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18 January 2022

Zhelneyev’s oil leading to Uss’ forest?

Does businessman Alexey Zhelneyev help Irkutsk and Krasnoyarsk elites "divide" forest money through offshore companies controlled by him, simultaneously poisoning the environment with oil?

According to the correspondent of The Moscow Post, investigators opened a criminal case after a spill of oil products in the Angara river in the Krasnoyarsk region. About 500 litres of fuel spilled from a barge owned by Priangarskiy FIC LLC. This firm may be associated with the President of the Russian Forest Association Alexey Zhelneyev. Has Alexander Uss "warmed" another scandalous businessman? He was probably brought to the Krasnoyarsk region by the "authoritative" Timofey Kurgin, a former partner of the Ananyev brothers, for whom, it seems, Zhelneyev also managed to work.

Priangarskiy FIC, which caused another fuel spill, belongs to two companies registered in the United Arab Emirates - Northen wood group FZE and Silcorp Management Group LLC. FIC is the legal successor of Krasnoyarsk Inter-Invest LLC, which was liquidated in 2013. The founders of the Inter-Invest is Stels LLC and Delta LLC. The sole owner of these two offices is a businessman Alexey Zhelneyev.

Apparently, Zhelneyev has controlled Priangarskiy FIC through an offshore company so far. There are several facts in favour of this. For example, Emirati offices have "timber" assets in the Krasnoyarsk region, Irkutsk region and Moscow. And according to the Rusprofile, Mr. Zhelneyev is the founder of the companies registered in these three regions.

But Zhelneyev was not always engaged in the forest. From 2010 to 2013, he was the head of JSC Moscow plant Electroshield. Presumably, through this company, he could be connected with the infamous Ananyev brothers. The fact is that the two brothers owned 60% of the company through Promsvyazbank. In the interests of the Ananyevs, Zhelneyev, as it seems, "disorganized" firm, didn't he?

Now Electroshield is in the process of liquidation. The company has losses of 243 million rubles, and it still continues to sue. According to Rusprofile, consideration of the latest case was started only on October 1.

The company has been "problematic" for a long time - in the summer of 2015, two lawsuits were filed for bankruptcy of Electroshield, Abireg wrote. Promsvyazbank needed such an asset, probably for money laundering.

In particular, Real Estate Management was to buy a land plot from Electroschield in Moscow. In particular, it received 3.68 billion rubles from Promsvyazbank for these purposes. However, Real Estate Management spent the entire amount allocated to it to pay off its debt to Promsvyazbank. And the land was eventually bought by Invest Management, an affiliate of the former owners of Promsvyazbank. Vedomosti wrote about this story. It is noteworthy that all this was done less than a month before the introduction of the interim administration in Promsvyazbank. The Ananyevs, as they say, ate a fish, and did not choke on a bone?

Irkutsk friends

Zhelneyev is also associated with another well-known character, former Governor of the Irkutsk region Sergey Levchenko. The fact is that a significant part of Zhelneyev's assets, as well as many firms managed by him, were located in this region. And he felt so at ease there that in 2018 he even ran for Deputy of the local legislative Assembly. It seemed that the victory was in his pocket - according to the results of the primaries, he was leading by a large margin. But he was not destined to become a politician - the "merits" of the past prevented him.

It turned out that when submitting documents, he forgot to mention one detail of his biography - that in 1995 he was convicted of robbery. It is noteworthy that after being removed from the elections, Zhelneyev still tried to fight for the right to participate in them, and even filed a complaint with the CEC. Apparently, he decided to pretend to be a "fool" - so what, after all, he did not deny the fact of a criminal record! Just why once again remember the mistakes of youth?

Interestingly, he ran for the legislative Assembly from United Russia, although his relations with the party can be called formal. What can not be said about his communication with the then "red" Governor Levchenko. Zhelneyev was several times "highlighted" with the then head of the region at events, according to rumours, they were long-standing partners. Spiteful critics claim that Zhelneyev was a member of the so-called "forest lobby" Levchenko and his non-admission to the elections was a kind of "bell" that the Governor would soon be "asked".

However, Zhelneyev had someone else to "clung to" in the Irkutsk region. Just in 2018, he headed the Russian Forest Association, which was founded by the controversial businessman Timofey Kurgin. In addition, Zhelneyev is listed as the founder of the +7 Charity Fund, which is also controlled by Kurgin.

Now Kurgin positions himself as a philanthropist and a solid entrepreneur. But his past is not crystal clear at all. For example, he was held in the case of the murder of State Duma Deputy Sergey Skorochkin, as Versia wrote". In connection with this story, he even became the hero of the documentary Criminal Russia.

It is rumoured that Kurgin could be connected with the criminal world. In particular, it is said that he met Shakro the Young and now deceased head of the Orekhovskaya OCG, Sergey Timofeev, nicknamed Silvester. If this is true, did the bond with the underworld become the basis of friendship between Zhelneyev and Kurgin?

Most likely, Zhelneyev was recommended to Kurgin by the Ananyev brothers, with whom Kurgin had a very close relationship. In particular, Kurgin was called the commissioner for a number of cases of Promsvyazbank. In addition, they had a joint timber processing business of the holding - company Russian Forest Group .

And there it does not seem accidental that Zhelneyev is engaged in the forest, because it is the field of activities of Mr. Kurgin as well. Can Zhelneyev work for "authoritative" businessman in this case? This, by the way, would explain why many forest assets are registered in offshore offices - it is easier to hide the beneficiary behind them and withdraw money overseas?

If this assumption is correct, then Kurgin’s forest empire may be even larger than previously thought. Thus, the above mentioned Northern wood group FZE has three "forest" assets, and Silcorp Management Group LLC - 10. In addition, Zhelneyev was once listed as the founder of the TRANS-Siberian forest company, which is now registered as skyline capital limited, registered in the Bahamas.

Northern affairs

Zhelneyev, as mentioned earlier, actively works in the Krasnoyarsk region. The same Priangarskiy FIC that arranged the spill in the Angara river is a contractor for JSC Kraslesinvest. The latter firm is now involved in the "forest" scandal that is unfolding in the region.

The fact is that Kraslesinvest is associated with Kraslestorg - the latter company is now involved in a criminal case against the former Minister of Forestry of the Krasnoyarsk region Dmitry Maslodudov. According to law enforcement authorities, the official protected Kraslestorg in exchange for monetary "gifts".

Meanwhile, Kraslesinvest belongs to the VEB.RF. And the firm itself also raises many questions. For example, it issued state contracts for almost 44 billion rubles, while it is at a loss of 1.3 billion rubles. It seems that budget funds were simply "siphoned off" from it.

Zhelneyev must have been familiar with Mr. Maslodudov - together they were often "highlighted" on the events. In particular, reports from such meetings were published on the official website of the Governor's administration of the Krasnoyarsk region. Presumably, after the end of the official part, they found time to discuss their "timber" affairs?

In this case, Zhelneyev also made acquaintances with Alexander Uss and Alexander Khloponin, whose "ears" also stick out in the Maslodudov case. This was written about in detail earlier by The Moscow Post.

Mr. Zhelneyev, apparently, is a kind of weighty timber "movers and shakers". Besides, he is a friend of many outrageous characters - from the "fugitive" Ananyevs, up to now the detainee Maslodudov. And he probably works for the Irkutsk and Krasnoyarsk elites. It is possible that he has already come to the attention of law enforcement officers in connection with the spill of petroleum products into the Angara. How long does his string have to last?

Its entire likely "roof" is already falling apart. Maslodudov was detained, the Ananyevs were arrested in absentia, Levchenko was removed from the post of Governor, and the chair under Uss was "shaken" due to recent scandals. If you hew trees the chips must fly! Can they can "touch" Zhelneyev soon?

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