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02 October 2023

"Svetlana" turned backwards, or business chess in Berezinsky

The Sankt-Peterburg Post continues to analyze the defendants in the story of the purchase of servers, as well as the oddities around their assets. Why did Andrei Berezin and his comrades go under the "shadow" of ZPIF and why is the authorized capital increased before the liquidation of assets?

The Sankt-Peterburg Post continues to analyze the defendants in the story of the purchase of servers, as well as the oddities around their assets. Why did Andrei Berezin and his comrades go under the "shadow" of ZPIF and why is the authorized capital increased before the liquidation of assets?

In the past article, The Sankt-Peterburg Post talked about the events of four years ago - the purchase of certain servers from a German company by a Russian company, LLC Complit Company, for which funds were paid, but the goods allegedly did not arrive. Berezin's surname was then mentioned because of his business partner in a number of assets - Vasily Pavlov. Allegedly, it was he who was responsible for the supply of ill-fated servers. Berezin, suing the media that mentioned the searches in his company Euroinvest, obtained recognition of the information as invalid. Like, he does not participate in the case, has no status in it and there were no searches.

In the course of analyzing this story, we found an interesting feature - on the Internet when searching for information about a businessman, some of the materials are hidden. It couldn't help but interest us. What is so curious decided to clean up the person involved about himself?

We will continue to analyze the assets, connections and oddities around the companies of the St. Petersburg millionaire.

In the last publication, we found out that all the companies associated with the one mentioned in the story about the searches by one of the legal entities - Auditexpert Company LLC were liquidated. The very liquidation of this chain of assets raises many questions for us. LLC "AuditExpert Company," its owner - LLC "MegaCenter" and the owner of "MegaCenter" - LLC "Graviton Investments" before liquidation increased the authorized capital and very significantly. For example, the Auditexpert Company LLC increased it from a minimum of 10 thousand rubles to 944 million rubles. According to the law, in liquidation, the authorized capital is divided among themselves by the owners of the LLC. Curious scheme. Let's fantasize a little: let's say you have a certain "gray" large amount of money and it needs to be legalized.

According to the authors of the VikiReading website, the alleged replenishment of the authorized capital of the enterprise as a means of legalizing assets is convenient to use for "laundering" unaccounted cash. Then the company is liquidated and the already "whitewashed" money is paid to the co-founder. Of course, we do not claim that such a scheme was used in one of the above companies.

The owners of all the above firms are interesting. In Auditexpert Company LLC itself, Pavlov (2015-2019) and Berezin (2015-2021), as well as a number of other persons, including Yuri Vasiliev (business partner in Euroinvest and not only), President of the Sports Boxing Federation of St. Petersburg Maxim Zhukov, whom the media associate with authoritative businessman Vladimir Golubev, and LLC "IK" Vek. " Before the liquidation of the ultimate owner, Graviton Investments, was taken under the "wing" of ZPIF, which was managed by LLC UK Stock House. And that's what is curious, this manager will flicker more than once later next to the assets of Berezin and his business partners.


Investment Company Vek LLC, which, by the way, also went into liquidation in January 2023 (will be completed by January 18, 2024), now belongs to Olga Nikitina. Nikitina was previously the owner of Kvant LLC, which has also already been liquidated. The company was a supplier of four state contracts with the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Federal Center for the Design and Development of Nuclear Medicine Facilities" FMBA of Russia "- handed over premises in St. Petersburg to the state institution.

And here's what is interesting: the Quantum company, as previously LLC AuditExpert Company, MegaCenter LLC and Graviton Investments LLC, also increased its authorized capital from 10 thousand rubles to 2.07 billion rubles shortly before liquidation. And also "Quantum," again, ultimately transferred to a closed-end investment fund managed by who would you think? That's right - all the same LLC "UK" Stock House. "


VEK still has an authorized capital of 10 thousand rubles, but it's not an evening, as they say.

Earlier, among the owners of Kvant was Felix Dlin, Berezin's business partner in PJSC Svetlana (the main asset of a millionaire). Moreover, ZPIF "Fifth Element," which owned the company "Quantum" before its liquidation, also received shares of PJSC. The liquidator of VEK is Irina Chesnokova, the full namesake of the candidate for the board of directors of PJSC Svetlana. Once again, the name of Chesnokova can be found in the list of affiliates for 2019 of Ilyich Plus JSC. In the same place, an offshore company was noted as the sole shareholder - a limited liability company Rakelfar Holdings Limited (RAQUELFAR HOLDINGS LIMITED), whose beneficiaries were not disclosed by themselves.


Both Chesnokova and offshore also appeared among the owners of a certain company "Impulse," which in 2022 was liquidated, increasing the authorized capital by that time to 115 million rubles. But it is interesting that among the owners of this LLC there were previously both Berezin and his investment company Euroinvest. At the same time, Euroinvest, together with Chesnokova, were the last owners by the time of liquidation.


To date, Evroinvest Investment Company, previously owned by Berezin and Vasiliev, has also been taken away under ZPIF - Balance Invest, managed by the Stock House and Apart Development management companies already known to us. The latter is managed by Ingria Management Company LLC and among those companies that were and are very remarkable with Ingria.


For example, Orion Invest LLC, which ceased to exist at the end of March 2023, is on this list. At the same time, Igor Tsvirko, a well-known reader from the last publication, was the liquidator of Auditexpert Company LLC and the general director of Hollywood Shopping and Entertainment Center LLC. The mall belongs to a number of individuals and legal entities, including Berezin's business partner - Yuri Vasiliev and ZPIF Apart Development under the management of the already known Ingria Management Company. Berezin himself owned a stake in the Hollywood shopping center in 2015-2020.

And again, before the liquidation of Orion Invest LLC, by the way, created in 2021, it significantly increased its authorized capital - from 2.1 to 197.6 million rubles. Among the co-founders of Orion Invest LLC for a short period, ZPIF Element Development-1, which is managed by the Stock House Management Company, was also noted. Regarding this, the ZPIF five years ago, the Kommersant newspaper reported that it was PJSC Svetlana, where Berezin had a stake, that created it.

Let's return to the firms that are associated with LLC UK Ingria. There are two more liquidators on this list - Sphere LLC, among the owners of which were Veronika Andreevna Berezina and Felix Dlin, as well as another offshore company - LAVEBERG HOLDINGS LIMITED and LLC UK Petrogradskaya, where Berezina, Dlin, already famous Chesnokova and offshore, but already present the other is SEMILLAS TRADING LIMITED.

Offshore had a stake in another liquidated company - Stella LLC, where Green Point LLC Felix Length was among the co-owners. Among the co-owners of Green Point was Gutseriev Sait-Salam Safarbekovich, a State Duma deputy of a number of convocations, a defendant in the rating of "200 richest businessmen in Russia - 2019" and the brother of Mikhail Gutseriev.


So, both Sfera LLC and Petrogradskaya Management Company passed to ZPIF under the management of Ingria and Fortis Invest. At the same time, "Sphere" also increased its authorized capital from 11.7 to 357 million rubles according to the already tested scheme 20 days before the transition to liquidation.


But this series of liquidations and departures to the closed-end investment fund is not all.

The already mentioned above Veronika Andreevna Berezina had Berezina Gallery of Modern Art LLC in the asset until April 2023, but in April the share goes to a certain Ekaterina Evdokimova and the company is transformed into liquidated. Doesn't it resemble anything? I would not be surprised that shortly before the liquidation, the authorized capital of the company will be increased (as long as it is only 10 thousand rubles) and transferred to ZPIF. After all, the scheme is proven.


So what are we seeing? A number of assets related to businessman Berezin and his partners and, probably, relatives (and we have not mentioned this yet) were liquidated according to an interesting scheme - through a preliminary increase in authorized capital and the transfer of the asset to a closed-end investment fund.

Judging by the open data, in February 2023, Svetlana PJSC, which also left for the closed-end investment fund, receives the issuer's exemption from the obligation to disclose information in accordance with the Federal Law "On the Securities Market."

After that, somehow a message from the Nevsky Prospekt website began to play in a new way that, perhaps, ZPIF Fifth Element was controlled by the same persons as previously PJSC Svetlana. Just hidden the ends in the water? And in a number of other cases, capital, sharply raised, returned to the beneficiaries. The names of these beneficiaries, perhaps, can not even be called. They are obvious.

There is only one question, how much does such schemes comply with the law? But this is no longer a matter of our competence. We will leave the answer to it, for example, to Sledky.

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