies first went to the accounts of the Cypriot company, and then to the offshore account, and was withdrawn from taxation of the Russian Federation and Cyprus. "

As The Moscow Post reported earlier, a group of persons associated with the case of ex-Minister of the Open Government Mikhail Abyzov may also be related to offshore companies. The former minister without a portfolio is a defendant in a criminal case on fraud, the creation of a criminal community, commercial bribery, illegal entrepreneurship and laundering of criminally acquired money and property, and some of his accomplices fled from the investigation.

The documents sent to us indicate that Andrei Titarenko and Vladimir Niyazov (Abyzov's accomplices) were related to the list of offshore companies provided to us, through which Russian money allegedly went.

Photo: Courtesy of The Moscow Post reader

And in "Loko-Bank" "ripened"?

But let's return to Loko-Bank. The institution is also controlled by Ilya Davydik. Back in 2020, the credit and money institution had liquidity problems: according to rumors, in order to cover the financial hole, he massively blocked accounts and fined 50 thousand rubles for legal clients. Offshore companies, which Tyulenev spoke about, were registered for him in 2019. It is possible that even then some funds could come from Loko-Bank.

According to the latest financial report, over the year, the bank's assets decreased by almost 20%. Several indicators of instability were identified. The bank's assets and liabilities are mostly held on securities.

For some reason, we have in the dry balance the shareholders of Loko-Bank who have not yet been brought to justice, associated with which offshore companies conducted imaginary transactions to receive shares in DVMP, whose former owners are accused of withdrawing multi-billion dollars from Russia. And offshore, the names of Abyzov's accomplices flicker.

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