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18 January 2022

Nisanov's "stumbling"

Will the redistribution of spheres of influence in the capital's markets begin after the death of the criminal authority Lotha Guli, and what can the owner of Food City, God Nisanov, have to do with it?

Controversial Russian developer God Nisanov  continues to expand his business Empire. As the correspondent of The Moscow Post reports, soon his Kievskaya Ploshchad GC  might buy the building of the former Krasnaya Presnya vegetable base in the North-West of Moscow.

Previously, it was planned to build a shopping centre there, and then to open Mega, but these plans had to be abandoned. Now there may appear another market, like a number of others, which are in possession of God Nisanov in Moscow. Meanwhile, life in these markets may soon change dramatically, and God Nisanov may have a direct relation to do with this.

Not so long ago, a well-known mafia boss, a countryman of Nisanov (both natives of Azerbaijan), Nadir Salifov, nicknamed Lotu Guli, was killed in Turkey. According to the authors of the Russkiy Kriminal website, allegedly the customer of the murder could be exactly God Nisanov (this information is only an informational message about the fact of publication).

According to rumours, Salifov through his people controlled a significant segment of Moscow's food markets, which could seriously interfere with God Nisanov. The latter, as is well known, is himself a major figure in Moscow's non-stationary trade. He is a key beneficiary of the huge Moscow sites, such as: Food City, Moscow and Sadovod, as well as a lot of smaller ones.

Who was hindered by Lotu Guli?

God Nisanov was repeatedly credited with meeting many criminal authorities. According to rumours, he had tense relations with Salifov. The death of the "mafia boss" will inevitably cause a redistribution of spheres of influence in the capital's markets and will bind many of the financial flows that passed through it to other major players. Among which, of course, God Nisanov is likely to be.

According to the authors of the Russkiy Kriminal website, allegedly God Nisanov and Nadir Salifov had a common opponent - a criminal authority, a mafia boss Rovshan Janiyev.

Allegedly, after the opening of the Food City agrocluster, their main task was to lure more merchants and wholesalers to this site. And they could recruit such personnel just at the "glade", which was kept by Rovshan Janiyev. First of all, in the Four Seasons market, which belonged to the Kurgin brothers and was allegedly supervised by Janiyev.

If it arrived somewhere, it left somewhere. The division of the capital's markets was long, hard, and not without excesses. But that's the business of days gone by. After all, even in 2016, Rovshan Janiyev was brutally murdered. It was written by Meduza. A rumour immediately spread among market traders that Nisanov and Salifov were "tired of negotiating" and could resolve the issue radically.

Nadir Salifov

There is no evidence of this, of course. As the authors of the website Russkiy Kriminal claim, the death of Lotu Guli is just revenge for the premature death of Rovshan Janiyev. Nisanov seems to like this way of thinking (this information is only an informational message about the fact of publication). If the rumours that he was forced to share with Salifov have any basis, it is unlikely that he is mourning his death.

There is a version that initially Janiyev could have gone to a meeting with Nisanov on the relocation of merchants allegedly because he quarrelled with the Kurgin brothers. However, then he could make peace with them and threaten to arrange a mass relocation back to the Four Seasons. And this means - to leave God Nisanov without the colossal profits that have become habitual.

As the authors of the Russkiy Kriminal website state, supposedly after the death of Janiyev, a black cat ran between Nisanov and Salifov, and all the representatives of Guli trying "to approach" the objects of God Nisanov, were immediately sent to jail by "lured" security forces (these details are only an informational message about the fact of publication). However, even the fact that Salifov was in another country did not prevent him from strict control.

What is happening at Nisanov's markets?

In any case, now it seems that an interesting time will begin at God Nisanov's markets. However, it is hardly much more interesting than what is happening there today. Rampant crime, fights, trade in "sanctioned products" and money laundering - detractors attribute various sins to Food City and the Sadovod shopping centre.

Some believe that the Moscow authorities do not accidentally turn a blind eye to the affairs that are happening in the fiefdom of God Nisanov. There is a video on The Facts YouTube channel, in which a well-known Russian developer Ilgar Gadzhiev says that Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin receives 12% of all transactions and income that Nisanov has in the capital.

It is rumoured that such good relations between Sobyanin and Nisanov could have developed due to the fact that the latter, according to Gadzhiev, could finance his election campaign for the post of mayor of the capital in the amount of $25 million. It seems that since then, not only trade, but also other assets of God Nisanov have been doing well in Moscow. In less than 10 years, God Nisanov and Zarakh Iliev's Kievskaya Ploshchad became one of the leading developers of the capital.

Meanwhile, law enforcement officers are frequent visitors at his markets. In March 2019, there was a big "alert" when representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the FSS simultaneously showed up at the sites. Versia publication wrote about this.

Officially, the measures were aimed at finding criminals who are wanted, as well as at preventing various migration offenses. According to another version, the attention of the security forces was allegedly attracted by a series of fights between traders at Nisanov's sites, as well as rumors about money laundering and the presence of illegal crypto farms on the territory of Food City and Sadovod.

Allegedly, Nisanov's markets were full of offers to buy cryptocurrencies for cash, and calculations for such operations could amount up to 600 billion rubles a month, which were exported from the market by trucks. The version about mass verification of compliance with migration legislation for residents of retail areas is also possible.

If so, then law enforcement officers should have questions to God Nisanov personally. According to some reports, he may have serious problems with Russian citizenship. Even before the expansion into the construction and trade market of the capital, God Nisanov tried to enter politics - he was nominated as a candidate for the LDPR. However, the candidate had a hitch with the documents, as a result of which Nisanov was "denied".

Could God Nisanov have problems with Russian citizenship?

In 2007, God Nisanov was no less than the first number in the 44th Moscow region list of the party. But the Central Election Commission, through the Supreme court, was able to get him removed from the list. From the point of view of the Central Election Commission, the candidate did not have any citizenship, so he simply could not run for Deputy. This was reported by Kommersant.

How is this possible for a person who has been living in Russia for many years and is successfully engaged in business here? Is God Nisanov's Russian passport a "fake"? Then on what basis does he operate business, and why are law enforcement agencies not interested in in this situation at all?

Who is Nisanov afraid of?

It seems that God Nisanov is really not afraid of anything - neither the security forces, nor the Moscow authorities, nor even criminal authorities. So much so that he can engage in taking business from his partners.

At least, this is what the above-mentioned developer Ilgar Gadzhiev claims, who was not lucky enough to go with people allegedly close to Nisanov to several joint development projects, in particular, the Pirogovskaya Riviera residential complex and the Accord.Smart-Kvartal residential complex.

Ilgar Gadzhiev (in the picture) was forced to leave the country after joint projects with God Nisanov

As a result, none of these residential complexes was completed without problems and delivered on time, the money of real estate investors began to disappear from the accounts, and Ilgar Gadzhiev's SDI Group holding could be under the control of people close to Nisanov, through a series of manipulations.

In 2019, employee from the PSC Vityaz broke into the offices of SDI Groups, and people who may be related to God Nisanov appeared on construction sites. The network has a video from CCTV cameras, which clearly shows how the employees brazenly host the captured offices.

However, the Prosecutor's office did not start any criminal cases for some reason. Too strong roof for those who are behind these young men? Novaya Gazeta wrote about the attack on Gadzhiev's business, as a result of which he lost his assets.

There are many other claims towards God Nisanov. For example, the construction activity of his Kievskaya Ploshchad has been the object of complaints so many times that it is surprising how people continue to buy real estate from his company.

Among the most high-profile failures is the collapse of one of the Ukraina hotel towers during its reconstruction by God Nisanov's structures, as well as the falling of EUROPEISKIY shopping centre into the metro.

It is noteworthy that this shopping centre was built in a water-protected zone, and its construction in the autumn of 2006 was challenged in court by representatives of the environmental Prosecutor's office. Then the Deputy head of Rosprirodnadzor Oleg Mitvol directly claimed that the owners of Kievskaya Ploshchad  did not have the environmental expertise necessary for such work. Regnum wrote about it. This means that the construction could end in a tragedy with the collapse of the arches of the Kievskaya metro station.

Fortunately, it was all right then. Otherwise, God Nisanov and Zarah Iliev, along with their Kievskaya Ploshchad, would have to bear responsibility. And financial losses and reputational costs could lead to the company's withdrawal from the Moscow market.

Since then, especially after Sergei Sobyanin took the mayoral seat, God Nisanov has felt very confident. His development projects bring in billions of rubles, and monthly profits from such giants as Food City, Moscow and Sadovod are difficult to calculate.

However, even a wise man stumbles. This may happen with God Nisanov. Especially if he really could have had something to do with the dubious affairs of the deceased Lotu Guli. So, perhaps the joint visit of the FSS and the Interior Ministry to its capital sites in March 2019 was not the last one.

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