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01 December 2023

Rostov court "broke off" from Korovaiko

The criminal case against the chairman of the growth Council of Judges Tatyana Yurova may be related to the criminal process of the Pokrovsky agricultural concern and bring investigators directly to the office of Senator Irina Rukavishnikova.

In the Rostov region, there was a loud criminal scandal that casts a shadow over the entire judicial system of the country - law enforcement officers detained the chairman of the regional Council of Judges Tatyana Yurova and the head of the Judicial Department Department Andrei Roshchevsky.

At the same time, as a result of a search of Yurova's house, investigators found 200 million rubles and many expensive things - Swiss watches, branded clothes, gold jewelry. Only the gold toilet is missing. In order to make money on this, even a high-ranking judge will have to work almost all his life.

What exactly is suspected of Yurov and Roshchevsky is not yet clear. However, our sources claim that the situation may be connected with another high-profile criminal case, or rather with a series of cases against the beneficiaries of the Pokrovsky agricultural concern, which for more than 10 years has kept the entire South of Russia at bay.

Apparently, Senator Irina Rukavishnikova, to whom rumor ascribes possible patronage to the structure, should also be worried.

Details - in the material of the correspondent of The Moscow Post in the Rostov region.

One-eyed Themis

Tatyana Yurova is a more than influential lady. "Under it" all the courts of the region, starting from the district. She has been working in the system for a long time, and as the head of the regional council of judges, she must make sure that they fulfill their duties with high quality - it means that she has serious leverage over them.

Andrei Roshchevsky is a real old-timer of the judicial branch of government, works in the 2002 system. He served as a judge of the Zheleznodorozhny District Court of Rostov, chairman of the Rodionovo-Nesvetaysky District and Volgodonsky District Court. He was the chairman of the Kirovsky district court of Rostov. Knows all judges, investigators and officials, has authority.

All the high-profile criminal processes of recent years in the region took place under German. And it was in the Kirovsky District Court of Rostov-on-Don that numerous lawsuits were considered from people associated with the agro-concern Pokrovsky against objectionable media - those who dared to tell the truth about the activities of the structure. Including - in relation to The Moscow Post, which for many years tried to draw public attention to the cases of "Pokrovsky."

It ultimately succeeded. In April 2021, a criminal case was initiated on extortion, as well as bribery or coercion to testify or refuse them against the functionaries of the agricultural concern.

Large-scale searches took place in the Pokrovsky office. The defendants in the case, among others, were the main beneficiaries of the company, Andrei Korovaiko and his business partner Arkady Chebanov. It was not possible to detain them - apparently, they left the country. And it looks very much like it's not without the help of influencers.

Andrey Korovaiko. Photo:

This case has stirred up the whole country. It is assumed that in various illegal ways the concern could receive large agricultural enterprises, cooperatives, land shares. And those who dared to resist faced an unenviable fate - "fake" criminal cases, and then the approval, apparently, of "ready-made" decisions in the courts of the Rostov region, Krasnodar Territory and several other regions where the group launched violent activities.

In the activities of Pokrovsky, a red thread is a plot about the likely involvement of law enforcement officers, investigators, judges in unseemly cases of the concern. The same assumptions in an interview with our publication were expressed by Rostov journalist Sergei Reznik, who for a long time tried to bring the "Pokrovskys" to clean water.

It seems that one of the key persons for interaction with the authorities was a former FSB officer, and then the head of the Korovaiko security service, Sergei Echkalov. He was also detained, and is now suspected of major extortion. Earlier, details about Yechkalov and his role in Pokrovsky were told by The Moscow Post.

Crush the press

If information about Pokrovsky's ties with the authorities, security forces and courts is true, the support of such influential persons as Tatyana Yurova and Andrei Roshchevsky would be very useful to Andrei Korovaiko and his associates. And it was during the Roshchevsky position of the head of the Kirovsky District Court, where cases were heard against the media in the claims of the concern.

An example is the 2019 process, where The Moscow Post found itself in an excellent company of defendants along with colleagues from Forbes and other respected publications. Despite the clearly shaky legal position of Pokrovsky's lawyers, their claim was satisfied, which cannot but cause bewilderment. It turns out that the matter could be in Roshchevsky?


Assuming that Roshchevsky and Yurova could work for Pokrovsky, it is easy to guess what awaited judges who did not want to make probably unjust decisions. Yurova, as the head of the Council of Judges, had all the levers to drive the obstinate servant of Themis into disgrace - or even ruin his career altogether.

Comments under the page of Tatyana Yurova on the portal "Judges of Russia" are also indicative. On the Web, it is called the tip of the corruption chain of the Rostov regional court. Allegedly, all corruption issues in civil cases are coordinated with her. The user calls Yurov herself a "queen."

Photo: https://судьи-россии.рф/sudii/view/id/6211/from/

As they said, Andrei Korovaiko was able to leave the country before he was put on the wanted list. Presumably, he is hiding in Spain. At the same time, according to the authors of the VChK-OGPU telegram channel, even while abroad, he allegedly actively tries to "resolve issues" with his criminal prosecution and assets in the Russian Federation.

Allegedly, Korovaiko, quote, "boldly gives commands on the phone to bribe officials, regularly accepts reports from subordinates on the transfer of bribes to the judiciary, and assures the doubting accomplices - everything will be fine! The money has been allocated, justice has been bought, the necessary decision will not be long in coming! "

However, if the persecution of Yurova and Roshchevsky is connected with "Pokrovsky," it turns out, will it force?

Rukavishnikova will get ready

It is easy to guess that Pokrovsky should have patrons not only in the regions, but also at the federal level. The former wife of Andrei Korovaiko, and now Senator of the Federation Council Irina Rukavishnikova, would be perfectly suited to such a role.

They divorced in 2011. However, this divorce could also be fictitious - after all, Rukavishnikova began political activity, and Korovaiko's swollen assets would raise too many questions.

The latter could not only lobby the interests of the concern, but also actively tried to prevent the dissemination of information about his activities and his person.

According to the authors of the telegram channel Rostov_com, allegedly, we quote: "it is impossible to deny the fact that she took the chair of a member of the Federation Council using financial grease from the Pokrovsky concern."

It seems that in a likely attempt to protect the ex-spouse and his people, Irina Rukavishnikova could reach the very top. According to the authors of the Nezygar telegram channel, allegedly back in 2018, Rukavishnikova went to an appointment with the head of the Investigative Committee, Alexander Bastrykin, most likely to "ask" for Andrei Korovaiko and his people - because the prosecutor's office was clearly not delighted with the quality of criminal cases that were initiated against Pokrovsky's competitors.

However, she may have a more serious interest - the senator herself could participate in the formation of Pokrovsky. Earlier, Pokrovsky participated in the scandal with the Rostov FSUE Elektroapparat. After the arrest of the former arbitration manager, representatives of the new creditor came to the enterprise, who bought most of the accounts payable - Bars LLC, headed by Irina Rukavishnikova.

Subsequently, the construction of the Green Grove residential complex was planned on the site of the enterprise. The city authorities were against it: there was a bomb shelter underground, but the concern managed to obtain a building permit. According to blogger k0m237 in LiveJournal, allegedly Rukavishnikova "began to saw business" with Korovaiko just since the bankruptcy of FSUE "Electorpparat."

Another scandal with the alienation of property in favor of Pokrovsky may be associated with the name of the senator. We are talking about the company for the production of wines "Samtrest."

A few years ago, armed people broke into the office of the general director of the company Bondo Babunidze, and forced him to sign IOUs. According to Forbes, thus, the conflict between Babunidze and Korovaiko, who at that time worked in the embassy of the Southern Federal District under the leadership of General Viktor Kazantsev, ended. With the figure and influence of the latter (especially in law enforcement agencies), the rise of Pokrovsky is associated.

Soon Samtrest had new owners. These are Oleg Ponomarev, Gennady Kalichenko and Anton Rukavishnikov - the brother of Irina Rukavishnikova. It is unlikely that all this happened without the knowledge of the senator.

There are still many similar stories of the transition of agricultural enterprises into the ownership of Pokrovsky under dubious circumstances. In the same vein, they talk about the Kanevsky Meat Processing Plant, the Pavlovsky sugar factory, the Niva, Istok, Druzhba collective farms, and farmland in the Kushchevsky district of the Krasnodar Territory.

Irina Rukavishnikova. Photo:

If Rukavishnikova was related to the affairs of "Pokrovsky," then we can talk about her own safety and well-being. In this context, it is not surprising that she could ask for an ex-spouse.

And there is a great suspicion that if the case of judges Yurova and Roshchevsky is really connected with Pokrovsky, they can probably tell a lot about Rukavishnikov. Isn't it time for her to pack her bags? True, unlike her ex-husband, she may not have time to leave the country...

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