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25 September 2023

Austrian "greetings" Oleg Makarevich

While the security forces are trying to find businessman Oleg Makarevich, he continues to throw complaints against journalists to the prosecutor's office and the courts.

Recall that at the end of April with. The police department in the Karasun district of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Krasnodar Territory extended the orientation to Oleg Alexandrovich Makarevich, born in 1962, RBC reported. In December 2019, a criminal case "Tax evasion on an especially large scale" was opened against the businessman and his ex-wife Natalia Makarevich. The investigation believed that the slick entrepreneur not only did not pay taxes, but also issued lands for third parties in order to reduce the tax base: we are talking about lands in the Dinsky district of the Kuban. And this, by the way, is the small homeland of the Kuban governor Benjamin Kondratiev.

It will not be superfluous to recall that among the influential friends of Mr. Makarevich is the former vice-governor of the Kuban, Alexander Remezkov. Today, Mr. Remezkov is a deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation. It is rumoured that Mr. Makarevich will once again avoid prosecution.

In general, it has long been known: the best defense is an attack, apparently, that is why Mr. Makarevich is littering the editorial board of The Moscow Post with claims?

The correspondent of The Moscow Post in the Krasnodar Territory understood the situation.

Claims sucked out of the finger

According to our information, today Oleg Makarevich is hiding in Austria, from where he is trying to disown involvement in criminal cases in Russia, so, apparently, he writes epistoles to both journalists and prosecutors.

Mr. Makarevich didn't like several publications of journalists both The Moscow Post, and UtroNews, namely "Abrupt dive of Oleg Makarevich", "The Kuban boss Makarevich", further at once - "The Kuban octopus" (later the editorial office УтроNews was forced to publish a denial as Mr. Makarevich too insisted). And the material "Undertaker Makarevich" made bankruptcy" was also published.

What is curious - Mr. Makarevich sent statements to the prosecutor's office on April 22, 2021, and he was put on the wanted list on April 21... It turns out that he calculated everything?

And now he has a claim to the investigation of Natalya Kazimova "Court yes Makarevichi case". This investigation was published a few days ago, namely on July 5th.

The requirements of Mr. Good are the same - immediately remove the article "Court yes Makarevichi case" and place a refutation.


It will be worth recalling that earlier journalists wrote about the business of Professor Makarevich...

And our colleagues just asked naive questions: who owns Kuban today? Who exactly has the greatest influence on both processes and power in the region and on public opinion? Such a survey was conducted by the magazine "Clear" (now the material is not available).

However, earlier the correspondent of The Moscow Post drew attention to the fact that the authors of the investigation recalled that Makarevich is the owner of the companies YUMK-Kormilitsa, Kubantehgaz, etc. And he started his business in the dashing 90s. Also, the magazine "Clear" claimed that for a long time Makarevich decided all his questions at the level of vice-governor (at that time) Alexander Remezkov.

Today, Mr. Remezkov - Doctor of Economics, Professor of Kuban State Agrarian University sits in the State Duma of the Russian Federation.

Surprisingly, the fact: Mr. Makarevich is now also a doctor of economics. And also a professor at the same university. So, everywhere together?

Mr. Makarevich is now writing morality letters to us?

"War" on a corn field

Mr. Makarevich, recall, distinguished himself in the battle with Kuban farmers in 2016. This story then thundered throughout the country. Farmers of the Dinsky, Kalinin, Labinsky and Kanevsky districts suffered from the actions of Makarevich's structures. This was told by the publication "VK press".

So, one of the farmers from Kirill-Agro LLC from the Kalinin district leased 350 hectares of abandoned land. Put the plot in order, raised corn. Annually transferred 300 thousand rubles to the regional budget. But when it was time to harvest, cool guys suddenly appeared on the field. They blocked agricultural machinery from entering the corn field. And they announced that the field and harvest now belong to other people.

The Kalinin court, where Kirill-Agro LLC applied, decided in favor of Kirill-Agro. But the regional court overturned the decision of the first instance. The company "De jure" Makarevich filed a lawsuit, demanding to recover from the enterprise that sowed the crop, 60 million rubles! Property and agricultural machinery were seized. Your bank account is locked. People were left without money.

As the same "VK press" wrote, everything happened because of the employees of the Rosreestr of the Kalinin district: information was entered in the ERGP about 15 deceased equity holders: the heirs sold the land. However, De jure allegedly included "dead souls" in the number of equity holders. And she decided to lease land shares for 49 years. To myself.

The head of the farm, Alexei Volchenko, who was fighting what was happening, was beaten, as was journalist Denis Kulaga. After speaking at the congress, farmers attacked the farmer's father. Then Alexey Volchenko went to jail. And he spent six months in jail.

Under criminal case

Probably, it should not even be mentioned that Oleg Makarevich is a well-known person in the Kuban, and not only with his various business, but also with high-profile scandals: years 5 ago he was already a defendant in a criminal case of abuse of authority, "Kommersant" wrote.

The investigation believed that during the implementation of the investment project for the development of agricultural production, in which the MUP State Farm Progress and the structure of UMK OJSC worked together, Makarevich stole municipal property. Alleged damage - 51 million rubles. The October court of Krasnodar sent Makarevich under arrest for two months.

According to security officials, Makarevich created an illegal scheme for the removal of funds from the MU state farm "Progress". "Kommersant" wrote about this in detail.

The management of the state farm, which was experiencing financial difficulties, attracted Makarevich's structures as a partner. Companies affiliated with UMK gave loans to the state farm. And they used the production sites of Progress.

But in 2012, the municipality, as the owner of the municipal unitary enterprise, initiated inspections of the economic activities of the management of the enterprise and its business partners. And numerous violations of financial discipline were revealed: in 2013, a criminal case was opened against the director of the Municipal Unitary Enterprise Anatoly Shevchenko.

The investigation concluded that it was Makarevich who organized the illegal financial schemes. According to law enforcement officers, in 2009 Makarevich instructed Anatoly Shevchenko to transfer the equipment of the fodder, owned by the MUP, to the agricultural enterprise "October," which was part of the UMK. "Progress" lost the opportunity to produce feed. And he stopped doing animal husbandry.

Then, at the production site of the Progress state farm, Krasnodar Fattening Complex LLC (also part of the UMK holding) laid down a project for fattening pigs. The costs assigned to MUP were not compensated. The damage amounted to 14 million rubles.

According to the investigating authorities, Makarevich's activities were aimed at misappropriating the assets of the Progress state farm. Particular emphasis was placed on the fact that Progress owns large plots of land. And they could be used for development. But this process was eventually stopped.

After some time, news appeared in the Kuban press:

"Rehab message. The decision of the October Court of Krasnodar of 07.06.2018 in case 2-1591/18 - for Makarevich Oleg Alexandrovich recognized the right to rehabilitation in criminal case No. 14901084, initiated on the grounds of a crime under Part 3 of Art. 33 and Part 2 of Art. 201 of the Criminal Code. " About this wrote "Kommersant".

Who helped Makarevich?

Friend of Remezkov and Tkachev

Recall that it was 2014. In the Kuban then ruled the omnipotent Mr. Tkachev.

Alexander Tkachev, former governor of the Kuban

They say that Makarevich was always close to both Alexander Tkachev and the already mentioned vice-governor Alexander Remezkov. It was under Tkachev-Remezkov that all the companies-companies of Mr. Makarevich blossomed: he is the owner of the YUMK holding (Southern Multisectoral Corporation). The holding includes more than 80 enterprises. These include the Yest retail chains (more than 50 stores) and Mag-Mack (8 supermarkets).

Makarevich Holding is the founder of Metallovlavsnab-1 LLC, Kormilitsa company and Kubantorgodezhda company. Makarevich is also controlled by Kubanoptprodtorg CJSC, Dinskaya Meat Processing Plant, a winery in Slavyansk-on-Kuban, as well as agricultural enterprises in the Kalinin region.

Alexander Remezkov, former vice-governor of the Kuban

According to "Rusprofail", Makarevich co-founded 28 legal entities that are registered in the Krasnodar Territory and Crimea.

Fighting for an "honest" name?

Mr. Makarevich seems to be constantly trying to "whitewash" by filing lawsuits against the Russian media, which talk about the criminal business of friend Remezkov and his business activities.

Not so long ago, Mr. Makarevich was also outraged by the publication of the investigation "Makarevich-in-the-Kuban, or Kondratyev in Waiting," which was published in The Moscow Post in December 2019.

Then the doctor of economics Makarevich also demanded refutation and protection of honor, dignity and business reputation. He imposed the same requirements also on the publication in UtroNews in whom he was called "the night governor" - by the way, it is not art fiction - so, according to our data, and locals of mister Makarevich call.

The main "defenders" of the entrepreneur, evil languages ​ ​ were called the ex-deputy chairman of the Arbitration Court of the North Caucasus District Jacob Volkov and the former chairman of the Krasnodar Regional Court Alexander Chernov.

They say that it was with their filing that the courts of the Kuban made the decisions "necessary" to Makarevich. However, in February 2019, Chernov resigned, and soon Volkov moved to Moscow.

It is possible that now Governor Kondratyev can patronize Makarevich. So, Mr. Makarevich can maintain the entire "color" of the Krasnodar Territory?

Went to the investigators

Another amazing story about the forgetful professor Makarevich.

The Moscow Post reporters learned that Russian citizen Oleg Makarevich is demanding 100 thousand rubles from the Investigative Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Krasnodar Territory.

For what?

They say that they can't forgive the offense after the story from the Slavyansky PKK controlled by him, who has the license to manufacture and sell alcohol. And this happened because the enterprise discovered ersatz products.

But what's amazing about this story? Fake vodka was found several times, but Makarevich walked away from punishment. And the court - oddly enough - sided with Makarevich.

There were (and there are) rumors that Makarevich had "everything captured" in the courts. And it's hard not to believe it!

"Drunken Business"

But recently, failures have suddenly begun in Krasnodar itself: in December 2020, Rosalkogolregulirovanie sent a statement to Makarevich's company about the cancellation of previously issued permits, and the Arbitration Court of the North Caucasus District canceled earlier decisions of lower instances. And they did not find anything illegal in the activities of production. About this wrote "Version".

And at the enterprise itself, tax officials found large-scale financial violations. during an exit check on the Slavyansky PKK, the transport of employees of the Federal Tax Service "unidentified persons" doused the car with paint. The leadership of the regional Federal Tax Service appealed for help to the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the Krasnodar Territory, with which Makarevich is suing.

Although Makarevich may be trying to level the results of the Federal Tax Service audit as a result, the director of the Slavyansky PKK was demanded to recover more than 100 thousand rubles of previously unpaid VAT. And the tax authorities counted hidden taxes for 400 million rubles!

Another high-profile scandal happened with OJSC Southern Multisectoral Corporation, with which the Federal Tax Service wrote off 147.6 million rubles of unpaid taxes in 2018. The tax authorities' claims were related to the company's return of VAT on large transactions, but the company denies that the actions were unlawful.

Evil languages ​ ​ are credited with developing tax avoidance schemes for Makarevich's company, the M-Class Audit Company: there are several dozen companies in Makarevich's holding that he owns both himself and through affiliates.

Kuban Governor Veniamin Kondratyev

And now he has accumulated debts of 813 million rubles in connection with the bankruptcy of Metallovlavsnab LLC. The latter was declared bankrupt back in 2010. The court revealed that Makarevich and his family members withdrew assets from the enterprise, which led to its financial collapse. About this wrote "Kommersant".

But Makarevich is in no hurry to pay the bills. Instead, he replenishes an account with an Austrian bank, where he sent more than 10 million euros in 2019 alone, although according to the decision of the October Court of Krasnodar, Makarevich's property and accounts are under arrest! The fact that the money is constantly sent in tranches for the cordon follows from the file cabinet of arbitration cases. Why, then, have criminal proceedings not been instituted for so long?

Meanwhile, a photocopy of Oleg Makarevich's search orientation appeared on Krasnodar's social networks, sent to all departments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. It is reported by "Kommersant". The Investigative Department of the Investigative Committee for the Krasnodar Territory confirmed that the document is true: Oleg Makarevich has been wanted since April 21, 2021.

The editorial board of The Moscow Post follows the further development of events.

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