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01 December 2023

King Kong came to the Kaliningrad port

Authoritative businessman and deputy of the Kaliningrad Duma Andrei Kolesnik, known in certain circles as "King Kong," could "have a hand" in the assets of the Purim family?

The Arbitration Court of the Kaliningrad Region seized part of the shares of the Kaliningrad Commercial Sea Port (KMTP JSC) at the suit of the Prosecutor General's Office. The supervisory authority believes that control over the port by a foreign company was established in violation of the law.

The arrested shares belong to the Scottish offshore company Orneto Partner LP, as well as entrepreneur Dmitry Purim. However, the Purim family appears to be behind the offshore itself. At the same time, the scandalous Kaliningrad politician Andrei Kolesnik, whom ill-wishers are trying to associate with crime, may be a minority shareholder in the port.

According to one version, it is he who can be behind the attempt to challenge the deal, hoping to increase his stake in KMTP. We can talk about a hidden corporate conflict. The Moscow Post correspondent in the Kaliningrad region understood the situation.

The exact structure of the owners of KMTP JSC is hidden. The deal to buy its shares offshore took place in 2021 - probably this happened due to the desire to reduce sanctions risks, as well as the ability to withdraw the company's funds abroad.

Earlier, the share transferred to Orneto Partner LP and Dmitry Purim belonged to Koksokhimtrans LLC, which acted as a subsidiary of the Sovfracht group. Mr. Purim should also stand behind her.

From 2015 to 2019, Dmitry Purim was the genidector of Sovfrakht, now he is the head of UK Sovfrakht LLC. At the same time, back in 2014, Dmitry Purim spoke about his desire to liquidate Koksochimtrans, which turned out to be subject to sanctions risks. However, this did not happen.


Today, Koksohimtrans belongs to Victoria Oksuzyan and Alena Sharetz, but they can only be nominal figures. The same company could be involved in the deriban of the infamous Antipinsky Refinery, which was eventually bankrupt. Earlier, she tried to write off 60 million rubles from the settlement account of the refinery, but this operation was eventually successfully challenged by the creditors of the plant - Promsvyazbank PJSC and BaltSetstroy LLC.

There are only offshore companies everywhere

Meanwhile, Kokoskhimtrans itself has really been under sanctions for a long time, in particular, the UK, whose resident is Orneto Partner LP.



The owner of the latter in the Register of Legal Entities of Great Britain is Kirill Purim - the likely close relative (son) of Dmitry Purim. Thus, the entire transfer of shares could be the shifting of eggs in different baskets - in fact, the withdrawal of assets abroad. It is unlikely that this was liked by the likely partner of Purimov Andrei Kolesnik, who, at least until 2021, acted as general director of KMTP JSC.

In the same 2021, when the transaction on the sale of KMTP shares passed, the offshore tried through the court to achieve the provision of financial and other reporting on the activities of the port. However, the court refused to satisfy these requirements due to the unfriendly actions of Great Britain towards Russia. This decision was later confirmed by other authorities.


At the same time, as the publication "Russian West" writes, it was Andrei Kolesnik who "classified" the trading port from shareholders from the UK. Few doubt that if he wanted to, such information would be provided to the Purimas. So he does not want and is trying to squeeze them out of the general business?

At the same time, Mr. Purim could really be considered an unreliable partner. He is a very scandalous businessman, behind whom there are many assets, including in Crimea, where the Purims have a large business, in particular, a network of gas stations LLC Firm TPP, which they own together with the Beimov family.

According to the authors of the site "Moment of Truth," allegedly in 2020 the FAS opened an antitrust case against TPPs. As if it was assumed that due to the activities of the owners of the company, gas prices in the Crimea could be unreasonably overestimated.

After 2015, TPP's affairs went up altogether, because they managed to acquire part of the assets of the oligarch Igor Kolomoisky. Also, ousting a competitor in the oil business, Sergei Kurchenko, from the peninsula.

As for Sovfracht, this is an even more scandalous company. As The Moscow Post suggested, back in 2014, Dmitry Purim could have been suspected of laundering illegal income through Sovfrakht OJSC and Sovfrakht Management Company LLC. Together with Dmitry Purim, the security forces could be interested in Alexander Ivanov, close to him, chairman of the board of directors of Sovfracht. However, there is no official information about this.

However, this would not be surprising. Purima's company ownership structure was opaque and offshore. According to Regnum, the holder of the shares of Sovfracht OJSC was previously Transcapital LLC. At the same time, 35% of the shares belonged to iPiFusion Limited, registered in Cyprus, and another 7% to Sizert Limited offshore from the British Virgin Islands.

"King Kong" Returns

Returning to KMTP, apparently, such partners ceased to suit Andrei Kolesnik, who, at least until 2021, i.e., before his re-election to the Kaliningrad Regional Duma, remained chairman of the structure's board. And he himself is not easy. In the past, a State Duma deputy, according to rumors, back in the 90s, he was known in certain circles by the nickname "King Kong."

It is still a mystery how local and federal authorities put this strategic facility in the hands of a former Marine, and according to Vek, a member of the criminal group also former Marine Andrei Corsica?

The very privatization of the port is really covered in darkness. As Versiya wrote, in the dashing 90s, businessmen in crimson jackets bought up the shares of the port in the interests of the Russian-Swiss company Transrail - through their company DorK.

As a result, both KMTP and Transrail had an equally hard time. The security forces first "scalded" the client who did not receive their shares with all kinds of checks, then they simply liquidated, and the port had new owners - led by Andrei Kolesnik.

Former saboteur Kolesnik allegedly engaged in the selection of new members of the organized criminal group, trained and trained fighters, advised the leader of Corsica. In the operational materials of that time, the director of the Kaliningrad commercial seaport seemed to appear as "King Kong" and Andryukha "Wheel" because of his physical strength and aggressiveness. The group of Andrei Corsick was engaged in the seizure of assets, racketeering, "protection," ordered murders. The involvement of members of the group in the killings of 7 people has been proven.

The name of Andrei Kolesnik appeared in criminal cases on smuggling through the Kaliningrad seaport in the mid-2000s. In particular, in 2000-2002, three criminal cases were initiated through Kaliningrad on the numerous facts of smuggling, as the Vek edition of cigarette criminal gangs wrote to Germany and the UK through Kaliningrad. Through the port in 2004-2006 through shell firms.

Photo: open sources

The Web managed to find a document signed by the board of directors of the port of Kolesnik on the convening of the annual meeting of shareholders - but this was already in 2012. Why did no one notice this, because it could become the basis for depriving him of his mandate?

Could the former State Duma deputy, who should have serious ties at the very top, as well as the alleged former criminal authority, be able to influence the attempt of the prosecutor's office to challenge the transfer of port shares to offshore? Quite. If such a decision is made by the court, the next act may be an attempt to alienate the shares of Koksohimtrans in favor of Kolesnik.

So Lord Purima found a good partner for themselves. To match yourself.

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