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09 May 2021

Joe Biden's Rescue Phone

Desperate for an American president to grab his handsets?

Answering the question of where and when the meeting between Putin and Biden could take place, Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that it was still premature to talk about it specifically. The proposal will be studied, analyzed, discussed through diplomatic channels, reports the correspondent of The Moscow Post.

For the better, there are no changes, but the hope of maintaining strategic stability dies last. Uncle Sam, who appeared in his 46th reincarnation as "sleepy Joe," is conducting a deliberate campaign to unite his allies in "flocks," from Europe to the Far East. Minister of War Lloyd Austin is meeting with European colleagues on how NATO should confront the "Russian threat." Secretary of State Blinken, still surprised by the geographical proximity of the Ukrainian Donbass to Moscow, threatens on behalf of his president with "consequences" about the fate of Kiev.

The presidents, and their meeting apparently should take place, will have something to discuss. It can be assumed that the first should be the question of a coordinated approach to determining the true causes of threats to strategic stability arising from local conflicts, even internal ones, as in Ukraine around Donbass.

This will not be easy to do. To begin with, it should be assumed that "North" is the Arctic, and "South" is Antarctica, or that "white is not black" and vice versa. Without the harmonization of terms and an objective attitude to facts, it will not be possible to advance to specific agreements. Further, the President of the United States will have to understand that his subordinates should not waver carelessly with rash formulations of "interests," a light-hearted definition of the boundaries of these interests, including geographical ones.

Indeed, from Donetsk to Rostov only 118 kilometers, for the APU tanks (or NATO?) This is about three hours of a leisurely march. What would be understandable, New York from Philadelphia in a straight line is 134 km. This is an hour and twenty minutes of express "AmTrack." It will take more time on the tank, but the APU tanks are not there, but they are near Donetsk. Moscow offered to find out: "Why?"

As common sense suggests, "your interests" and the right to defend them end where the "interests of Russia," Europe's geopolitical neighbor, begin. Accordingly, the rights to protect these interests arise. The West refuses to accept this provision in its relations with Russia. The mission of Germany and France is to share historical experience with alliance partners, to help them correctly determine the limits of interests and ambitions.

If Washington, for example, is worried about the civil war in Ukraine and the reasons for the aggravation of the conflict on the borders of the DPR and LPR, then questions should be asked to Zelensky, who is satisfied with provocations. Since the beginning of the year, the number of violations of the ceasefire in the Donbass has increased tenfold and this happens with the connivance of the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Kiev, violating the agreements, is building up forces and means near the demarcation line. This is confirmed by OSCE data.

Kiev, by a decision of the parliament, declared Russia an "enemy," pulls military units, mechanized forces and artillery not only to Donetsk, but actually to Russian territory. Zelensky is already waging war with Russia. The Western partners of Ukraine have not yet dodged the actor, moreover, Zelensky receives verbal support from NATO! NATO unashamedly warns Kiev. This, firstly.

Secondly, visits to the Black Sea by American warships with cruise missiles on board are accompanied by aggressive rhetoric from the United States. Washington thus sends Ukraine a "signal of attention." The signal is intercepted in Sevastopol.

Thirdly, Brussels, by decree of Washington, gathered "problem partners" under the wing of the alliance, flirts with potential members like Ukraine. If it were not for Poland and the Baltic countries with their "insanity," it would be easier to maintain peace in Europe. But the frisky boy scouts have already been enrolled in school, they demand attention.

The bureaucracy of the alliance, which sheltered this kind of "circle for children with matches," undertook to cultivate the self-thinking of young members of the alliance. A summer camp called Defender Europe-2021 has been organized for Baltic-Polish trainees. This rally with the participation of a 40,000th group is held near the western borders of Russia.

Fourth, about 24 thousand American troops from North America are transferred to Europe, moved towards the Black Sea and the Baltic region. The distance from Pskov to Tallinn along the highway is 351 km. The distance from Washington to New York by car is 372 km.

Apparently, without relying on a clear answer, Sergei Shoigu was forced to declare at a meeting in Severomorsk that two armies and three airborne forces had been transferred to the western border of Russia, "a sudden check of the combat readiness of the troops of the Western and Southern military districts was carried out."

In the story of the "NATO summer camp," it can be comforting, though conditionally, that "children with matches" are under the supervision of NATO pioneers. But let's make a reservation: under the Parkinson's Law, the sprawling bureaucracies of the Pentagon and NATO themselves are prone to degradation, to "brain death," as the leader of one of the NATO countries noted.

About Biden's call to Vladimir Putin. As should have been assumed, the event was planned. The very fact of the conversation caused a hype of media interest. Some initial euphoria quickly passed, replaced by skeptical assessments. This was facilitated by conflicting signals from different sources, comments, complete guesses and suspicions.

Earlier, Maria Zakharova, on behalf of the Russian Foreign Ministry, quite sharply assessed the helplessness of the French and German foreign ministers in their influence on Ukraine. French and German Foreign Ministers Jean-Yves Le Drian and Heiko Maas in a joint statement expressed concern about the aggravation of the situation on the contact line in the Donbass, expressed support for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine.

William Burns, director of the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), was insured and, citing experience in Russia, suspected Russian forces on the border with Ukraine of plans for a "limited invasion." The former ambassador to Russia spoke at a hearing in the special intelligence committee of the Senate of the US Congress.

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said that there is no rush to work out the meeting between Russian and American leaders Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden. But the US ambassador to Russia, John Sullivan, was immediately invited to the Kremlin by Russian presidential aide Yuri Ushakov.

The Russian Foreign Ministry said that Moscow was ready to meet in the "Norman format," provided that Kiev would not refuse to speak with Donetsk and Lugansk.

The enthusiastic reaction of Ukrainian Foreign Minister Kuleba following his meeting with Blinken was criticized, but, reportedly, during the negotiations, Kiev did not make requests for military assistance.

Visa and Mastercard reported that they continue to work in Russia as usual. RBC circulated information about this, commenting on the statement of Sergei Lavrov that the Western sanctions policy could lead to the impossibility for Russians to use international payment systems.

As a dry remnant of this polyphony, it can be noted that the crisis around Donbass continues, that the West supports the territorial integrity of Ukraine, that Russia, according to NATO, is responsible for escalating tensions.

At the same time, no one is going to fight yet, including Kiev. The American embassy in Ankara told the Turkish side that the passage of two warships through the Bosphorus to the Black Sea was canceled. In general, little is known for sure, but the sea guesses and speculation. And in the near future, the Washington Climate Summit looms. The first 100 days of Biden are at an end, the most important thing that has been done is a phone call to Vladimir Putin!

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