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30 November 2023

Did Nisanov "bury himself" in the foundation?

Cynical takeover of SDI Group owner Ilgar Gadzhiyev's business continues: hundreds of Moscow families cannot move into their apartments.

Only 2 minutes away from the Yugo-Zapadnaya metro station, in the place, where VernadSky, a residential complex, should have been built, hundreds of Moscow families, that were full of hope to celebrate the housewarming in December 2020, are watching how the foundation, dug for the new residential complex, is being closed. Prepaid apartments on the 25th floor are nothing but piles of earth now, remaining on beautiful pictures. Although Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin is aware of this egregious situation, what prevents him from intervening?

The Moscow Post found out that "Kievskaya Ploshchad", the scandalous company of God Nisanov and Zarakh Iliev, may eventually raise a commercial building in its place, most likely, a shopping center. And Ilgar Gadzhiev, a man behind VernadSKY, while being forced to watch all the cynical passes of Nisanov from abroad, risks losing his entire developing business: after all, the dealers such as Nisanov and Iliev can sell the property to a third party and organize a whole chain of customers - the second, third, fourth. And will the so-called bona fide customer stick to his own interests, as will the owners of "Kievskaya Ploshchad"?

Thus, will Ilgar Hajiyev not get his 100% back? Is this how the chips fell? How can all this be possible in such a civilized metropolis as Moscow? Or are there no longer any laws in the capital? Does Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin protect scammers for the reasons only he knows?

The journalist for The Moscow Post scrambled to make his way through this "jungle".

Two skyscrapers of Ilgar Hajiyev

Let's recall how events were developing by taking a look at 2017. In November 2017, the president of SDI Group, Ilgar Hajiyev, announced the company's plans to build two business-class skyscrapers on Vernadsky Avenue. After all, nothing boded trouble!

Moreover, back in March 2016, Ilion-Trade LLC received permission from theState Construction Supervision Committee of Moscow to raise a capital facility within the land plot, called VernadSKY residential complex - an area of 8,000 square meters in the area of Troparevo-Nikulino. It is adjacent to Koshtoyants street and located a two-minute walk from the Yugo-Zapadnaya metro station.

You can still see this wonderful project on the sketches: the building, faced with two-chamber double-glazed windows from triplex on an aluminum frame with three underground levels, that should have stood on a two-story stylobate, ending with a 23-story tower.

This should have been the first skyscraper

The complex should have comprised 283 apartments, 8 apartments, 225 parking spots with an area of 13.3 square meters, and another 48 storage rooms ranging from 1.83 to 2.27 square meters. The first three floors were to comprise commercial premises.

Even a sales office began to operate next to the shopping center "Zvezdochka". Offers included studios, with areas ranging between 34.38 - 48.92 square meters for 8 800 000 rubles; single-room apartments, offering 47.08 - 78 square meters of space starting from 10.8 million rubles; double-room apartments, ranging between 68.69 - 104.39 square meters in area, starting from 14.9 million and triple-room apartments, ranging between 79.36 - 186.64 square meters at a minimum price of 17.5 million rubles.

The commissioning of the residential complex was planned in the fourth quarter of 2020.

The Moscow Post reported that by January 2019, the construction works came to a halt.

This was the building passport

Thus, in 2017, a huge foundation pit was dug in this part of Moscow. By the end of 2020, it should have turned into a high-rise building to be settled. But since 2017, due to raider appetites of the owner of the GK "Kievskaya Ploshchad" God Nisanov, the promised complex never turned into anything more than a foundation. And now they are covering it with earth.

Jealousy is a poor quality

But what has sparked off the conflict? After all, the companies of Nisanov and Gadzhiev have worked together since 2014, haven't they?

The conflict between them bursted precisely with the beginning of the construction of VernadSKY. The general contractor was Ilgar Gadzhiev’s company, which issued all the necessary documents for the construction and launched an advertising campaign. The land for construction was registered at Ilion-Trade LLC: this company belongs to Nisanov’s partner Zarakh Iliev, as was reported by Novaya Gazeta.

The advertising campaign worked brilliantly: in 2018, apartments began to quickly sell out. The results exceeded all expectations: two months later, almost half of the residential square meters were sold out, and lists of potential buyers of commercial premises were growing. And Nisanov, apparently, decided: why feed on a piece, if he could gobble the whole pie? He decided to get done with the apartments. But Ilgar Hajiyev insisted that it was necessary to fulfill the commitments made to equity holders, but he wasn't heard.

Ilgar Gadzhiev was left behind. According to the businessman, he was promised a $ 5 million compensation and several contracts in 2019 worth 20 million rubles. Moreover, 12% of the amount supposedly had to go to Mayor Sergei Sobyanin, as was reported by MorningNews.

For some reason, Mayor Sergei Sobyanin does not intervene in the situation with defrauded holders.

Nisanov also asked for a share. But when Hajiyev turned him down, threats came into play.

January 21, 2019, the works on the site were completely stopped. Builders were forced to leave the jobs. It was followed by the takeover of the head office of SDI Group. The office was taken by the soldiers of the private security company Vityaz.

Cynical withdrawal of money

But Mr. Nisanov was not done just yet. The withdrawal of developers' money from the accounts of SDI Group began under the guise of loan agreements. As a developer, Ilgar Hajiyev was engaged not only in the construction of the tower of the residential complex "VernadSKY". Gadzhiev’s structures were also developing three residential complexes:Pirogovskaya Riviera, Accord and Smart Kvartal (Smart Block).
So, on March 28, 2019, 200 million rubles were withdrawn from the account of the Specialized Developer Comfort Invest LLC, which accumulated the money from the Pirogovskaya Riviera LCD investors, although the head of this company didn't have the rights to carry out such operations.

90 million rubles of equity holders were withdrawn from the account of Accord Spetsstroy LLC (the developer of Accord Smart Kvartal). Although the head of Accord Special Construction LLC Valery Lozhechkin refused to sign payment documents, the payments were still made.

Pirogovskaya Riviera: holders still haven't got the keys to their apartments.

Videos on how God Nisanov's people manage the funds of equity holders of Accord Smart-Kvartal and Pirogovskaya Riviera residential complexes were released online, which means, there is now a documentary chronicle for full and comprehensive investigation!

The appearance of Fleur Teplinskaya

Meanwhile, God Nisanov's employees have already let it slip that deceived equity holders would not receive their apartments. All that has already been built will be used for commercial purposes.

That also includes equity holders of the residential complex "VernadSky", which God Nisanov took from Ilgar Hadzhiyev, said Fleur Teplinskaya, the manager of Kievskaya Ploshad. This was reported by MorningNews.

Flera Teplinskaya admitted “Yes, there, most likely, will be no residential housing. Kievskaya Ploshchad has nothing to do with residential complexes. All objects are for commercial purposes, for rent”.

Ms. Teplinskaya is the confidant of God Nisanov. There is a video online, where Teplinskaya said that there would most likely be no residential building, as the Kievskaya Ploshchad company was engaged in developing commercial spaces, and all its facilities are leased out.

Fleur Teplinskaya reports the situation to her boss - God Nisanov

Thus, the investor's money, indeed, can be used to finance the construction of a shopping center.

Flera Dardanilovna Teplinskaya appeared on the day SDI Group was taken over and introduced herself as the company manager. It was Teplinskaya who forged the signatures and signed payment orders, moving the funds somewhere by having ignored the manual.

See here how Ilgar Hadzhiyev's office was taken over.

As a result of such arrogant actions, millions of rubles were on the accounts of shell companies.

Not only Ilgar Hajiyev, but also his business partners, who worked on construction sites, are  trying to restore justice today.

Numerous equity investors are also seeking justice.

There is an online petition, signed by defrauded real estate investors of Pirogovskaya Riviera, to Vladimir Putin.

The authors of the petition explain that they cannot move into ready apartments, since this construction was also stopped. These apartments cannot be registered as property of the developer in order to be sold further, since the accounts of the company-developer, Specialized Developer ComfortInvest LLC, are blocked.

"Protection" and protectors

Today, Vladislav Yusupov, a cousin of God Nisanov, is controlling Gadzhiev’s expropriated business. Almost all the fake payment orders have a "Confirmed by Vlad" signature.

 "Confirmed by Vlad"

Surprisingly, despite the bustle around Nisanov's residential complexes, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin seems to be unaware of what is happening. Was he supposedly silenced by the bribes, that Ilgar Hajiyev is talking about?

The close ties between the mayor's office and Kyevskaya Ploshad can be evidenced by large-scale projects that God Nisanov and K receive time and again. The list of possessions of Nisanov and Iliev is also impressive. Nisanov and Iliev manage the markets "Moscow", "Gardener" and "Food City". They also own 2 restaurants at the Zaryadye park, a multifunctional complex with a hotel on Varvarka, the Grand Business Center, the Panorama Shopping Center and so on.

Can Sobyanin be the only protector of Mr. Nisanov? He can also be protected by the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, General Vladimir Kolokoltsev. His son's, Alexander Kolokoltsev's, business, is associated with the business of Nisanov.

The head of Ministry of Internal Affairs - Vladimir Kolokoltsev.

Kolokoltsev Jr. owns a 33.4% stake at Il Forno LLC, which is engaged in the restaurant business. Until December 2017, Oleg Yusupov,Nisanov's relative, was also one of the founders. Vedomosti has detailed about a joint business with Yusupov.

Yusupov, along with Alexander Kolokoltsev, was also the co-founder of another restaurant asset - Brinde LLC, which he left in November 2017.

Did the strong family ties cause the security forces to close their eyes on the cynical takeover of Hadzhiyev’s construction business?

See here how the split-up went in Ilgar Hadzhiyev's office.

The sale of 80% of business

Ilgar Gadzhiev tried different ways to solve the conflict that has affected SDI Group. Ultimately, he was forced to sell the company; he sold 80% of SDI Group LLC and German Style LLC to Alcon Development, which is owned by Hadzhitev’s longtime partner, Zia Gaziev.

Lenta reported that Hadzhiyev and Gaziev, both being permanent residents of Germany, planned to seek help through the Russian-German Chamber of Commerce at Bundestag in order to ask for support from the German legislature.

In early June 2019, Hadzhiev wrote an open letter to President Vladimir Putin, asking him to deal with the situation. The businessman said that he agreed on a partnership with Nisanov in 2014, when he started a business in Moscow. The total revenue of companies, related to Hajiyev in 2017, exceeded 2 billion rubles. Back in 2017-2018, Accord Spetsstroy of SDI Group received government orders for 4.7 billion rubles from the" Automobile Roads" State Budgetary Institution  of Moscow and 608 million rubles from the Capital Repairs Fund of Moscow.

In 2013, Hadziiyev registered  Accord-Stroy and several other companies for operating activities on each individual project. The entire business was merged under the brand "SDI Group". This group consists of two dozen legal entities,involved in the construction, design, manufacture of building materials, sales and property management. Ilgar Hajiyev is the owner or co-founder of each of these companies.

VernadSKY wasn't the only largest construction project of the company;among them were Pirogovskaya Riviera residential complex,comprising 20 nine-story buildings in the village of Pirogovo near Moscow and 12 Accord Smart-Quarter residential buildings in the village of Mitkino. And also the Kremlin riding school at VDNKH and a dance school on Krylatskaya Street, along with more than 50 infrastructure facilities in Moscow and the Moscow region.

In total, Hadzhiyev’s companies completed state contracts for 8 billion rubles while operating in Russia.

The question remains: when will a fair investigation of the deprivation of hundreds of Moscow families of paid housing in VernadSKY residential complex, Pirogovskaya Riviera residential complex and Accord Smart-quarter residential complex begin?

People are waiting for their apartments, dear Mr. Sobyanin!

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