"Aurora" from QIWI on the ice palace of Governor Drozdenko

The state budgets allocated to the sports complex in Murino may be "sawed" between the ruling top of the region and immigrants from the "Kiwi" led by Andrei Romanenko.


The state budgets allocated to the sports complex in Murino may be "sawed" between the ruling top of the region and immigrants from the "Kiwi" led by Andrei Romanenko.

The cost of a multifunctional sports complex in Murino (Leningrad region) increased from 1.6 to 2.5 billion rubles. This became known from the order signed by the governor Alexander Drozdenko on the procedure for granting a subsidy to the concessionaire. It will amount to 85% of the project cost. Plus, the area provides a plot for the placement of the complex.

The concessionaire of the project is the rather notorious Aurora company. The correspondent of The Moscow Post in the Leningrad region found out with whose interests it can be connected and how much such an "employee" can be trusted by the state budget. Details - in the material of The Moscow Post.

"Kubyshka" on a contract?

The founder of Aurora is a certain Alan Khachirov. Interestingly, the main type of activity of the company indicates the trade in metals and metal ores. How such a company received a contract for the construction of a sports complex is not clear. Moreover, she had no such experience before.

And Khachirov himself cannot be called a major businessman. His "Solidtorg" in 2021 was on the verge of bankruptcy at the request of the Federal Tax Service, and another organization in which Khachirov was the general director, Sanrest North-West LLC, was generally liquidated.

Khachirov's share in the pledge from Rossiya Bank, supervised by Mikhail Klishin. According to 47news, the bank can finance the project. That is, even 15%, which the concessionaire must invest from his own funds, for the construction of the complex, he does not have? For his Leningrad region such a partner?

Interestingly, the bank gave the go-ahead for the project even before Drozdenko announced the participation of Aurora. So, it seems, the concession was the result of earlier "behind-the-scenes" agreements.

Journalists even contacted Khachirov to find out the details of the deal, but he did not give any useful information, citing the fact that he was on vacation.

Without money, but with debt

There is another interesting subject in history, or rather, subjects connected with each other. Aurora is called the managing organization of the network of fitness studios OrangeFitness/CityFitness. Although legally this is not spelled out anywhere, and the founder of these firms herself, Anastasia Yusina, says that the verb "manage" is not interpreted correctly in this case.

One way or another, Aurora attracted her company to the project - according to Yusina, to work on the concept. CityFitness is a very controversial office. In Yekaterinburg, they, according to tenants, saved debts to them, and did not open to visitors after the lifting of coronavirus restrictions, which caused a lot of discontent from visitors who feared that they would "burn" season tickets.

It is unclear how the debt story ended in a specific case, but now the Orange Fitness Club legal entity has been liquidated.

A lot of court cases from another company of Yusina - "Sportfit." There are productions on debts to individuals and also on non-payment for renting premises.

Photo: https://kad.arbitr.ru

The Vernadka company, where Yusina is listed as the general director, even has a case of unjust enrichment, which, however, the court did not recognize as advantageous for the plaintiff.

In general, everything shows that Yusina's companies are in debt. In addition, in the structure of its companies there is a certain "Fitness Development," registered on the offshore "STRATA FITNESS INVESTMENTS LIMITED." There is great doubt that foreign jurisdiction is a sign of the "purity" of transactions within the company. This rather raises fears that the allocated Drozdenok billions for the sports complex may settle somewhere in Cyprus.

"Tree with" Kiwi "

Other curious connections are discovered here. The director of STRATA FITNESS INVESTMENTS LIMITED is a certain ΑΝΔΡΟΥΛΑ ΡΟΤΣΙΔΟΥ (translated into Russian - Andrula Rocida. She is also a member of the director of SELITO LΙΜΙTΕD together with a certain Sergei Fedyushchenko.

Photo: https://opencorporates.com

The name of the co-owner of the QIWI payment system and the co-founder of the scandalous Kiwi Bank are also called. His business colleague was Andrey Romanenko. It is believed that he still has an influence on the structure, although he legally left to engage in investment funds.

As entrepreneur Ildar Akhmetshin told The Moscow Post, who went to jail on suspicion of illegal banking and the creation of an OPS after working with the owners of QIWI, allegedly the entire business empire "Kiwi" was built on illegal actions with cash cashing, which could be used by almost everyone - from builders and small crooks who did not want to pay taxes, to terrorists and sellers of prohibited substances.

Moreover, the former entrepreneur claims that influential security officials helped Romanenko's business to exist, the main of which was the famous general, ex-head of the main department of economic security and anti-corruption (GUEBiPK) of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Denis Sugrobov. The latter in 2017 was sentenced to 22 years in prison for creating a criminal community. Then approximately Romanenko and left QIWI. Perhaps he was afraid to be behind bars himself.

Ildar Akhmetshin, and with him his other familiar entrepreneur Denis Dushenov, were one of the first direct owners of payment terminals through which the Kiwi payment system worked. In 2012, Akhmetshin wanted to go out of business and sell his terminals to Dushenov. According to the entrepreneur, Romanenko did not like the plans, so he allegedly persuaded him to sign some documents on the right to pledge real estate, and then allegedly adjusted everything in such a way that Akhmetshin was detained and charged against him with creating an OPS and illegal banking activities.

The Moscow Post spoke in detail about the "schematoses" in "Kiwi" in the investigation of the "Nudnaya" Kiwi Empire Romanenko. "

Recently, in the US District Court for the Eastern District of New York, a class action lawsuit against the Qiwi group ("Kiwi") was filed by foreign investors of the group who believe that they were deceived with money. The situation threatens Kiwi with an international investigation and a scandal with subsequent bankruptcy, including Kiwi Bank.

So maybe the whole friendly company decided to "invest in real estate" in Drozdenko's estate?

Fortunately, it seems that these people understand the issue of withdrawing funds abroad. Returning to SELITO LΙΜΙTΕD, we note that another iconic character also appears on the board of directors - a certain ΓΙΑΝΝΗΣ ΧΑΜΑΛΗΣ (GIANNIS HAMALIS), which appears in the investigation of an international consortium of journalists, as one of the participants in Panama Apps.

Deal with state participation

The project is supervised by Vice Governor Dmitry Yalov. So, it is very possible that it was through him that the alleged negotiations took place.

Dmitry Yalov. Photo: https://gatchina-news.ru/novosti/dmitrij-yalov-iz-kogorty-liderov-rossii/

The official does not have a brilliant reputation, in addition, his wife Anna, recently appointed head of the Manege, is associated with the Ukrainian elite and has a business with very controversial entrepreneurs. The Moscow Post spoke in detail about the "family clan" of the Yalovs in the investigation of the "Nemanezhnye" cases of Yalova and the CO. "

Yalov can be an intermediary in the negotiations between the head of the region, Alexander Drozdenko, and immigrants from Kiwi.

Thus, the success of the project, in which, hiding behind inflation, they decided to invest more public money - is a big question. Instead of construction, the entire friendly company of Yusina, immigrants from Kiwi and officials of the Leningrad region, headed by Drozdenko, can be engaged in the banal withdrawal of state funds and money from Rossiya Bank to offshore?