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29 November 2023

All to port: who goes through the "cash desk" of Pavel Te

A possible acquirer of assets for the construction of a residential complex on the lands of the Northern Rack Port in Moscow, Sergei Yanchukov, can participate in the "sale" from Pavel Te?

The development companies Kortos (part of Viktor Vekselberg's Renova) and Pavel Te's Capital Group may soon acquire another partner in the development of the Northern River Port. This time, according to Vedomosti, the structure of Sergei Yanchukov's Mangazey company is looking at the share in the project. Earlier, the project included the St. Petersburg development company Legenda Vasily Selivanov.

Mr. Cho can, through the sale of shares in the project, replenish his own pockets, and maybe the "bins" of Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin. Moreover, the reputation of buyers, apparently, worries him little - the question, most likely, is only in money. Details - in the material of the correspondent of The Moscow Post.

Sobyanin's real estate agent

Previously, the territory of the port was the so-called "green zone," but later by order signed by Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin, the borders of the so-called natural part were severely cut. A large piece of parkland will go under cutting.

Excerpt from the document "About the Approval of the Site Planning of the Territory Limited to the Khimki Reservoir, Leningradskoye Highway and the Park of the Northern River Station". Photo:

In this territory immediately there was Te with the project of building, behind him Vekselberg, and since then there are talks about the one whom they take or don't take to themselves in partners.

Similar situations when Te not individually is under construction on the site which gets to him from the mayor's office – a set. Literally in January of the current year the Moscow Committee for Architecture and Urban Development approved appearance of the ZhK project from Akvilon and Capital Group which will appear in borders of TPU "Sorge".

Avilon – very ambiguous builder to whom attributed even arsons of houses in own interests. Most likely, for participation in the project the head of the company well "unfastened" to "the favourite of the capital mayor's office".

The interesting picture develops in the Silver pine forest – there the site of a lesmassiv was given for building to unknown Cyprian firm STEVANDE CORPORATION LTD from which threads can conduct everything besides Te and other scandalous developer PIK. The Moscow Post in detail lit this story.

Capital Group constantly receives from the capital mayor's office delicious sites of the Moscow territories, and often where it was forbidden to be under construction earlier. Earlier The Moscow Post reported that on the opposite side from future building too on the place of the park certain Galaxy Group behind which there can be the same builder builds apartments and sport center. Locals stand up for preservation of the site, but Galaxy Group was already developed.

There is a feeling that from construction projects of Te also the Mayor of Moscow Sergei Sobyanin has a share. Otherwise how to explain that he is ready to sacrifice the reputation and to cause righteous anger of inhabitants for the sake of the interests of one businessman?

Especially as evil tongues gossip, allegedly Te – one of admirers of the chief of staff of Sobyanin in the Government of Moscow Natalya Sergunina. She could lobby adoption by the Government of Moscow of the decision on repayment for the astronomical sum (14 billion rubles) of a half of the areas of a tower "Eye" in "Moscow there is City" which then completely belonged to Pavel Te.

"Fixed capital of Pavel Te is the administrative resource allowing him to agree on the developer project. At the same time he prefers to share financial risks with partners", - the acquaintance in an interview of RBC directly told it about model of business by Mr. Te.

Present situation with selection of partners – most likely, just business. Тё extremely expensively can sell potentially he got what from Sobyanin almost free of charge and to fill up the and mayor granaries.

Great "grabber"?

Who can become the new partner of Te and Vekselberg? The main owner of "Mangazei" – Sergei Yanchukov is a son-in-law of the former mayor of Kiev Leonid Chernovetsky. Even omitting his communications with unfriendly the Russian Federation the state, we will note that the developer has reputation not cloudless.

Before Yanchukov married the daughter of the influential politician, Mangazey and the head of the company became an object of attention of law enforcement authorities more than once, Yanchukov even appeared in the pre-trial detention center - because of wage arrears to workers.

After the wedding of his business were leveled, he even established partner relationship with Gazprom in what the influential relative could help. In parallel Yanchukov argued with the partner - Maxim Finsky. Business reached that Finsky submitted on him a claim for "capture of business with use of threats, blackmail and criminal prosecution". But I didn't cope against Yanchukov and that took away the company to itself(himself).

The similar story happened also to other partner of Yanchukov – Victor Lituyev. That demanded from him a payment for a half of stocks of "the Itakinsky gold mining company". Yanchukov said that he didn't receive them so to pay there is nothing.

While there were trials, Yanchukov took away assets, but a year later the court obliged them to return. Almost it turned out?

Moreover – in the course of "showdown" Yanchukov said that Lituyev's son stole from him property of PJSC Ksenyevsky Mine. For the license for this asset Yanchukov, by the way, also didn't pay though it was issued to him in the advance payment.

"Yanchukov many times promised to pay off, asked a delay, however in April of last year suddenly flatly refused to pay - while several years I used the field" – the KP wrote. For this material (namely a formulation "As the Kiev businessmen bypass our sanctions") Yanchukov, by the way, had legal proceedings, but, according to one of participants of process – "lost in stuff".

Lituyev was detained in 2019 on suspicion of illegal waste. However as a result case against him was recognized as almost fabricated, and were apologized to the young man on behalf of the state.

We, of course, approve nothing, but there is a feeling that, when it comes to big money, a moral framework at Yanchukov can "evaporate".

Sergey Yanchukov considers profits. Photo:

And such a person may soon become a participant in one of the largest metropolitan projects. It is worth noting here that funds from Mangazei and other companies from its orbit can partially go "past the cash register." At least, as "KP" wrote, the indicators of the ratio of profit to cost raise questions.

If money really "goes to the left," is it towards the Ukrainian state? That is, the earned in Moscow can go to finance the Armed Forces of Ukraine?

In Moscow, Yanchukov may have another ambiguous partner - Denis Bass. Also a former resident of Ukraine and close to Chernovetsky. Bass is also "not sewing with a bast": evil tongues Sudachat that he forced his subordinates to sign for him in any documents in order to avoid responsibility. In addition, the "right hand" of Bass Marina Pogubko has been on the international wanted list since 2011, she is accused of embezzlement of UAH 2.46 million. The final stopping point of these funds is not known.

As previously reported by The Moscow Post, Yanchukov could, in the interests of Bass, buy a large plot in Moscow on the site of the Open Highway transport hub. Isn't Bass behind Yanchukov in a possible port deal, too?

Legenda - how is consumable?

But let's go back to Cho and Vekselberg. The latter, by the way, conducts business in the port through Veniamin Golubitsky - it is he who owns part of Kortos Holding.


Golubitsky - to match Yanchukov and Bass - in the 90s, he, together with police major Andrei Ivanov, founded the Uralcontract company. There were rumors that they allegedly carried out illegal transactions with bills, using Sigma LLP for financial fraud. According to Novy Vzglyad, Uralkontakt also supplied expired food.

Golubitsky was also credited with ties with the Uralmash organized crime group, where he was allegedly even given the nickname - "Bucks." Until recently, Golubitsky could withdraw money from the Vekselberg pocket either together with the chief or in secret from him to TONSTON INVESTMENTS LIMITED offshore. Since the same "Kortos Holding" was decorated for it.

He was Golubitsky and an official - Minister for State Property Management in the Sverdlovsk Region. At this post, he from the master's shoulder allowed the sale of 11 buildings and structures of the former military unit. They were returned back to state property through the court.

There is reason to believe that Golubitsky is by no means just like that in the project - potentially he can help turn the "dirty businessman" to "squeeze" Legend from Vasily Selivanov. As The Moscow Post found out earlier, the company is barely afloat - the accounts payable of Legend Capital LLC are several times higher than the profit and revenue indicators.

There is a risk of bankruptcy of the company. Photo:

Surely, in order to enter the project - Selivanov scored loans, but may not be able to return them. This will probably play into the hands of partners who may offer financial assistance, which later turned into a demand to give up the business.

The benefits are clear

Potentially, such a fate could befall Yanchukov. The fact is that Mangazea, like its subsidiary Mangazea Development, which may withdraw a piece of the port, is very unstable in terms of financial situation. In total, both companies have about 400 million rubles in revenue and negative profit. And this is not yet they made a purchase of a share in the project.

What Mangazea will build without a livelihood is a big question. Photo:

Nevertheless, one cannot ignore what connections and reputation this figure has. If Yanchukov got into the project, then probably with a lot of money that he could borrow from the same Chernovetsky and Bass. So the result of all future perturbations in the structure of the owners of the territory may be mutual benefit: Te and Sobyanin - "increase in salary," and Yanchukov and colleagues - new connections and ways to earn and withdraw funds abroad.

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