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28 November 2023

Maxim Liksutov found his own Gens

Lanit, whose name was associated with the withdrawal of money from GIS TEK, is developing billions in Moscow and Krasnodar parking lots, thanks to relations with officials such as Maxim Liksutov.

The Lanit company, whose former employees appear in the case of former Deputy Energy Minister Anatoly Tikhonov about embezzlement of more than 600 million rubles on the creation of the GIS TEK, can "feed" from the state not only in the field of information technology, but also parking lots.

Details - in the investigation of The Moscow Post.

Recently, a major scandal occurred related to the Estonian score of the wife of the now former State Duma deputy Alexei Berdnikov. The latter was fired because this curious detail was revealed. The Moscow Post, having dug into the business ties of the former official, found out that he was associated with the "Lanit" Philip Gens.

In particular, the structures of the IT corporation together with Berdnikov own the Krasnodar LLC City Parking. The latter is not that it is "bathed," but still has government orders from local government structures - it serves municipal parking lots.

If you start promoting this story, it turns out that companies from the Lanit shave "taste" public money in parking lots not only in the Krasnodar Territory, where Berdnikov previously worked (the ex-official's connections in the local government could have caused him to be taken into the founders of "City parking"), but also in other regions.

Hi, capital city!

For example, in Moscow, a native of Lanit and co-owner of City Parking Andrei Arefiev have a certain Tekhpark LLC, which concluded 26 contracts with GKU AMPP (Moscow state institution - administrator of the city parking space) for maintenance of flat parking equipment, consultations, installation, software. The office earned more than a billion rubles on this.

Probably, we could say that this organization is one of many to whom AMPP allocates contracts, and there is no crime here, if not for two "but." Firstly, Techpark does not serve any more state customers, and AMPP has entered into 26 contracts with it. And secondly, this structure is distinguished by a suspicious love of companies associated with Mr. Arefiev.

Judge for yourself: Lanter-Service LLC and Parkservice LLC receive contracts for the same services from AMPP. And if you delve into how these organizations received contracts, then "Kontur.Procurement" will kindly tell us about some cases when applications for the competition were submitted with the same price by different companies, of which none is advertised, when, for example, Parkservice won.


Are we not seeing cartel collusion in this screenshot? At least once, Parkservice and Lanter Service appeared simultaneously in the same auction - it was in February 2019 - then a lot for the integrated operation of intercepting parking lots was played. And although, in the column "participants and results" other participants are listed, for an unknown reason, the contract was given to Parkservice.


At the same time, all three organizations are, according to Rusprofile, at the level of financial stability risks. If companies have problems with money, how can you count on high-quality fulfillment of the state contract?

Who has the sun to live well

It seems that this is not the main goal of the head of "AMPP" Alexander Grivnyak, when he distributes obligations in favor of Arefiev offices. Hryvnyak even more than 10 years ago did business in the Krasnodar Territory - he had a company "Ivan-Trust." It is possible that in those years he met the same Berdnikov, which explains his current selectivity towards the firms of colleagues of the former deputy.

They say that Grivnyak is the successor of the current vice-governor of Moscow, Maxim Liksutov, who oversees the road transport industry. In this case, we must think that something from contracts with Arefiev's companies should fall to him.

In addition to the above structures, Arefiev has Lanit-Holding LLC Lanter together with Lanit-Holding. Everything is thick there. Despite the fact that the main activity of the company is the production of computers and peripheral equipment, it manages to serve the GKU "AMPP" even here. This time in technical terms - supplying organizations, for example, electrical alarm devices, electrical equipment for ensuring safety or traffic control on railways, tram tracks, roads, inland waterways, parking areas, port facilities or airfields and services for servicing technical systems. It seems that Grivnyak decided to take from "Lanit," as they say, "full coverage" of the parking theme.

In addition to AMPP, Sberbank is among the state customers of Lanter, the T1 structure, which is associated with the head of VTB Andrei Kostin, VTB itself, the Novosibirsk metro and a lot of others. The amount earned on government orders from Lanter is approaching two billion.



When we wrote about City Parking, we drew attention to one of the founders of the office, a certain Serebryakov Viktor Yuryevich - this gentleman worked with Berdnikov at Lanit for a long time - he served as director of the department of complex projects of the group of companies. In addition, as we found out, Serebryakov headed the structures of Rostec - and not only the current, but also the former ones are devoted to Lanit. The name of the person who is called a friend of Mr. Chemezov Vitaly Maschitsky also shone there. So Serebryakov may well be a kind of "fragment of the system" of Chemezov and his friends.

Thus, we see that the scandalous company "Lanit," through contracts with which millions were withdrawn from the state for the never earned GIS TEK, seems to have found a new "feeder" in the person of the parking sphere in Moscow and the Krasnodar Territory. And she can act undercover and with the direct participation of a whole galaxy of high-ranking and not very officials. The question is - when will investigators find "holes" (but not in the asphalt) in parking lots?

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