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A loss-making company without employees approved a major development project. A whole chain of famous faces flashes behind a little-known legal entity, including the God Nisanov.


A loss-making company without employees approved a major development project. A whole chain of famous faces flashes behind a little-known legal entity, including the God Nisanov.

The interests of the God Nisanov spread along the map of the Moscow agglomeration as tentacles of a sprut, numerous relatives help him in this expansion. A little-known company, in the staff of which there are 0 people, and the net loss exceeded 1.7 billion rubles, received a tidbit for development in the capital. Who is behind Skadi LLC and whose capital will sponsor the construction between Zvenigorodskoye Shosse, 2nd and 3rd Silicate passages in the west of Moscow, the correspondent of The Moscow Post understood.

The other day, the Moscow City Planning and Land Commission approved a 6.6-hectare development project for the site. According to the Vedomosti newspaper, it is planned to build more than 221 thousand square meters of real estate on the site, of which 160 thousand are housing, and the rest are commercial facilities and infrastructure. It is known that the site belongs to Skadi LLC from the structures of the developer Sezar Group, which bought the asset from the ex-owner of Donstroy Maxim Bozhko in 2018. The first stage of the project is planned to be presented in late 2023 - early 2024.

"Skadi" with losses and no staff

The Skadi company mentioned in the Vedomosti publication raises questions and is a rather strange asset. Judge for yourself.

According to the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation, Skadi LLC in 2022 showed a net loss of 1.793 billion rubles, and the year before that it also worked in minus - the loss was 812 million rubles. The company, which is increasing losses, also cannot boast of personnel. According to Rusprofile, at the beginning of 2022 it had 0 employees.



At the same time, at the end of December 2022, LLC from somewhere mysteriously appeared "leased fixed assets listed behind the balance" - almost 3 billion rubles.

How does this mysterious "Skadi" plan to implement such a large project? What forces and what means? The answer to the last question is most likely hidden in the composition of the participants, namely one of the owners of the share - Sberbank Investments LLC, which since September 2022 has owned 1% in the company. This is indirectly confirmed by the fact that the shares of other owners are laid down in Sberbank. Everything suggests that Gref's bank can help the project with money.


As for the personnel and material asset (people and equipment), here, probably, you should look at the Sezar Group. In December 2022, RT&I shareholder Valery Mikhailov and Alexei Mazin were joined by SZ Stroy Invest LLC, which received a controlling share of 59%.

Stroy Invest was established in February 2022. Both Skadi and Stroy Invest are headed by Mark Ilizirov, who is also a director of a number of companies from the Sezar Group division. Stroy Invest is also partially owned by Sberbank Investments LLC, but the main share of Capital Invest LLC, created in January 2022 (a share is pledged in Sberbank), which belongs to Ruslan Semenov (30%) and Isai Zakharyaev. Ruslan Semenov was noted in a number of companies of the developer's family with an ambiguous reputation of the God Nisanov, for example, Comfort LLC and Artika-Ak LLC. And, according to information from various media, Isai Zakharyaev is a relative of the same Nisanov. It is known that Isai Zakharyaev and God Nisanov are natives of the village of Krasnaya Sloboda in the Cuban Rayon of Azerbaijan from among the mountain Jews. The Zakharyaevs even established in Moscow the International Charitable Foundation of Mountain Jews STMEGI, whose main activities include the promotion of community life in various cities around the world. Nisanov, who owns a business empire with another fellow villager - Zarakh Iliev, in one of the interviews directly admitted that they did not lose contact with fellow countrymen and in Moscow the diaspora helped them in business.


About how Nisanov conducts business and what connections contribute to it (here you and the family of the governor of the Moscow region Vorobyov, and the mayor of the capital Sobyanin), The Moscow Post told in its publications more than once, noting the situation in the developer's commercial projects. Take at least the same "Food City," which was compared with such a hot place as Cherkizon (aka Cherkizovsky market).

But let's return to the Skadi project, Sezar Group and their owners.

Cesar Group LLC is 70% owned by Isay Zakharyaev, and 30% by his partner Ruslan Semyonov. Isai Zakharyaev is called the brother of another famous entrepreneur German Zakharyaev. Forbes wrote about the latter as a childhood friend of Nisanov, with whom they created their first business - a thrift store. And Novaya Gazeta reported that German Zakharyaev is Nisanov's son-in-law. Officially, neither side denied this.

The Moscow Post has previously talked about the smoke screen of Nisanov from the Zakharyaevs. The latter seem to have adopted some approaches in business in a related way from Nisanov.

The name of Isai Zakharyaev appeared in a scandal related to the loss of assets by businessman Ilgar Hajiyev. Isai Zakharyaev was a companion of the ex-owner of SDI Group Hajiyev and participated in the implementation of the project for the construction of the Pirogovskaya Riviera residential complex in Mytishchi. Hajiyev claimed that there was a forceful seizure of his business. In detail, the story of Hajiyev and the role of Nisanov, as well as his relatives, the editors of The Moscow Post told in this publication.

According to Rusprofile, Isai Zakharyaev directly owns or owned shares in at least 20 LLCs (ten of them have already been liquidated), which in turn are branched into "subsidiary" assets. A kind of loose business tree, on the branches of which the Zakharyaev brothers, members of the numerous Nisanov family and other business partners are located.


Not all of its assets work successfully. For example, Cesar Invest in 2022 showed a loss of 62 million rubles, and in 2021 - by 37 million rubles. The loss of 2022 at another company Zakharyaev - LLC "Source" amounted to almost 38 million rubles. Another businessman's company, NIIS LLC, was unprofitable for 284 thousand rubles last year (a year earlier it also demonstrated a loss). Other companies also by no means boast billions in profits and are more than modest. For example, Cesar Group LLC, which seems to play the parent role of an asset, showed only 14 million rubles of profit in 2022 after a 12.5 million rubles loss a year earlier. Yes, the company's projects have one apartment sometimes more expensive! Where does the money come from for the implementation of projects, the same project under the Skadi banners?

For example, the same above "Source" is the owner of the company "Red October - Rasskazovka," which is building the Rasskazovo residential complex. But at the same time, at the end of 2022, Krasny Oktyabr - Rasskazovka LLC indicated revenue of 1.6 billion rubles with a profit of only 74 million rubles. Somehow modest with the average price of a "square" in LCD - 214,272 rubles. The residential complex includes ten residential buildings, one of which is under construction.

It will not be superfluous to remind you that more than one scandal has died down around the project. For example, in 2021, Mosgosstroynadzor, due to violations of land legislation, refused the developer Rasskazovo to amend the building permit for house No. 15 and failed to challenge the refusal in court. There were claims from the project shareholders.

By the way, in March 2023, Source LLC became the owner of another asset with a very pretentious name - Laksheri Club LLC. Earlier it was reported that this company will reorganize the site of the former industrial zone No. 37a Yuzhnoye Ochakovo.

After analyzing the finances of companies from the division of the defendant, we increasingly come to the conclusion that Zakharyaev is mostly a smoke screen for Nisanov, who has both the necessary billions and the necessary connections. Rumor has it that Sergei Sobyanin favors him, well, and he is completely connected with the governor's family Vorobyov through the governor's brother.

Whose other ears loom for "Skadi"?

But let's return to the Skadi company again. In addition to Nisanov's ears, the ears of other equally well-known persons stick out behind the owners of the asset. Among the owners, as we have already said, Valery Mikhailov and Alexey Mazin were noted.

Mazin in the Forbes publication in 2020 was mentioned as the head of the Russian representative office of the Cypriot Riverstretch Trading & Investments (RT&I), with which Mikhailov was also associated.

In 2018, Vedomosti reported that the Cypriot RT&I, O1 Group and FG Future completed the transfer of assets of the owner of O1 Group Boris Mints, an ex-co-owner of Otkritie Bank, who is involved in a criminal case on embezzlement of someone else's property. The offshore company received O1 Properties and FG Future, which at that time owned class A offices and four pension funds.

According to the newspaper, the assets went to the company for the debts of the O1 Group: the group owed to the Moscow Credit Bank, and he assigned the debts to his shareholder, Rossium, Roman Avdeev, who, in turn, ceded the debt to RT & I. At the time of the transfer of assets, the owner of RT&I was the Russian LLC Business Trust. Today, the owners of this asset are the already mentioned co-owner of Skadi Mikhailov and Finestate LLC, which is headed by Elena Mazina. Probably a relative of Alexei Mazin. She is also the director of Delestrasta. Mikhailov and Pavel Vashchenko, a former top manager of the Region investment company, own Finestate.


Mazin in 2020, in an interview with Forbes, said that in 2005 he moved to Novosibirsk, where he joined the board of Sibakademinvest, the development structure of banker Igor Kim. The company planned to build two Sky City skyscrapers in the Siberian capital, but things did not go beyond the announcement. While working on this project, Mazin met Valery Mikhailov, who is characterized as a connected person who sometimes becomes involved in the most unexpected projects. In 2011, both moved to high positions in the Region investment group of Sergei Sudarikov.

A month ago, The Moscow Post talked about Sudarikov's business connection with Olga Khromchenko, a close friend of Finance Minister Anton Siluanov. In addition, Sudarikov is a partner of the already mentioned Avdeev - number 87 in the ranking of Russian billionaires - 2023. Sudarikova (number 110 in the same ranking of the richest) is called "Avdeev's man," since the assets actually merged into one.

It is known that Mikhailov, Vashchenko and Mazin are doing business together. They somehow intersect interests in a number of companies. It is also known that in 2018 Vashchenko became the indirect owner of an 18.85% stake in the United Wagon Company (UWC).

A couple of years ago, the interests of Vashchenko, and therefore Mazin and Mikhailov, came together with the Sezar Group. As reported by Vedomosti, offshore Riverstretch Trading & Investments (RT&I) has been looking for a buyer for a large section of the Krasnaya Presnya vegetable warehouse for several years. They just became a group affiliated with Nisanov. Today, Krasnaya Presnya JSC, together with Cesar-Invest LLC, are the owners of SZ Triumph Capital LLC.

"Skadi" was the next stage of interaction.

Now it is clear where the inconspicuous company "Skadi" has large plots, plans worth billions of rubles with the same losses. It's just that some owners have "correct" relatives, while others have weighty connections, including a trampled path to an imperious Olympus. So it turns out that any "Horns and Hooves" can act as a screen.