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14 June 2021

Nuland on the right, Blinken on the left, or how to "shotgun" for "clear"

The Ukrainian leader has nothing left but to ask?

"They hope to take us alive, children! They don't know we're three now. I'll give you a parabellum. We'll go to the mountains. Can you cover for us? "

I. Ilf, Evgeny Petrov "Twelve Chairs"

Much of what the White House does outside the United States and domestically is designed to prove that Biden is not Trump. A lot, if not all. The fact that Joseph is different from Donald, everyone noticed not only January 20, but also before the date of his assumption of office by Biden, as well as in the first hundred days of his leadership of the country, overseas allies and partners, the correspondent of The Moscow Post reports.

Zelensky Blinken is not a comrade

By coincidence, independent Ukraine was among the beneficial partners for the United States. As the visit of US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken to Kiev showed, the main benefit of this "partnership" is determined by geography. Suddenly, during only two or three decades of efforts and for only some $5 billion, some representatives of the elite of this country were imbued not only with "democratic values," but also with open hostility to Russia.

It is known that the anti-Russian direction is "proudly flushing out" against the background of other initiatives of the Democratic administration. If we fight for the "values ​ ​ of democracy," then there are more obstacles than in Russia to such a struggle! The election system is not set up in the same way as in the United States, and in television talk shows you can't say anything against the authorities.

Is it a democratic Ukraine, where "unpopular" television channels are closed by decree of the authorities due to their "harmful unpopularity"! Following a visit to this hospitable country, where not all languages ​ ​ are welcomed, Blinken met with Volodymyr Zelensky, his colleague Kuleba, and other VIPs.

Zelensky and Blinken made a brief statement about burning problems, then there was an attempt to answer questions. Blinken, of course, spoke in English, which is why the translation of his speech into Russian was understandable. There were problems with the translation from the Ukrainian head of Ukraine into Russian. Maybe it was not the translation that was to blame, but Vladimir Alexandrovich himself with his imperfect Ukrainian?

We do not understand you

From the first minutes of the meeting it became clear that representatives of two democracies could not hide from the Russian language, just as from Russia. Moreover, Victoria Nuland herself sat to the right of Blinken. Victoria in her youth studied Russian in the difficult conditions of the expedition on the Soviet floating base. From what her vocabulary was so enriched that in February 2014 he shocked the Western partners of the United States, when the fate of both Ukraine and its future prime minister was decided on Maidan.

Colleagues from the European Union then had to apologize, but the legitimate power of Ukraine was then inflated, "left," did not apologize.

There is reason to believe that the decisive in terms Victoria Nuland helped her chief in preparing the current visit to Kiev. According to the content of the speech of the connoisseur of France, Secretary of State Blinken, Russia should continue to blame all problems. Victoria Nuland, as an expert on the internal problems of Ukraine, introduced a fresh stream into the discussion.

The topic of corruption was mentioned by Blinken more often than Russia was mentioned. Zelensky, for obvious reasons, was silent on comments about corruption. Trying to convey to Zelensky that the actions of "individual corrupt individuals" threaten the interests of all Ukrainians, the US Secretary of State could not resist the temptation to pay off that Russia also uses local oligarchs to increase domestic threats to the Ukrainian state.

According to the Secretary of State, there are two threats to Ukraine. "One external one is Russia. The second threat is corruption, oligarchs and people who put their interests above the interests of the Ukrainian people, "said Blinken. People who put their interests above state interests are often associated with Russia, he said. Therefore, Ukraine needs to continue to fight corruption. "Fighting corruption, you fight Russia," - this formula, quite pulls on the slogan for the campaign to purify the ruling Ukrainian elite of gold love!

He did not specify who Blinken specifically accused. One can guess that it was about those who tried to help the Kiev leadership find sources of quality vaccines to protect the population in a pandemic. These caring "individuals" may have gone so far in health matters that they began to threaten the internal stability of the Kiev regime. But somehow Blinken did not pay attention to the fact that Kiev did not have vaccines, nor did he. He did not even hint that the United States could help, at least not immediately.

It would also be necessary to clarify with Victoria what this is: "justice resources," which the Secretary of State mentioned, speaking about the inadmissibility of corruption and the need for reforms.

And maybe, remembering how Biden, as vice president, "dealt" with Viktor Shokin, the prosecutor general of Ukraine, Blinken once again called for the fight against corrupt officials, using the procedure for appointing judges. "We talked about judicial reform and how judges are elected. Laws are very important, but their implementation is equally important. The Ukrainian people want to see not only new laws, but also their implementation, "said the US Secretary of State.

Why would Zelensky need a sniper rifle?

At the negotiating table, everyone was masked, but not a single word was spoken about "COVID-19" that would be related to the pandemic in Ukraine. But when Zelensky tried for the third time to hint that he was very much waiting for the state visit of the US president to Kiev, Blinken recalled that it was not recommended to travel during the pandemic, he promised to return to the topic "at the right time."

During the conversation, it turned out that Zelensky was monitoring the number of Russian troops in Russian territory, namely in the Crimea. Although the issue of the summit with Biden hung in the air, Blinken received another invitation - to participate in the events of the festival called the Crimean Platform.

It seems that in Kiev, despite the difficulties in relations with Moscow, it is with due respect that the central authorities of the former USSR once granted the fraternal Soviet authorities of the Ukrainian SSR the right to use the southernmost, most beautiful, important for security, but arid outskirts of Russia.

As expected, partners did not reach the humanitarian problems associated with the water supply of Crimeans with "Ukrainian" water either. Not before the humanitarian problems of Blinken and Zelensky, when the "partnership of democracies" was at stake.

They had other questions, more important than the human rights to access fresh water. According to Blinken, Ukraine is losing its subjects not only because of the lack of any vaccines, even American ones, but also as a result of "Russian actions" on the contact line in the Luhansk and Donetsk regions. Admiring the "restraint" of the Ukrainian military, their "persistent unwillingness to succumb to provocations," Blinken paid tribute to the losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, promised to contribute to the defense of the peace-loving Kiev regime.

Zelensky, encouraged by such observation, in passing remembering the "separatists," asked to send more sniper rifles. Like, these rifles are equipped with optical sights. Through sights, destruction can be observed on the side of the LPR and the DPR. "Fighters against separatism" it is important to know for what other purposes to conduct shelling in residential areas of the "separatists."

Remembering Freud

Here the negotiators approached the most important, to the Minsk agreements. They came up, I must say, not of their own free will, but as a result of a question from a correspondent of the ubiquitous Air Force service. Noting that the journalist did not receive the translation and hearing that she had a Russian translation, Zelensky said: "Russian translation? They're here, they're everywhere. " How can you not recall the cry of the swollen American politician with his cries "Russians are coming." But it must have been Freud's reservation.

Zelensky, the correspondent was not afraid of him (maybe not shy), but he shy away from commenting on the prospects for a diplomatic settlement in the Donbass. Earlier, he proposed changing the Minsk agreements, including the United States among the participants in the Norman Format, but these issues were not discussed during the meeting. However, other questions asked on behalf of the Air Force remained unanswered.

Blinken, on the contrary, paid tribute to diplomacy, offering to increase the efforts of diplomats. Moreover, the success of the Minsk process is opposed... Russia. In general, Blinken continued, Russia uses its military resources to pressure Ukraine, slowly withdrawing its armed forces from the border. But the United States monitors all this, supports the partner, and monitors the situation.

For military, financial and technical support, Zelensky thanked Washington, recalled NATO, hinted at a bilateral agreement in the military field with the United States. In general, in the speech of the head of the host party, all attention, as expected, was focused on America, Biden, and the summit. In his opinion, the 30th anniversary of Ukraine's independence should help strengthen bilateral relations. The European Union was not mentioned by anyone at all, and why?

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