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24 September 2023

Biden for Yevtushenkov: "American virus" in the Russian "System"

How can Russian oligarch Vladimir Yevtushenkov be connected with the business of the Biden family?

Over the weekend, the American and wider, Western press were born with a series of publications devoted to the possible connection of the Biden family with the Russian oligarch.

And the reason may be banal - Mr. Yevtushenkov or people associated with him may have common commercial (and not only) interests with the couple of American leader Joe Biden. According to the New York Post, it is reliably known that Mr. Yevtushenkov met with Joe Biden's scandalous son Hunter Biden in March 2012.

What could be common between the Russian oligarch and the Joy Biden family was understood by the correspondent of The Moscow Post.

We are talking about a three-day visit of billionaire Yevtushenkov to the United States. The meeting itself, according to the schedule of the visit published in the American press, took place on March 14, 2012 at the gorgeous Ritz-Carton Hotel and lasted at least an hour.

The estimated schedule of day of a meeting of Vladimir Yevtushenkov and Hunter Biden in March, 2012. Photo:

After and the more so now the press service of mister Yevtushenkov and his "System" categorically denies any contacts between him and the Baydenov family. But it personally, and that about assistants, face values and purses of mister Evshutenkov who now obviously shouldn't shine similar communications?

And whether that meeting pledge of the fact that Yevtushenkov, apparently, could agree and bring himself and a part of the business out of economic blow became 10 years ago? We will remind, on April 13 Yevtushenkov who fell under sanctions of Great Britain, I stopped being the controlling shareholder of AFK "Sistema" - his share decreased to 49.2%. He gave 10% of the company to the son Felix.

It is well-known. Similar focus was turned at the time also by Oleg Deripaska. But as a result now he got under an avalanche of sanctions, and Yevtushenkov, one may say, got off light.

"Coherent" of the Moscow mayor's office

Returning to Biden and Yevtushenkov's contacts, interesting details become clear. Famous Victoria Jane Ward - the author of best-sellers of the New York Times, the journalist investigator, the editor-in-chief, and the television commentator, in particular, writes about them. On the website she publishes results of investigation with a mark an exclusive where she tells about Baydenakh, Yevtushenkov and their possible interests.

The speech goes about the certain western company which was engaged in the real estate there - Rosemont Realty. Elena Baturina, the spouse of the former Mayor of Moscow Yury Luzhkov was an investor of the company earlier. She in the past - the beneficiary of Inteco development group to which attributed possible corruption manifestations more than once.

As it is reported on the website Vickyward, the former close friend and the business partner of Biden Devon Archer who entered into the board of directors of the company was a key link for Baturina in Rosemont Realty.

And so, later mister Archer who was considered as one of the closest assistants to Hunter Biden received a sentence by year and day of prison for fraud with bonds. But that it is even more interesting, mister Archer was lit in a number of the juicy corruption scandals in distressful Ukraine.

We will remind that Hunter Biden was a part of the board of directors of the Ukrainian oil and gas company Burisma. Scandal which nearly buried chances of the father Hunter, Joe Biden on election as the U.S. President was connected with the last.

Moreover - Devon Archer was in the board of directors of Burism too! We will remind, in 2020 the large corruption scandal burst. At a press conference in Kiev the materials concerning schemes of plundering of the American technical and financial aid in which the Ukrainian officials, robberies of citizens of Ukraine by means of the overestimated municipal tariffs "Rotterdam +" participated were presented. Wrote the edition about it.

Then it was supposed that Baydena could cover the Ukrainian oligarch Nikolay Zlochevsky - the minister of ecology at Victor Yanukovych. After a coup d'etat he actually betrayed the former boss.

Also I created powerful protection for the business, in 2014 having invited in the board of directors of Burisma just Hunter Biden. And together with him also the ex-president of Poland Aleksander Kwasniewski and the investment banker Alan Apter. And at the beginning of 2016 the former head of the Anti-terrorist center CIA Joseph Kofer Blek joined them.

But all this "lyrics". As you remember, to criminal case about plunders in Burism in Ukraine didn't run off. And couldn't, considering dependence of the local authorities on the American administration. Then Joe Biden was already the vice president, the second person in the country.

Another is important. As the blogger of mikul_a on the LiveJournal platform claims, allegedly Devon Archer worked together with Hunter Biden in the Rosemont Seneca Partners company which half belongs to Rosemont Capital, the investment firm founded by the same Archer and Christopher Heinz.

Rosemont Seneca partners, Rosemont Capital and... Rosemont Realty mentioned above which investor try to present Elena Baturina. Nobody looks for communications, already proceeding from the name of these organizations here?

By the way, why Baturina could be Svyaznoy? Vladimir Yevtushenkov perfectly knew Yury Luzhkov, they long time worked together and were on friendly terms. What the oligarch told the press about. And they got acquainted still in the eighties, before creation of AFK "Sistema".

Yuri Luzhkov and Vladimir Yevtushenkov were associated with many years of friendship and joint work. Or maybe some interests on the American continent... Photo:

An even more revealing moment - after resigning from the post of mayor, Luzhkov joined the board of directors of the United Petrochemical Company, the joint venture of AFK Sistema and the structures of Sibur founder Yakov Goldovsky. This happened in the same 2012, when the scandalous meeting between Yevtushenkov and Biden. If this is a coincidence, then it is painfully iconic.

Rumors pour water on the same mill that Yevtushenkov was allegedly married to Elena Baturina's sister in the past. The latter was not confirmed by anything, but even without this, close contacts through Luzhkov with Baturina are more than possible. And now no one will be surprised if Elena Baturina really could become a link between Yevtushenkov and the Bidens.

This also suggests that parts of Rosemont's assets in different variations may belong to people and structures that may be associated with Yevtushenkov or his "System."

American sources claim that it was Archer who separately introduced Hunter Biden to Baturina, who, in turn, introduced him to Yevtushenkov.

What's more indicative, from the US Republican Party's 2020 Senate report, it is indicated that in 2014 Baturina transferred $3.5 million to Rosemont Seneca Thornton LLC, a consulting company for Biden and Archer.

Of course, the appearance of such documents could be attributed to the domestic political struggle in the United States between Republicans and Democrats. And yet I would like to ask directly - how is Yevtushenkov connected in the United States, and why did Baturina, who is called his liaison with Hunter, transfer millions of dollars to an American company associated with the family of the current President of the States?

Photo: Screenshot from the US Republican Party Report for 2020

The report, by the way, even speaks directly - Hunter Biden received $3.4 million from Elena Baturina. Could part of this money go through the joint venture United Petrochemical Company? We do not undertake to approve...

Moreover, there is information that in recent sanctions years, MTS representatives from the System allegedly began active lobbying actions in the United States. We can talk about the American lobby group Prime Policy Group, cooperation with which the System could have begun a long time ago.

Judging by the disclosure database, Vladimir Yevtushenkov's subordinates registered as clients at the beginning of 2011, but for almost six years they submitted empty reports that lack a description of the subject of lobbying. "Mobile television systems," however, submitted the so-called "additions," in which they specified their legal status, indicating in these additional reports to the US Congress the address and name of their parent organization: Moscow, 13 Mokhovaya St., "Sistema."


It seems that for a long time they were in hibernation. And in 2017, the one in which Biden entered Burisma, active funding of lobbyists began from, as expected, structures associated with Vladimir Yevtushenkov. And again - is it a coincidence? The tranches are considerable - tens of thousands of US dollars.


However, it seems that lobbying efforts were insufficient: subsequently, a number of American congressmen wondered if Yevtushenkov could not be included in the sanctions lists.

"Svyaznoy" for Ukrainian "Dobrobats"

Today we see how passions have escalated around Ukraine, which is supported by both money and weapons by the United States of America. The Bidens in Ukraine have their own interests, including the theft of the very same financial, military and humanitarian aid. They helped Ukraine before, under Poroshenko.

And then we return to Yevtushenkov. Who could support Ukraine after the Maidan along with his friend Hunter Biden. That is, all this time, when the Armed Forces of Ukraine and nationalist battalions killed people in the Donbass under the harsh anti-Russian rhetoric of Ukrainian and American officials.

The fact is that the main telecommunications asset of AFK Sistema, namely the mobile operator MTS, continued, and, it seems, continues to work calmly in Ukraine today. There it exists under the famous Vodafone brand.

And as if Mr. Yevtushenkov's connections with Hunter Biden, with whom he calmly communicated and took food less than a few years before the events unfolding in Ukraine, would not have got into the topic.

According to the Life newspaper, apparently after the disastrous events for AFK Sistema around Bashneft, as a result of which his entire business empire was in the face of a collapse due to a loss in a lawsuit with Rosneft, Yevtushenkov and his entourage find a common language with the office of Petro Poroshenko Poroshenko. Otherwise, it is difficult to explain the chain of events around the Ukrainian "daughter" MTS.

The essence there is simple and complex at the same time. At first, the subsidiary of the System in Ukraine suddenly turned into a British company. In March 2015, MTS-Ukraine changed its ownership scheme, 100% of its shares became owned by the Dutch company Preludium B.V. It was already controlled, in turn, by the Luxembourg "gasket" Allegretto Holding S.a.r.l.,

It cannot be said that it has become impossible to trace ties with Yevtushenkov. Actually, a member of the board of directors of Preludium B.V. and Allegretto Holding S.a.r.l. in 2016, the then financial director of AFK-Sistema, Vladimir Travkov, was.

But the main thing happened later. Soon MTS Ukraine changed its name to PrAO VF Ukraine. And massive investments began in it. And where could they go, if not from the Russian capital of Sistema?

According to Life, in 2013 2.185 billion hryvnias were invested in MTS Ukraine in Ukraine, 1.298 in 2014, 7.051 in 2015, and 2,903 in 2016. What happens? When MTS Ukraine moved to British jurisdiction, the company began to massively invest money - and just when the ATO unfolded in Ukraine with the destruction of tens and thousands of civilians in the Donbass.

Presumably, the former MTS Ukraine paid part of the taxes directly in Ukraine. The question is - where did the money go, not to finance the nationalist battalions? In this case, Yevtushenkov would stand on a par with such odious figures as Ukrainian oligarchs Rinat Akhmetov and Igor Kolomoisky. But Yevtushenkov is then "ours"! Or not?

All these pieces of the "puzzle" put together can help answer the question, and why, even in conditions of economic turbulence, Vladimir Yevtushenkov feels very good.

Photo on the main page: RIA Novosti

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