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30 November 2023

Explanatory note of Biden across Ukraine

Joe Biden "was delivered" of article in the American press, justifying oneself for the lack of talent before descendants.

The U.S. President who sent howitzers to fighters wrote article to The New York Times claims that he of the Kiev mode defended "the free world and many other countries led by the United States". That mode which grew together with neo-Nazis and nationalists, in front of which AFU, being covered with the human shield, destroy the cities, kill civilians, the correspondent of The Moscow Post reports.

Less than a year ago, being on the lam from Kabul, the American military left there family which kind of "at parting" was shot by "courageous" American military who aimed in terrorists. The CNN TV channel reported that at blow nine civilians, including six children died. Then the press secretary of the Pentagon John Kirby said that the American military didn't doubt correctness of the choice of the purpose.

Biden doesn't doubt too, it at the American presidents isn't accepted. But he not only doesn't doubt, he refuses to remember what preceded the special military operation of Russia on Donbass.

For a start, in the text of his article there is no uniform mention of NATO, only allies and partners. If only Washington and this military-political car would accept offers the Russian Foreign Ministry of December, 2021 on return of infrastructure of alliance for the boundaries of 1997. Just would declare that Ukraine to alliance won't be admitted, and events could be developed in a different way. So can seem though de facto Ukraine already became the alliance country by then.

And "the defensive alliance", both moved to borders of Russia, and continues to move if to consider the application for the introduction of two "democratic neighbors" of Russia – Finland and Sweden. Ukraine democratic, probably, wasn't and Biden knows for sure it as he itself took part in destruction of her democratic institutes. Attorney-Generals aren't dismissed according to instructions of strangers.

Biden also didn't utter a word concerning future military-political orientation of Ukraine. It is clear, that to Kiev any more not to join NATO, but the status of Ukraine followed skilled senator-foreign affairs specialist would like to plan approximately. Well at least to tell that Ukraine should be the neutral country.

But isn't present, Biden leaves from a question of membership of Ukraine in NATO about which his Secretary of State Blinken continued to go on even at the beginning of this year. He leaves and from a question of the "neutral" status of the ward of the country. Look how he formulates the purpose of America: "we want to see Ukraine with means for control and protection against further aggression". It is possible to add only to these words of Biden – provided that Ukraine will remain the battlefield with Russia.

Ukraine is the tool, a spear edge on a staff of EvroNATOsoyuz with which the USA is stuck into Russia. Sleepy Joe would like to keep this role of a tip of the euro-spear set against ordinary Russians intended to Ukraine. And Biden holds back that "more perfect missile systems and ammunition" which will allow Kiev "to strike more precisely key objects" in the battlefield, completely depend on the systems of investigation and targeting, which in hands of the USA and the countries of NATO.

Care of negotiations and allies

"Negotiations of Ukraine with Russia came to a standstill" not because Moscow "turned away from diplomacy", - as well as Biden claims, remembering as some Kiev negotiators at meetings with the Russian colleagues were dressed. Still Biden says that he wishes to strengthen negotiation positions of Ukraine, sending to Kiev weapon and money and also RSZO.

And still promises not "to press on the Ukrainian government — publicly or in a private order — with the purpose to make any territorial concessions".

The main slogan of the White House - "anything about Ukraine without Ukraine". Sounds as bitter anticipation. In the depth of the situational room of the White House, in Biden's environment of negotiations nobody wants. For Washington to stop the conflict moreover with "territorial concessions" – means to recognize a failure of the policy, both in Ukraine, and in perimeter of all alliance NATO. It is a pity that in Kiev didn't understand for what they are necessary to Biden and his team.

Biden also promises the help "to the European allies and other countries to reduce their dependence on the Russian fossil fuel and to accelerate transition to the future of eco-friendly energy". So far all his efforts conduct to an energy crisis.

Allies, kind of well they didn't sing in chorus of "the Atlantic solidarity", probably, think that such inflation and jumps in prices of the electric power could be avoided. Especially, if "Nord Stream-2" worked. It, perhaps, bulk carriers seem wheat, both Ukrainian, and Russian. About deliveries from the Russian Federation of oil it is better not to remember at all, coal would be useful too.

But everything remained in the past and only for one reason – America very much didn't want "to close doors in NATO" for Ukraine. It would be possible to accept Swedes and Finns, having shown to Moscow as all are afraid of it. But America chose a familiar power way.

To continue the conflict it is impossible to stop?

As usual, everything depends on "comma". Here the most significant part of a conversation of Biden with the reader, first of all, personally with Vladimir Putin begins. It appears, the United States decided any more not to try "to fire Putin".

Further assurances that the USA doesn't want "to prolong war only to hurt Russia follow". It was offered precisely not by Blinken, Soros's pupil. There can be it there was Sullivan who was very much praised by Hillary Clinton … Biden after all had to show that too nothing diplomatic is alien to him!

Further, again, assurances that the USA "won't participate directly in the conflict follow, dispatching the American troops to be at war to Ukraine, attacking the Russian troops". About satellites and investigation again words. But the USA "doesn't encourage and doesn't allow Ukraine to strike blows beyond her limits", that is to the Russian cities.

Maybe in this place the speech went about trust measures to avoid growth of the conflict? In the Russian Foreign Ministry there are specialists in questions of strategic stability, him and to solve. Most likely, it indeed because afterwards Biden brings up the subject of nuclear weapon. He wanted to pass for the peacekeeper, as with Ukraine again. The conflict predicted, Moscow warned about consequences. It is very convenient to know everything beforehand.

Here again, Biden warns about "serious consequences" and opens for all eyes that "any use of nuclear weapon in this conflict in any scale would be absolutely unacceptable". But immediately softens rhetoric, assuring itself and allies that "now we don't see any signs that Russia intends to use nuclear weapon".

Someone was right when he noticed that Americans by the nature respect only force. Especially such as "Sarmatian", advertized by Dmitry Rogozin! Didn't get only Vladimir Solovyov with his warnings of Poseidon. Journalistic preparation after all can be useful very much! I told and forgot, and they let think. Here Biden also thinks, hoping that the former journalists so joke.

About loyal allies

But the old man Joe wouldn't be skilled senator-foreign affairs specialist if I didn't hide something. Allies whom the U.S. President calls "peace democracies", all different. "Old" as Germany and France full of hypocrisy, навоевавшиеся on east front, went bankrupt. Last time, as participants of the Norman Quartet and guarantors of the Minsk agreements. "Young people" as Hungary and Poland, aren't ready to give completely themselves in a charge of bureaucrats of EvroNATOsoyuz too, the interests advocate.

Hungary has economic interests, at Poland – old imperial and Russophobic. It is also the weapon hidden by Biden as a trump ace in a sleeve. Warsaw strains to be in action not only in words. Washington and London know about it and are ready to observe continuation of a fight with Moscow. Coincidence of plans of Anglo-Saxons and excited Poles looks is promising. It is possible to assume that the USA and Great Britain will help Warsaw to continue to keep Russia in tension, teetering at the same time on the brink of war. Same Poland, it isn't a pity for it, almost, as well as Ukraine.

Intervention of Poland in the Ukrainian crisis is a real option of continuation of the conflict, expansion of his framework. As war continues, - Biden says, "we will continue cooperation with our allies and partners in sanctions …, we will continue to deliver to Ukraine modern arms …, we will direct billions more in the form of financial aid …, we will continue to strengthen east flank of NATO. Literally everything coincides, all bickford threads to reach for Warsaw!

"We don't look for war between NATO and Russia", - Biden just in case assures and explains: "So far the United States or our allies won't be attacked". Who and whom I attacked – in the war is a question philosophical. Poland is familiar with it and can use the German scenarios of provocations of times of World War II.

About Some Coincidences

One cannot but agree with the US president that "the war in Ukraine is a deep moral problem," that "bombarding maternity and cultural hospitals" is unacceptable, that "supporting" the Ukrainian population in an hour of need is not just "the right thing to do," but a necessity. Russia understands this and liberates all new territories from Nazis and terrorists using civilians as a human shield, shooting at those they protect.

Russians do not in words, but in fact do not abandon the Ukrainian people. Russia, the Lugansk and Donetsk authorities provide humanitarian assistance to people, respect the rights of prisoners who have surrendered to the sick and wounded are treated, the dead soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are abandoned on the battlefield - they are buried.

As planned in Washington, "Russia is already paying a high price," with the lives of both its soldiers and civilians on its territory, as well as the lives of defenders and residents of the DPR and LPR. But at the same time, Moscow also "sends its signal to potential aggressors that they cannot subjugate other countries." This signal was sent to Washington, Brussels, and NATO countries bordering Russia. So there are coincidences, even in dialogue with the key representative of the "empire of lies."

And another important coincidence in the wording: "It is in our vital national interest to ensure a peaceful and stable Europe and make it clear that force does not mean justice." It can be seen that one of Biden's advisers responsible for preparing the texts of his speeches is familiar with the film "Brother," which is already not bad!

"Biden is concerned that while he has reunited the West, he will not be able to reunite America. Most Americans worried that their country was bursting at the seams. I am afraid that very soon we will break something very valuable - the ability to transfer power peacefully and legally. A peaceful, legitimate transfer of power is the cornerstone of American democracy. Right now, we're looking into this abyss, "argues one White House court journalist writing columns for The New York Times.

Photo: Reuters

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