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28 May 2022

Sarkozy's visit to Russia «rift» Europe

Today in Moscow on a working visit abides French President Nicolas Sarkozy. He will hold talks with Dmitry Medvedev on resolving the conflict between Georgia and South Ossetia and compliance enforcement «6 principles Medvedev and Sarkozy». About what threatens to such a discussion for Russia and the EU, transfers own correspondent The Moscow Post directly from the Foreign Ministry building.

Today, when exactly one month has passed since the start of the day the Georgian aggression in South Ossetia, «The main European peacekeeper» Nicolas Sarkozy is in Moscow to discuss the current situation in the conflict zone.

In addition to the President of France, will arrive in Russia Zhoze European Commission president Manuel Barroso and EU supreme representative for Common Foreign and Security Policy Javier Solana.

They will participate in the discussion of the «6 principles Medvedev and Sarkozy». Note that this international agreement is a document regulating the process of peaceful settlement in the southern Caucasus. The first principle of this agreement does not resort to the use of force. The second is in the final cessation of all hostilities. A third offers to provide free access to humanitarian assistance. In the fourth paragraph states that the Georgian armed forces are returning to their places of permanent deployment. The fifth paragraph said that the Russian armed forces withdraw to the line before the beginning of hostilities. A sixth involves top international debate on the future status of South Ossetia and Abkhazia and their ways of ensuring lasting security.

These principles have been signed by 12 August, and Russia has managed to fulfil its obligations. Georgia, on the contrary do not fulfil their commitments and continues tightening troops to the borders of South Ossetia.

Such differences of action the two countries to realize they have signed agreements in the region pose additional, even more so that each participant from the conflict feels right.

Become the international arbiter in this difficult diplomatic fight to France. Meanwhile, the Paris throughout the history of the conflict was on the side of Moscow. Such a position could split the French President at the EU bloc allies of Moscow and its opponents.

About what it threatens to Europe passes correspondent The Moscow Post.

The division of Europe. The causes and consequences.

The last summit of the heads of European Union to consider settling the conflict between Georgia and South Ossetia has shown that the division of Europe into pro and anti-blocks actually become a reality. He clearly identified those countries that want to have constructive dialogue with Russia and those who categorically unwilling to do so.

Friends Russia

As can be seen on the current state of affairs with Russia in Europe, there are three reliable partner. This is France, Germany and Italy. Note that the three leaders of these countries have traditionally belonged to Russia positively.


For example, Angela Merkel, in spite of its foreign impartiality, always tries to take into account the views of Russia. You can ask for example, as Germany has consistently defended the interests of Russian foreign policy during the NATO summit in Bucharest, and became the first countries to insist on full investigation of all the circumstances «five-day» war.


French leader is guided in their actions by the fact that palm Championship in the European Union is currently owned by the French. From this it can be concluded that while France presides the EU, Sarkozy is not beneficial to the further aggravation of the situation between Moscow and Brussels. Consequently, the French President will go to a lot in order to convince the big northern neighbour « « not to worry». This can affect not only the EU-Russia relations, but also at EU-US relations. Note that all States forces tried to force Europe to impose sanctions against Russia, but they did not have to convince Europeans intransigence.


The last of the «big three» friends of Russia is Italy. In many ways this is due to the position of Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, who is known to be linked with Russian ex-president a very warm and friendly relations.

Causes of friendship «old» Europe and «new» Russia

Summing up the position of Friends of Russia in Europe, it is important to note that this friendship is the fruit not political but rather economic and energy cooperation States. This circumstance is fundamentally important when considering the many issues concerning relations between EU and Russia, because despite all the machinations anti-minded countries, Moscow's support on the part of «economic locomotive» of European Union actually gives Russia full guarantees of respect for its interests. According to many experts, this is because Europeans to respect agreements on economic and energy cooperation with Russia is much more important than the «ideological promises» of Washington and pro-American moods countries.

Moreover, such a rationale seems much more convincing than in many «ideological» dislike of Great Britain and Russia to new members of the European Union, represented by Poland and the Baltic countries.


Summarizing all this, want to note that in any international disputes, including those relating to the settlement of the conflict between Georgia and South Ossetia, EU, the core of its mass, it would support Russia.

And, despite the fact that the European Union is actually split in the bloc of supporters in Moscow and its opponents, the general position of Europe will still remain pro, as «a great European trio» Friends of Russia will be on the side of Moscow in any international dispute.

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