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18 January 2022

Shagren case of Timofey Kurgin

Lawyers of the "authoritative" businessman and boxer Timofey Kurgin continue to prove the criminal "virginity" of their client.

The judicial board of the Moscow City Court again postponed the consideration of the appeal of the "authoritative" businessman Kurgin to journalists of The Moscow Post and the newspaper Versiya

Thus, the appeal of Timofey Kurgin will be considered on June 28, since the court requested additional time to familiarize itself with the new materials.

This again clearly indicates the entanglement of the case. And from this case, Kurgin's defense is constantly trying to remove some episodes: can the case, like shagren skin, decrease in size and shrink?

The work of the judges is also pleasing: the Moscow City Court seems to get rid of the long-standing reputation of the Moscow City Headquarters, which he earned for almost complete approval of the decisions of the first instance, many of which were later canceled or changed in cassation.

It seems that the new chairman of the Moscow City Court, Mikhail Ptitsyn, who replaced the "unsinkable" Olga Egorova (she "rules with a ball" for 20 years), is indeed making dramatic changes to the work of the Moscow City Court.

The correspondent of The Moscow Post talks about new details in the confused case of Timofey Kurgin.

Two-faced Janus

Recall that at previous meetings, during the work of the judicial board, sensational news was heard: at the request of the court of first instance, a document came - namely, a record of the act of name change.

It became clear from him that, Teymuraz Kurgin, changed his name to "Timothy."

This news was shocking to Mr. Kurgin's defence.

Further, for most of the meeting, the court asked questions to Kurgin's representative, lawyer Anton Vorobyov. These were the following questions:

"1. What is the defamatory nature of specific information - for each phrase?

2. Why did Timothy Kurgin refuse to dispute part of the information?

3. What is Mr. Kurgin doing today?

Running forward, we note that the defense of Kurgin frankly "floated" especially in terms of the employment of Timofey Kurgin. And the defender Vorobyov constantly stubbornly called his confidant "Teymuraz."

Apparently, lawyers from the law office "A-PRO" Oleg Popov do not trust documents with stamp seals?

New Chairman of the Moscow City Court Mikhail Ptitsyn

The lawyer, whose name completely repeats the name of the famous Soviet clown Oleg Popov, apparently can also claim the title of "clown," since with circus snorting he clears the tops of search engines from negative information.

Lawyer Oleg Popov

Lawyer Popov "wipes off" tarnished uniforms and tuxedos, as well as tolograkes and robes? Was it not for this that the A-ABM law office was created, to which very serious questions could arise from the law? Mr. Popov also seems to have recoverable "six" who run on the courts, fulfilling private orders.

Fun company. But this company "creates" weightless things: through the Moscow City Court, Mr. Popov conducted "operations" to destroy negative references to the activities of his clients. And among these clients was the "authoritative" businessman Timofey Kurgin, whose name was once associated with the murder of State Duma deputy Sergei Skorochkin.

According to The Moscow Post informant in the Moscow City Court in October last year, the clientele for the destruction of negative information on the Internet, the A-ABM bureau was the "ninth rampart."

So, the lawyer Popov invented a kind of "know-how"? And this "know-how" worked in the open, and not in the sauna bath, but in the Moscow City Court?

"Hyenas" pen

And among the victims are well-known media that specialize in investigative journalism.

They began to understand, and found out that a certain Mr. Pashutkin filed a lawsuit against journalists in the Moscow City Court about copyright infringement.

Then the journalists of The Moscow Post drew attention to the fact that some and their publications were in the "dossier" of Pashutkin, who began to go to the Moscow City Court with this "dossier" as a job.

"Lawyer" Daniil Pashutkin

In this list were publications about the "authoritative" businessman Kurgin.

And, indeed, on the website of the Moscow City Court in the section on the protection of intellectual rights, it was possible to find 38 statements by Mr. Pashutkin about blocking the pages of various sites. Starting in June 2020, Daniil Sergeyevich Pashutkin threw dozens of lawsuits of the same type at the Moscow City Court.

And the author of all these materials was allegedly a certain R.K. Dzheliev. Pashutkin seemed to have acquired from Dzheliev the exclusive right to articles: they say that Dzheliev did not consent to publication, so Pashutkin asked the court to block these materials.

And the judges of the Moscow City Court began to make a decision on the preliminary provision of protection of exclusive rights. This meant the automatic withdrawal of publications.

Mr. Pashutkin submits an application for preliminary blocking, but then does not file a lawsuit. Further, the judges leave part of the claims against them without movement, but give Mr. Pashutkin time to eliminate the shortcomings. But he does not eliminate them either. And the judges return the claims without consideration.

Claims by Mr. Kurgin

But, note that Mr. Kurgin is not doing well in the courts, apparently, which is why he decided to personally "roll" on The Moscow Post. And filed a lawsuit in court. In this lawsuit, which also went through the lawyer Oleg Popov, there are claims immediately to four investigations of The Moscow Post.

We are talking about the material "Business in distrust" by Timofey Kurgin, published in 23.05.2016. Kurgin categorically disagrees with the fact that he is a member of the gang community, as well as an accomplice in the murder of deputy Skorochkin. Meanwhile, it was the authors of the NTV investigation who connected the name of Kurgin with the murder of deputy Skorochkin.

Mr. Kurgin also has claims to the Fruit and Vegetable Kings investigation. This material was published 26.05.2016 Kurgin denies his connections in the criminal world and that he is called "a student of the criminal authority of Sylvester."

Mr. Kurgin was also dissatisfied with the publication PSBetz Mechelu (24.06.2016). Mr. Kurgin objected to the fact that he was a member of the organized crime group.

Another publication - "Fights without Kurgin's rules" was published 08.08.2016 Kurgin is dissatisfied that there are such words in the investigation - "has connections with the organized crime group, is an accomplice in the murder of State Duma deputy Skorochkin..."

In its statement of claim, it requires the deletion of untrue information.

It should be noted that the judges in almost all cases requested the original documents with the author from the lawyer Pashutkin, since only copies were attached to the lawsuit. But Mr. Pashutkin never submitted the originals to any of the processes.

Further, Mr. Kurgin appears in the famous documentary series "Criminal Russia," because in 1995 he was very bright in the story of the murder of State Duma deputy Sergei Skorochkin. The deputy died due to a conflict with a business partner, entrepreneur Nikolai Lopukhov. In 1994, Skorochkin sold a distillery to Lopukhov. But later he decided that Lopukhov underpaid him $ 380 thousand. And he began to demand the return of debt. Then Lopukhov attracted Oleg Lipkin, a friend of Kurgin, to resolve the conflict with Skorochkin.

Investigators found: Timofey Kurgin and associates became the direct perpetrator of the murder.


How they killed deputy Skorochkin from the series "Criminal Russia" (NTV)

On November 29, 1998, the Moscow Regional Court sentenced Kurgin to 4.5 years in prison.

But later the jury acquitted both Kurgin and his accomplices.

In the early 2000s, there was a new trial in the case of the murder of Skorochkin. But Kurgin was exempted from criminal liability for the expiration of the statute of limitations.

This version is also evidenced by the testimony voiced in the series "The Murder of Deputy Skorochkin" from the television project "Criminal Russia."

Timofey Kurgin is known in "certain" circles as Teymuraz, Timur Izmailovsky, as well as Timson.

40 volumes of the criminal case

But the One Actor Theater continues.

Recall that in the Tagansky district court at the end of January, this 2021, the trial ended on the lawsuit of Timofey Kurgin against The Moscow Post and the Our Version investigative journalism newspaper: journalists won.

The process went on for a long six months. And all these six months, a businessman with a highly "tarnished" reputation Timofey Kurgin threw out all the new "foams."

It would seem that all "points" over all "i" were placed at the end of January. But Kurgin's legal service submits documents to the Court of Appeal.

There have already been 2 sessions on Mr. Kurgin's appeal. The court again "stumbled" on two points: the diversity of Mr. Kurgin's names and his blurred criminal past. And the judges again asked for additional time to get acquainted with the vivid past of Timofey Kurgin.

You can understand the judges: the case of Kurgin is confused so that you have to understand his dreary biography over and over again.

But recall that the trial, which took such a long time, was greatly helped by lawyers of The Moscow Post Varvara Kuznetsova, Olga Malomorkina and Fedor Kravchenko.

They prepared a kind of "bomb" for Kurgin's defenders: they found an ancient criminal case in the archives, consisting of 40 volumes!

But as the lawyers of The Moscow Post themselves say, there may be much more of these "rare" volumes!

The case is 27 years old... Kurgin was then found guilty of several articles at once. The case lasted a very long time. Then the deadline expired, and Kurgin was released.

But back in February 2002, the Supreme Court in the supervisory criminal proceedings examined this case on the merits, and, according to the file of this proceedings, one of the accused in the case of deputy Skorochkin could go through no other than Teymuraz (Timofey) Kurgin.

The defense of Mr. Kurgin, represented by lawyer Vorobyov, clearly did not expect such a "surprise."

The Tagansky District Court agreed with the arguments of the defense of The Moscow Post and requested materials on the criminal case from the Moscow Regional Court, which was involved in the abduction and murder of deputy Skorochkin.

The documents were taken from the telegram channel The Moscow Post: it has nothing to do with the network publication The Moscow Post. Has permission to use TM "The Moscow Post."

"Bleaching" did not pass

What happens in the end?

Timofey Kurgin hoped to fully whitewash, and during the course of the "play" he turned around the affairs of long past days with a bright criminal color?

But the "surprises" for Mr. Kurgin and his defense did not end there, although lawyer Vorobyov constantly argued that the plaintiff had nothing to do with the death of deputy Skorochkin.

Lawyers of The Moscow Post even here were at their height: they asked the Tagansky District Court to attach new evidence on the topic, namely, to add earlier publications in the press - in the Kommersant newspaper and on the RIA Novosti website, as well as an SD disc with the NTV film, issue 23, "The Life and Death of Deputy Skorochkin" (19.05.2000).

And also - a film from the series "Criminal Russia" "How they killed deputy Skorochkin." "Life and death of deputy Skorochkin."

Both films were watched in court, which told how they dealt with State Duma deputy Skorochkin. Moreover, if we read all the court documents in Mr. Kurgin's case carefully, it becomes clear how Skorochkin was killed in 1995...

In these documents, even the murder weapon of the deputy is called - this is a TT pistol of the 1931-1933 model, No. 30045285.

And there were 5 (five) shots in the head of the deputy... And all this was established by the Moscow Regional Court in a decision of February 11, 2005.

Thus, at the trials in the criminal case of Kurgin, many small details were voiced...

And finally, all of us, both journalists and lawyers, heard why Timofey Kurgin had been going to court for so long.

As lawyer Vorobyov, who defends Mr. Kurgin, said, his client some time ago began to have significant problems with both foreign banks and Western partners, since they saw publications in the press about the not very "noble" actions of their client and business partner.

And some foreign accounts of Kurgin were blocked.

In general, the change of scenery did not work. The crack plan failed

Mr. Kurgin now appealed to the Court of Appeal.

I would like to draw attention to the fact that the members of the judicial board in the Moscow City Court three times asked the defense of Timofey Kurgin about the imprisonment of their trustee. And three times the lawyer Vorobyov pretended that he did not understand the question.

And for some reason, Mr. Vorobyov failed to answer the question of the court, what exactly is Mr. Kurgin doing today?

It turned out that, mainly, charity, since he heads the Plus Seven charity fund. Well, what about other hypostases in many types of business, including forestry? We are talking about the company "Russian Forest Group." Timofey Kurgin also owns the elite sports club Academy of Boxing. Kurgin's lawyers, I guess they don't know?

It remains to be recalled that the next meeting in the Moscow City Court on the appeal of Timofey Kurgin will be held on June 28, 2021.

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