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09 December 2023

Between the hammer and the anvil: does Khristenko work "on two fronts"?

Vladimir Khristenko may be afraid to become the object of attention of Russian law enforcement officers because of business in unfriendly countries and the machinations of Anatoly Chubais's team.

According to our sources, the son of former Deputy Prime Minister Viktor Khristenko and stepson of ex-Minister of Health Tatyana Golikova Vladimir Khristenko began cleaning up information about himself on the Internet.

In this regard, The Moscow Post decided to recall how an influential entrepreneur, ex-president of the pharmaceutical company Nanolek, who is now presumably outside the Russian Federation, managed to distinguish himself.

Following Chubais

Khristenko left the presidency at Nanolek quite recently - earlier this year. According to the media, this was done against the background of criminal cases against the ex-partners of the former head of Rusnano Anatoly Chubais. Here it must be emphasized that Nanolek was founded with the participation of the state corporation and earned billions on state contracts. At the same time, until recently it belonged to the Cypriot offshore. Now it is designed for a by no means more transparent structure - the closed unit investment fund Management-Active, owned by K2 Group Management Company.

The latter, in turn, is controlled in 2019 by Anton Pak, who joined the board of directors of Nanolek Holding. According to the authors of the site "Vicki.chronicle", allegedly also the name of an employee of the VEB corporation - perhaps in the past he worked under the wing of Igor Shuvalov, and later went to Golikova's stepson. In any case, since the company continues to be controlled by a person who worked with Khristenko, the latter is unlikely to have actually left the asset - having withdrawn only nominally. And who will abandon such a "cow" that brings billions of "liters of milk" annually?

But let's return to business as "near-Chubais". Russian law enforcement officers began to pursue people close to him. At the beginning of last year, the investment director of the state corporation Nail Gubaev was detained on suspicion of fraud. Shortly before the departure of Vladimir Khristenko from Nanolek, another criminal case was opened against the former partner of Rusnano Oleg Dyachenko, who was a member of the board of directors of the Cyprus Nanoenergo Fund Limited. He is suspected of embezzling $50 million from Rusnano's Luxembourg subsidiary, Fonds Rusnano Capital S.A., which was a co-founder of the Nanoenergo fund.

We emphasize once again: Nanolek was also offshore for a long time, at a time when Rusnano controlled it. We do not claim that there could be similar to Dyachek schemes, but at least the fact that foreign jurisdiction flashes in the project of the state corporation raises questions. As well as the sudden inexplicable departure of Khristenko from the post of president of the company against the background of criminal cases against former associates of Chubais who went abroad.

Down the Offshore Trail

In general, if you start digging Nanolek's connections, offshore companies will come across at every step. Her former "daughter" Epidbiomed-Impex has been controlled by Novuspharm since 2020 by the namesake of the former general director of Nanolek Nikolai Nekrasov. We assume that the company is also included in the contour of Khristenko's brainchild. Until 2022, the owners of Novuspharm had an offshore Kamadema LTD. For 2022, the company showed zero revenue. One gets the feeling that money from the company could simply be withdrawn.

Financial "successes" of Novuspharma. Photo:

At the same time, Epidbiomed-Impex was a supplier in 4023 state contracts in the amount of 16.6 billion rubles. 506 of them are still at the stage of execution - and this is not only about "fresh" agreements, but also about the mass of long-overdue ones. By the way, it is interesting that government agencies almost do not make claims against the company due to delays - for the entire period of its existence, it was a participant in lawsuits as a defendant in only 4 cases.

There are no supplies, but everyone is happy? What is this, if not corruption interest?

From the moment of its founding, Invak, owned by Nanolek, was controlled by Issol Investment Limited from Cyprus until March last year. Now it is on the verge of bankruptcy with revenue at zero and negative profit and value of assets.


You can continue further, painting in detail about each structure that had or has something to do with Nanolek, but if we summarize, there is a likely withdrawal of assets to foreign "cubes." At the same time, we repeat, this is a company with former state participation, receiving giant state contracts.

Where is the criminal case - is Khristenko there?

If you dig towards other "exploits" of Khristenko, you can find no less curious details. For example, since 2008, he has held senior positions at OJSC Chelyabinsk Pipe Rolling Plant (ChelPipe Plant). In 2014, a criminal case was opened against the co-owner and member of the board of directors of the CHPTZ Andrei Komarov. As the investigators found out, instead of spending on mobilization measures that should be carried out by metallurgical plants, the money went in a different direction.

All this surfaced when the audit company Promresurs found violations, and the ChelPipe management offered the company's representative to "resolve" the issue for $300 thousand. Interestingly, the case of "reimbursement" of mobilization expenses was closed, only a bribery case remained on Komarov. And in 2016 it became known that Khristenko was leaving the board of directors of the enterprise. Does he have such a manner - to get out of the blow against the background of criminal cases?

Coryphean manners

Now only Karifai LLC is registered for Tatyana Golikova's stepson. Together with him, a number of individuals and two offshore companies, JOYNTJORNEY LTD and CHARAMI LIMITED, appear in the list of founders. The director of the first, by the way, is Alena Khoroshilova, who can represent the interests of the NMLC oligarch Vladimir Lisin. The fact is that one of the top managers of the corporation is also called.


Karifai, according to media reports, is implementing the Checkme project (comprehensive medical examination). The service cooperates with more than 1 thousand clinics and 3 thousand laboratories and has a license for the right to carry out medical activities. The service offers an entry in Gemotest for 1.6 thousand rubles, payment also goes through the company's website. By the way, Hemotest was founded by Rudem Gaziev, a former loader and sweet trader who is credited with ties with officials of the Ministry of Economic Development. The Moscow Post spoke in detail about him and the company's scandals.

Karifai is also on the verge of bankruptcy. Photo:

In general, it is believed that almost the entire medical industry in Russia is under the control of Ms. Golikova, who is credited with lobbying for interests, including the owner of Pharmstandard Viktor Kharitonin, with whom Nanolek could also have affairs: industry magazines wrote about the possible sale of Nanolek to Pharmstandard - it is possible that such options were considered when Khristenko thought about who to leave the business for. In addition, evil tongues claimed that Khristenko was an employee of Pharmstandard. So there is nothing surprising in the work of her stepson with Gaziev

Nanolek was also one of the first to receive the right to produce an antique vaccine. And the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation included the company in the list of the systemically important organizations.

According to data from the Rupep website, allegedly Vladimir Khristenko owns a business in Cyprus and Portugal, and real estate in Portugal and Spain.


He allegedly owns stakes in foreign Evrica Management, S.A, Sansoto-Real Estate Investments S.A and PH&RE INVESTMENTS LTD.


By the way, Nanolek has never been shy about working with foreign suppliers, and not with the purest reputation. In 2019, it became known that Nanolek and the American pharmaceutical company MSD will together produce veterinary vaccines. At the same time, the American MSD was involved in a number of scandals in the English-language press. The Moscow Post spoke in detail about this.

Thus, the son of Viktor Khristenko can continue to "rake the heat" in Russia, at the same time developing an entrepreneurial career "beyond the hill." He is not on the sanctions lists, and why? After all, if he really transfers the capital earned in our country to the West, which damages the Russian economy, supporting the economy of unfriendly countries, then Western curators can only shake hands with him for this - especially in the context of the SVO, when unfriendly countries provide Ukraine with arms supplies and financial assistance, including with tax deductions from companies to the treasury.

Then it is clear and why Khristenko might want to "clean" the field from information about himself - God forbid, they will cover his possible "cubes," and he himself will be declared a foreign agent! Not to mention the fact that the shadow of criminal prosecution in the "near-Chubais" cases could hang over the merchant.

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