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17 October 2021

Grekov's gauge: "Rostov" against Lyubimov?

Who does business in the Ryazan region and how the governor Nikolai Lyubimov is influenced by Rostov lobbyists with an ambiguous past.

According to the correspondent of The Moscow Post in the Ryazan region, the notorious ex-vice-governor of the Ryazan region Igor Grekov can continue to determine the personnel policy of the region.

Dismissed after the provocation of journalists affiliated with Grekov at a presidential press conference last December, the "gray cardinal" of the Ryazan region (as he is called in the region) was dismissed, but still retains his influence on Governor Nikolai Lyubimov.

The Greek rode

The ex-vice-governor of the Ryazan region Igor Grekov, who was dismissed from the post of vice-governor on January 28 with a scandal, is said to have actually not gone anywhere, but continues to control the domestic political situation in the region.

"Varyag" Grekov - professor and associate professor of the Department of Philosophy of the Don State Technical University - arrived in the Ryazan region from Rostov in 2017 and immediately received the post of adviser to the governor of the Ryazan region.

Igor Grekov

The move from one subject of the federation to another was forced, but turned out to be successful for the teacher of the university: that year, after the voluntary resignation of the head of the region Oleg Kovalev to Ryazan, the acting governor sent Nikolai Lyubimov, whose retinue included Grekov. The career take-off was not long in coming and on September 19, 2017 he was appointed to the post of vice-governor, first deputy regional government.

Over the years of work, he strengthened and got used to it, considering all spheres of life of the region. But the "star hour" of politics came a little later.

On December 17 last year, during a direct line with the President, the wife of the head of the design department of the government apparatus of the Ryazan region, Denis Bezukladov, Alexander, asked the head of state to award Vice Governor Igor Grekov with the star of the Hero of Russia. According to her, the essence of the feat of a high-ranking official is that during the explosions of ammunition at a military depot in the Skopinsky district, he saved seven people and received a shell. Later, Grekov himself said that he did not consider himself worthy of the Hero Star.

But the facts did not receive confirmation, and, accordingly, the request for approval did not find, but dark spots were revealed in the biography of the official.

The scandalous statement turned out to be the home procurement of the vice-governor himself, under whose control the press service of the head of the region worked. Igor Grekov, according to legends of the press secretary of the governor Denis Arapov, allegedly led a heroic lifestyle and in his spare time saved the drowning, extinguished fires, visited patients in the red zones.

Scorched vodka and crime

The words of the journalist cost the vice-governor dearly and rendered him a "bearish favor." Grekov's criminal training was revealed - in 2001, "Igor Mikhailovich Grekov 02.05.1977 r. (Data completely coincide with Mr. Grekov's data) was convicted by the Oktyabrsky District Court of Rostov-on-Don for 3 years in prison" for fraud - trafficking in "pallet" vodka, reported RIA FAN.

The government of the Ryazan region claimed that "when Igor Mikhailovich Grekov was admitted to the state civil service of the Ryazan region in accordance with current legislation, information was provided about his lack of a criminal record, which was confirmed by the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation in the Rostov Region," by the time Mr. Grekov was appointed vice-governor in 2017, the criminal record was already extinguished.

But the appointment of Grekov was personally facilitated by Governor Lyubimov, who changed the law, creating loopholes in it for people with a criminal past. Nikolai Lyubimov achieved the right to personally appoint deputy heads of the region without coordination with the deputies. According to him, Viktor Malyugin, a member of the Communist Party faction in the regional Duma, had the governor of the Ryazan region not changed regional legislation, the deputies could have prevented the appointment of Igor Grekov, Kommersant emphasizes.

Trumpet Game

At the same time, another scandal erupted - a conflict broke out between the administration of Ryazan and the Novo-Ryazan CHPP.

The authorities prepared a video release for the president's press conference: Deputy Head of the Ryazan Administration Vladimir Burmistrov tried to lay the blame for the robbing tariffs for heating and hot water at the Novo-Ryazan CHP.

However, it turned out the opposite: the selling price for thermal energy from the Novo-Ryazan CHPP was lower than that of similar stations in other cities, but the final consumer-Ryazan from the reseller - MUP Ryazan Municipal Heating Network Enterprise (RMPTs) - the same heat goes much more expensive than, for example, residents of other Russian cities.

Thus, representatives of local authorities, rigging the facts on the conflict situation with the CHP, made a conscious manipulation of the President's opinion, Komsomolskaya Pravda writes.

Novo-Ryazan CHPP is the largest producer of thermal and electrical energy in Ryazan and provides heat and water to over 60% of buildings in the city.

The conflict between the enterprise and the current administration reached a new level in 2020 - in the fall, Deputy Mayor Burmistrov said that previously concluded agreements with the Novo-Ryazan CHP do not meet the interests of the city and can be terminated. The city authorities accused the CHP of high tariffs, and refused the enterprise to write off the municipal turbine. In response, the CHP threatened to reduce the supply of heat and hot water to residential buildings and social facilities, explaining this by the city's debts to it.

By the way, behind the CHP is former State Duma deputy Nikolai Bulaev.

Earlier, the head of the municipality, the city of Ryazan, was Vladislav Frolov, who is a relative of Bulaev. It was said that Frolov's temporary appointment to the post was lobbied for the sake of making a single decision, an attempt to take the Novo-Ryazan CHP from Anatoly Shestakov ended with the resignation of the deputy mayor of Ryazan, Vladimir Burmistrov, as soon as he announced that the city would terminate the lease a week later and return the object to municipal administration, that is, under the control of retired vice-governor Igor Grekov.

Nikolai Lyubimov

Of course, the scandal with Grekov and the energy conflict around the CHP shaken the position of Governor Nikolai Lyubimov, but for some reason Lyubimov is in no hurry to finally part with the "gray cardinal" of the region. Maybe because in their common past there are unpleasant events and memories for the governor?


After Grekov's resignation, the vice-governor's chair remained vacant, and on September 7, former Presidential Administration employee Mikhail Semenov, previously responsible for interaction with Abkhazia and South Ossetia, was appointed Lyubimov vice-governor and first deputy chairman of the Ryazan region government. Evil languages ​ ​ attribute the personnel decision to Grekov.

Grekov's proteges in the region are also considered the ex-Minister of Regional Emergencies Gennady Schmidt, appointed in 2019 with the filing of Gray Cardinal Grekov as the head of the State Housing Inspectorate of the Ryazan Region.

Earlier, Schmidt, a native of Ryazan, worked as first deputy chief at the Central Regional Center of the Russian Emergencies Ministry, and then as head of the Ural Regional Center. In April 2019, he was among the 29 winners of the selection to the personnel reserve organized by the Ryazan government.

Behind Schmidt stretches a long train of scandals with the theft of funds and property of the rescue department not only in Ryazan, but also in the Urals. Allegedly, several years ago, under the patronage of Ryazan merchants from the former elephant organized crime group Kirilin, Trubitsyn and Klimkin, he was put by Grekov to lead the state housing inspection.

According to the authors of the anonymous telegram channel CHK-OGPU, allegedly "he actually covered Klimkin's management companies there and condoned the raider seizure by them of 70 percent of the housing and communal market. Daddies on Schmidt at the security forces turned into amusing volumes. "

According to unconfirmed information, the ex-vice-governor Grekov also intends to remove Yevgeny Belenetsky, who oversees the construction, roads, garbage and housing and communal services.

Allegedly, formally, Belenetsky's functionality partially moved to the new vice-governor Mikhail Semenov. Say "Semenov does not have too many practical skills in the above areas, and personally receiving tribute from business is too dangerous. Therefore, they decided to change the uncontrolled Belenetsky to the son of Schmidt. "

According to sources, in the near future in the Ryazan region there will be a change of personnel. They say that the head of the Ryazan City Duma, Julia Rokotyanskaya, the lady-heart of Igor Grekov, will be dismissed.

Earlier there was information that investigators are studying cash flows during the implementation of national projects by the Cabinet of Ministers Igor Grekov. The Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population of the Ryazan Region is conducting a pre-investigation check. In the field of view of law enforcement officers is the figure of Grekov's closest associate - the still current Minister of Labor of the Ryazan Region Valery Yemets and his profile deputies.

Through the social protection fund, Igor Grekov's wards could implement schemes with funds intended to help veterans of the Great Patriotic War. Yemets is also suspected of intentional bankruptcy of the Sosnovy Bor sanatorium and misuse of budget funds in the Rostov "pocket" of the ex-vice-governor's team, Versiya reports.

Bratva on the pick-up

At the same time, it is unlikely that it will be possible to clear the Ryazan authorities of dubious personalities.

According to the authors of the anonymous telegram channel Politjoystick, allegedly after Rokotyanskaya the post will go to Alexander Chaika, in the past an allegedly active participant in the Ayrapet organized crime group. However, this information is not confirmed.

It is assumed that the mayor of Sorokin will also leave the chair of the head of the Ryazan administration, she will be replaced by vice mayor Alexei Pustovalov (allegedly also associated with the elephant organized crime group), businessmen Trubitsyn and Kirilin, as well as the owner of Novo-Ryazan CHP Shestakov.

The imaginary departure from the management of the region was played brilliantly by Grekov. Against the background of the weakly characteristic and inspiring governor Lyubimov in Ryazan, the Rostov ones are being led, and their leader, Igor Grekov, has already called on former associates Vladimir Burmistrov and Vladimir Artsybashev.

It is possible that they will have to control the bankruptcy of the water utility and the sale of MUPs. Artsybashev may again engage in the bottomless housing and communal services market. They say that the failed "hero of Russia" took into account the mistakes of the past and instead of quarreling with local businessmen, chose to take them into allies. Couch has a lot to do, can we share?

At the same time, according to analysts, Lyubimov did show willpower on the eve of the elections, and Grekov's protege - director of the Ryazan municipal heating network RMPTS Sergey Lepyokhin - was fired. It is believed that it was through Lepyokhin that Grekov tried to win back the CHP. However, the "Rostov" led by ex-vice-governor Igor Grekov will not leave Ryazan financial flows so simply.

Pseudo scholar

Another "brick" from Grekov's bureaucratic foundation fell when it turned out that the Ph.D. thesis on philosophy was defended in Rostov in 2013 and allegedly could not stand the test for plagiarism - and the uniqueness of the work was only 39.5%, writes Tsargrad. After the presidential press conference, information about the degree of vice-governor disappeared from his page on the official website of the government of the Ryazan region.

According to Tsargrad, defending his thesis, the Greeks sheltered 600 people in their modest three-story mansion in the elite district of Rostov a year later.

The Radishcheva homeowners association (Radishcheva HOA) became famous for building a 4-story residential building in 2009 with a total area of ​ ​ 2000 square meters. But the land under him did not belong to Grekov. As a result, the HOA given by the decree of the administration of Rostov-on-Don dated 17.03.2015 No. 144 was recognized as self-building.

It is strange that the governor of the Ryazan region is reconciling with some twofold in the region. Given that Lyubimov is influenced by Grekov, as we see burdened by a difficult past, it is difficult to talk about a stable socio-economic situation in the region.

Probably, Lyubimov's forced measures to remove the "hero" from power negatively affected the current interests of both. The governor lost the lightning rod, which could be written off all the shortcomings, and the ambitious "gray cardinal" of official levers of government. And, apparently, with the sad ending of his "heroic" story, the Greeks do not intend to put up, continuing to pull the ropes of puppet functionaries.

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