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Chronicle of the day - News chronicle for today on The Moscow Post

The information and analytical newspaper The Moscow Post presents to the audience the "Front Page" section, which presents the news chronicle for today and the current moment. The structure of the section consists of: "Topic of the hour" with a relevant and significant event for all citizens, "Chronicle of the day" with ordered news of politics, economics, society for today. Next, a chronicle of news in Russia and the world is published in sections displaying the latest news of the day and the most important events that have occurred over the past week. The Moscow Post newspaper is a dynamically developing online publication with more than 10 years of experience covering political and social life. The publication covers a wide range of young and mature readers aged 25 to 45 years. The overwhelming majority of the audience are citizens with an active lifestyle who want to keep up to date with the chronicle of events in Russia and the world. The number of regular readers of The Moscow Post has exceeded 900 thousand people per month, and the news chronicle on the front page is visited by more than 800 thousand. readers per month.

News chronicle for today

The online edition of The Moscow Post is read by residents of large cities in Russia and Moscow. This audience accounts for about 80-85% of the total number of readers. The remaining 10-15% include residents of countries near and far abroad who are regularly interested in the chronicle of the day in Russia. The "Front Page" section has a convenient format and saves time searching for important information for business people, since the main news and events of recent days and the last hour are displayed here. An unbiased attitude to work and professionalism helps The Moscow Post journalists to cover the socio-political life of Russia completely and objectively. Every day, a team of experienced reporters, editors and technical specialists works to ensure that the chronicle of the news day from anywhere in the world comes out as informative as possible, satisfying the interest of every reader with verified facts and reliable information from primary sources.

News chronicle: News of the hour

In the "Front Page" section, the "News of the Hour" is regularly updated for each section presented in The Moscow Post newspaper. The online news chronicle is available for viewing by users from anywhere in the world around the clock. Along with the operational coverage of the chronicle in Russia, publications from the best authors are published in the "Author's column" section, where readers will be able to discuss together and look at the picture of what is happening from different points of view, comparing and operating with reliable facts. The news chronicle for today is the most resonant events, the news of the hour and day, which stirred up the public with heated discussions and debates. The information block, where the latest Russian news is concentrated, is diluted with analytical articles with opinions and comments from leading independent experts, analysts and politicians. In addition, the securities market and stock exchanges are regularly reviewed