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28 November 2023

Yan Novikov’s inflatable "models"

"Head of Almaz-Antey Yan Novikov, brought the company to the point that the Russian weapons produced at the Corporation are not capable of hitting the enemy in a military conflict." The authors of The Facts say so, whose publication dated October 16, 2020, we quote without changes. If the facts stated by our colleagues are true, then it is time for the competent authorities to deal with Almaz-Antey.

Our colleagues received a letter from their reader, a former employee of JSC Almaz-Antey, who draws attention to the situation with the products of the Corporation, and at the same time writes about how Almaz-Antey continues to trade state property.

According to the Avia.pro Agency, S-300 missile defense systems, manufactured by JSC Almaz-Antey and handed over to the Armenian armed forces not so long ago, turned out to be useless weapons in the current Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.

Experts draw attention to the fact that these weapons has appeared to be useless against drones, in particular, the S-300 radars do not even see enemy drones. Some of the experts even suggested that instead of the S-300 complexes there were their inflatable models.

"It's time to find out what exactly the management of JSC Almaz-Antey is doing in the person of Yan Novikov, with whose arrival the wild privatization in the Corporation began," our reader summarizes.

New figures on the old chessboard

Our reader in his letter reminds that the wild wave of privatization in JSC Almaz-Antey began with the arrival of  Yan Novikov’s team. He began to arrange new pieces on the old chessboard.

In August 2015, Akhmet Mukhametov, who worked at the plant for more than 40 years, was appointed General Director of MMZ Avangard JSC (part of the Corporation) instead of Gennady Kozhin.

Gennady Kozhin was appointed an adviser at the Avangard plant. And very soon it became known about the sale of the factory stadium.

On the fact of illegal alienation of the factory stadium, the Fourth Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs investigated criminal case No. 222414, which was terminated after several years of red tape. But the damage - which is more than 500 million rubles - was not recovered.

This stadium belonged to the Avangard plant. And for a long time bore its name. Then the form of ownership was changed, and the stadium got a new name - Zenit. The stadium became owned by the Ground Invest developer. This company also announced that it would build the Baltiysky residential complex on the site of the stadium. The locals were against it. Residents complained to the Prosecutor's office.

But the Prosecutor of the special regime Prosecutor's office, Ilyukhin, who oversaw the case, did not take any measures.

And now, several buildings of the Baltiyskiy residential complex have already been raised on the site of the Avangard stadium. Apartments from 9 to 30 million rubles are offered for sale on the territory of 2 hectares.

Baltiyskiy Residential Complex

According to our sources, after the sale of the factory stadium Zenit for a penny, using one-day firms, the turn came to other objects of the enterprise. At the enterprise, there were conversations that the General Director of the Avangard plant, Mukhametov, was instructed to prepare documents for the sale of more than a dozen hectares of land in exchange for new buildings in the Moscow region.

However, it turned out that the objects offered for exchange are ordinary unfinished buildings. And they are very far from the factory buildings: it will take about 4 hours to get there every day.

The bosses from the Corporation could not persuade Akhmet Mukhametov. Mukhametov had his own plan: to build factory workers on their land their homes. But the management of the Corporation didn't want to hear about it.

Looking ahead, it should be noted that soon Mukhametov was asked to leave his post.

Fake deal with Rosneft?

In July 2017, it became known that a deal was being prepared with a certain Rusenergoholding LLC to issue a loan in the amount of 50 million rubles under the guise of purchasing equipment for Rosneft.

And on July 13, 2017, most likely on the instructions of Yan Novikov, since they could not come from anyone else, the Avangard plant had to transfer 50 million rubles in two payment orders during the day, so as not to attract the attention of Rosfinmonitoring.

But there were also rational people who made an inscription "Not recommended…" on the official note of  adviser to General Director I. Cherepannikov:

The official note of I. Cherepannikov to Akhmet Mukhametov

Later, General Director of the Avangard plant Mukhametov was informed of the following:

"MMZ Avangard JSC is not a credit organization to issue a private firm 50 million rubles in the form of a loan or loan from the target money of the state defense order, especially without any agreement between the parties on the basis of a single note from adviser Cherepannikov."

According to official data, documents were submitted to Rosreestr to exclude Rusenergoholding LLC from the USRLE. It is these events that seem to have played a role in the departure of Akhmet Mukhametov from the plant. When dismissing Mukhametov, Almaz-Antey Corporation stated on its website that "General Director Akhmet Mukhametov was dismissed due to improper performance of his official duties, causing reputational damage, and creating conditions for the Company to be included in the register of unscrupulous suppliers."

But all this turned out to be a fiction. Akhmet Mukhametov was dismissed two months later, according to the official entry in the employment record, by agreement of the parties. But Yan Novikov and Co could easily have brought the case to prison.

Under Novikov’s "thumb"

It should be noted that General Director of Almaz-Antey JSC Yan Novikov, keeps the entire Corporation in a tight grip. Apparently, this is what the "spy" program StaffCop was introduced for some time ago.

On December 28, 2015, an agreement was signed with Atom Security LLC for the supply of hardware and software for the implementation of the state defense order 2016-2017 with the participation of employees of the Department No. 25 of JSC Fedotov N. N. and Sorokin A. E.

Under this agreement, 800 licenses were purchased for the installation and use of the StaffCop software package and two servers for processing and storing information. Payment for the supplier's services in the amount of 1 968 389 rubles was made at the expense of the Federal budget.

But the need for this purchase raised doubts among many employees of the Corporation.

However, in the note dated December 26, 2014 No. y33/32 addressed to the General Director of JSC, prepared by Fedotov N. N., justified the need to purchase from Atom Security LLC a hardware and software complex for monitoring local computer networks to improve information security, control the use and processing of information to prevent possible leaks of confidential and secret information, as well as personal data of employees.

But the name of the complex, as well as technical capabilities, were not specified in the note.

The developer in open sources of information informs that the StaffCop software package is a means of information security and control of the employer over the use of office personal computers. However, the study of the capabilities of the StaffCop hardware and software package showed that it is not intended either to protect local computer networks or to prevent possible information leaks.

Order on JSC MMZ AVANGARD about putting the software into trial operation

11 December 2017 Moscow

The purpose of this complex is constant monitoring of personal computers in the network, tracking all events both in real time and in retrospect. This software package allows to secretly, without the user's knowledge and consent, fully control the operation of a personal computer, such as: getting screenshots, recording keystrokes, reading passwords and access codes.

Thus, Fedotov N. N. organized and achieved the acquisition of the StaffCop hardware and software complex, misleading the management of the Avangard plant about the purpose and capabilities of this software and equipment.

The StaffCop hardware and software complex operated from February 2016 to March 23, 2017. And from September 25, 2017 using two servers.

Employees of the plant, having understood the situation, filed a statement to the investigative authorities.

Instruction on carrying out operational search activities

Thus, the work of personal computers installed in the offices of the Deputy General Director for Economics and Finance Legezo S. L., Deputy General Director for General Affairs Khairullin D. Ya., advisers to the General Director Klyakun E. A. and Sherman L. M., Deputy head of Department No. 25 Drachan V. I., head of the labor protection Department Belov S. V. was monitored.

Questions concerning StaffCop

It seems that these actions caused a threat to confidential information and information that constitutes a commercial secret.

Ersatz-"pilots" by Yan Novikov

Let’s continue. It also became known that the management of the Avangard plant and the Almaz-Antey Corporation are allegedly taking measures to alienate the state property object at 33 Klara Zetkin street, building 50.

In order to get the building without conducting tender procedures at a deliberately low price, bypassing the Federal law "On privatization," it was decided to create LLC EC Almaz-Avia, and add the building number 50 to the authorized capital.

The Board of Directors, represented by the heads of the Almaz-Antey Corporation, decided in 2012 to establish Educational Centre Almaz-Avia LLC as a non-core business. Thus an educational centre for training pilots of civil aviation was established.

The second founder of the company – CJSC Travikom Aviation Centre with authorized capital of 10 thousand rubles.

In order to understate the shares of the Avangard plant in the authorized capital, in violation of the Land Code of the Russian Federation, it was decided not to add the land plot where the building is located to the authorized capital, cadastral cost of which was $137 million. The minimum value of the transferred property amounted more than 295 million rubles.

In this regard, the plant had the right to receive a significantly larger share in the authorized capital of the established company. In fact, Almaz-Avia training centre LLC was created without the purpose of carrying out the declared activities.

According to the founding agreement and the current legislation, the founder of JSC Travikom Aviation Centre "was given 1 year to contribute funds to the authorized capital of the established company, during which the money in the amount of 166 million rubles was to be credited to the account of the created company.

This money seemed to be intended for the reconstruction of the building and the purchase of equipment for the organization of the educational process of LLC EC Almaz-Avia.

What was the aim? Apparently, to receive property worth more than 295 million rubles for free. But no one was going to contribute funds to the development of Almaz-Avia management centre LLC. And there was a refusal to the proposal to close the obligations on the formation of the authorized capital by certain cession agreements. And the funds sent by JSC Travikom Aviation Centre to the account of the EC Almaz-Avia  as payment for the authorized capital were withdrawn under fictitious agreements from the latter's current account to the accounts of other organizations controlled by JSC Travikom Aviation Centre. Then they returned back to the group members.

As a result, more than 4,000 square metres were seized from the Avangard plant.

But where were the pilots who were supposed to be trained at the EC Almaz-Avia?

The sale of land

The process of possible squandering of state property goes further.

Let us recall that the first auction for the sale of non-core assets of the Almaz-Antey Corporation was held on June 27, 2013. That year, one object of the Almaz-Antey Corporation was sold in Nizhny Novgorod, St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region.

And just a few days later, on July 1, 2013, according to The Auction House of the Russian Federation, Almaz-Antey sold two land plots with a total area of 2.1 hectares in St. Petersburg for 58.5 million rubles. And the purchasers of both lots were individuals. This was reported by TASS.

Who bought these two properties? They, indeed, were individuals - certain Andrey Gromov and Sergey Belov. But there is no information about transactions made by them earlier.

Program for the alienation of non-core assets JSC Almaz - Antey Corporation for 2016 - 2020

The first plot with an area of 1.6 hectares is located in the resort area, in the city of Zelenogorsk. Previously, this wonderful place was a departmental recreation centre of the all-Russian Research Institute of Radio Equipment (part of Almaz-Antey).

What's curious? With an initial cost of 32.5 million rubles, the cost of the plot rose to 50.2 million rubles. 5 applicants competed for this "piece" of land.

12 candidates took part in the battle for the second section, which is located in the village of Landyshevka Vyborg district. This plot is 0.5 ha in size. And previously there was a sports and fishing base.

The final price of the former base was 8.3 million rubles with an initial cost of 1.45 million rubles.

Register of non-core assets
(Appendix No. 1 to the program on alienation of non-core assets of JSC Almaz-Antey for 2016-2020)

But what's curious?

The above events took place in 2013, but the "Program for the alienation of non-core assets", created in 2016, reported that the sports and fishing base in the village of Landyshevka in the Leningrad region was not subject to sale. And it would be saved because that non-core asset had a social status.

They say paper can’t blush, and it is true... Social status has long been forgotten. Squandering state property seems to be going further. The program for the disposal of "non-core assets" is scheduled until the end of this year, 2020.

Is there time for production activities?

It seems that the production process at the facilities of the Almaz-Antey Corporation goes on by itself and goes in such a way that the world press has already trumpeted about the "success" of Almaz-Antey with its products to the whole world.


Source:The Facts

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