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04 December 2022

"Lanit" in the case of Anatoly Tikhonov: the secret of Polishinel

The other day, Interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev delicately mentioned a large bribe of the former Deputy Minister of Energy, but did not give his last name.

We are talking, of course, about Anatoly Tikhonov, a friend of Deputy Prime Minister, former Minister of Energy Alexander Novak.

The Moscow Post made more than a dozen journalistic investigations on unique documents sent to the editorial office by our informant from the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation. One of the latest investigations, "Business Jet for the Accused Anatoly Tikhonov," was published on October 4 this year.

But what's interesting... while the Minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Kolokoltsev diplomatically voiced the news about a mysterious bribe taker from the Ministry of Energy, another envelope with new information on the case of Anatoly Tikhonov came to the Editorial Office. Most likely, this texture may be of great interest to operatives, since new bribes of Mr. Tikhonov are reported, moreover, even during his work in the government of both St. Petersburg and the Krasnoyarsk Territory. By the way, in Krasnoyarsk, Mr. Tikhonov worked side by side with Mr. Novak. This is the first.

Second. Our whistleblower is right when he asks the question: "Why is it as if the Lanit company of Philip Gens, which robbed the budget together with the Russian Energy Agency under the management of Mr. Tikhonov, remains on the sidelines?"

Indeed, for some reason, Lanit is still in the shadow of the investigation.

The Moscow Post correspondent understood the new facts and the opaque activities of Lanit.

Empire of the Gens family

"When the case is complete Gens: Lanit beckons Tikhonov in jail" - the so-called journalistic investigation, which was published in early September. In this material, the same thing - two pressing questions were raised: who slows down the case of Anatoly Tikhonov and why, indeed, as if the Lanit company was aloof from the criminal case of the former Deputy Minister of Energy? They tore millions out of the treasury together! Although the owner of the Lanit company - and after the mysterious death of the elder George Gens, Philip Gens became him, the son of the deceased can also be very worried about the fate of Mr. Tikhonov, since, according to our informants, Anatoly Tikhonov has not yet sincerely told the investigators.

Recall that it is on the deceased George Gens that everyone who is interested in rescuing Anatoly Tikhonov from the Matrosskaya Tishina special block still continues to "translate the arrows."

Once again, we recall an important fact: according to the investigation, Anatoly Tikhonov was the organizer of a criminal scheme for laundering money allocated for the creation of the GIS TEK system and the purchase of computer equipment.

In September 2020, Tikhonov was taken into custody. And together with him, several top managers of the Lanit company, which worked in conjunction - namely, Viktor Serebryakov, Vladimir Makarov and Roman Ryzhkov, were arrested.

The document was sent to the Editorial Office by the author of the letter

And, indeed, the main beneficiary of the Lanit company, Georgy Gens, who was behind the company at the time when, according to the investigation, fraud was committed, died in 2018 under mysterious circumstances. And it is on George Gens today that they are trying to hang all the "dogs."


But what else is surprising? The Lanit company, despite the grandiose scandal and noise in the media, continues to receive government contracts.

And in 2021 there were significantly more such contracts.

The total amount of revenue from procurement for the entire existence of Lanit amounted to more than 36 billion rubles. The office was a supplier in 2763 government contracts. Recall also that the implementation of the program for the development of GIS fuel and energy complex was carried out by the Russian Energy Agency within the framework of the state program "Energy Efficiency and Energy Development."

Lanit JSC became the contractor.


Philippe Gens is the founder of 29 legal entities. Moreover, in general, the son of the late Gens was related to 45 firms. Among them are companies that deal with computer equipment.

And the offices of Philip Gens companies have contracts with Sberbank, Rostelecom, etc.

Philippe Gens. Photo:

And Gens Jr. also has an office that deals with real estate. We are talking about Ritvel Capital LLC. This company is tied to the offshore SKILLMATE INVESTMENTS LIMITED (island of Cyprus).

And through this "quiet harbor" "street" millions could be withdrawn, including Lanit companies.


GIS TEK planned to put into operation back in 2014. But there are still difficulties.

But the company "Lanit" under the leadership of Gens Jr. "blooms and smells," and the case of embezzlement of millions of budget funds all these 2 years was intensively slowed down.

It can be assumed that they are trying to break it up or release it on the brakes. Sources of The Moscow Post also say this, adding that the real goal may be to shift the blame to the late George Gens.

Anatoly Tikhonov in jail. Photo: https ://

It is worth recalling that back in 2020, the Basmanny Court only on the third attempt was able to consider the TFR's petition to extend the arrest of Anatoly Tikhonov and his two accomplices - top managers of Lanit JSC - Vladimir Makarov and Viktor Serebryakov.

It looks strange if we take into account the huge public resonance of the story from the GIS "TEK." Then a second criminal case was initiated against Tikhonov: on the legalization of funds obtained by criminal means.

Mr. Tikhonov himself, as well as his colleague in the Ministry of Energy Roman Shcherbov, ex-Tikhonov adviser Roman Ryzhkov, accountant Elena Golovko and Igor Udintsov are suspected of laundering more than 674 million rubles, allegedly received during the implementation of measures to develop the GIS TEK program.

The document was sent by the author of the letter to The Moscow Post

And the late George Gens is again involved in the case.

Anatoly Tikhonov (left) with former adviser Roman Shcherbov. Photo:

In addition, another Tikhonov man, a certain Alexei Shevlyakov, was involved in the case. He also oversaw GIS TEK in the Ministry of Energy, and it was he who was supposed to sign a contract with Lanit JSC.

Mr. Shevlyakov, like Mr. Tikhonov, made his way from the Presidential Administration to the Administration of St. Petersburg, and then to the Administration of Krasnoyarsk. Then he ended up on the VEB council, from where he and Tikhonov were asked.

It turns out, almost "front-line" comrades?

Recall that in the summer of 2021, documents began to come to the editorial office of The Moscow Post that shed bright light not only on Tikhonov's acts, but also on the activities of ex-Energy Minister Alexander Novak.

Alexander Novak. Photo:

These documents, in particular, contained information about how Tikhonov's friendly team killed the GIS TEK project for several years.

Of course, Anatoly Tikhonov can tell a lot. This is evidenced by documents dated 2014. It was then that the Ministry of Energy began to promote the GIS TEK program, it follows from a letter from the Director of the Department of the Ministry of Energy (at that time) Alexei Kulapin to the Director General of the Federal State Budgetary Institution "REA" (at that time) Anatoly Tikhonov.

The document was sent by the author of the letter to the Editor

Apparently, this scheme was created not without the participation of the Minister (at that time) Alexander Novak? And all these 2 years - our informant from the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation focuses on this - are thrown at the release of Mr. Tikhonov from behind bars.

"Whitening" as a process

As the informant tells The Moscow Post, "bleaching" the person of Mr. Tikhonov went on for more than one month. And the "well-wishers" tried so hard that they even forgot to appeal the decision in the case of the A40-10794/17 in the Cassation Instance, agreeing with a decrease in the penalty for the creation of GIS TEK from 270 million rubles. up to 20 million rubles. But at the same time found 500 thousand rubles. for review on fictitious examination.

Mr. Tikhonov does not admit guilt. But his wife Valeria Kovalenko pleaded guilty and handed over her husband with all the trepukha. And the investigation appealed to the court with a petition to mitigate the preventive measure.

Tikhonov's wife went to sit under house arrest, to a luxurious apartment on Patriarch's Ponds.

Blonde in "Brulics" - Valeria Kovalenko-Tikhonova with Crazy Rich Asian Emerald Ring and actress who played the mother of the Young clan in the comedy Crazy Rich Asians. Photo: sent by the author of the letter to the Editor

Recall also that the investigator in the Tikhonov case is Maxim Vladimirovich Bakun, and Anatoly Tikhonov's lawyer is a certain Mikhail Anatolyevich Bagmet. And these two people are well acquainted.

The investigator's father, Vladimir Bakun, used to be the prosecutor of the Arkhangelsk region and then allegedly attached his son to the TFR under the "wing" of his friend Anatoly Bagmet.

And today Maxim Bakun seems to refuse to consider additional applications for fraudulent actions of Anatoly Tikhonov, which was submitted by ISSB. And therefore, the applicant complains about the inaction of the Bakun investigator.

Let us also recall this fact: it was Tikhonov's man Alexei Shevlyakov, who was described above, who signed agreements with Lanit on GIS TEK.

And later Shevlyakov, together with Mr. Bagmet, who works in the Forensic Center of the TFR, - as the informant of The Moscow Post from the Ministry of Energy writes - could make the "necessary" examinations in favor of Anatoly Tikhonov.

Are the officials of the Ministry of Energy ready for anything for the sake of Anatoly Tikhonov?

Why is the familiarization with the case delayed by investigator Maxim Bakun and Tikhonov's lawyers under the leadership of his son Anatoly Bagmet (head of the ECC of the TFR)?

The Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation has lost its feet and is not the first time asking the court to close its eyes to the overpricing of GIS TEK equipment supplied by Softline Trade JSC and Lanit JSC, Hitachi Vantara.

Lawyer of the Ministry of Energy Tatyana Kulikova demands that the court refuse the Ministry of Energy in their claims for the recovery of overstatement. Did the Ministry of Energy thus decide to challenge the results of the audit of the Accounts Chamber, the Treasury of Russia?

Rumor has it that Tikhonov was in the team of Dmitry Medvedev and wanted to become the new Prime Minister of the Russian Federation.

The affairs of long gone days?

According to our informant, Tikhonov at the dawn of his career was not ashamed to rob disabled people and send them to his accounts in Switzerland.

Recall some of his motley biography. At the age of 18, he became secretary of the Military Tribunal of the Moscow garrison.

Then he was under the wing of the infamous Valery Radchikov, the founder of the Afghanistan Veterans Assistance Fund. Tikhonov first worked at Bagram CJSC, created by the War Invalids Foundation, and later became the commercial director of the War Invalids Foundation.

Valery Radchikov. Photo:

According to the prosecutor's office, the turnover of funds from the Radchikov War Disabled Fund amounted to almost 4 billion "greens." The Afghanistan Veterans Assistance Fund received benefits in the form of exemption from state duties on imported goods.

But against Radchikov, discontent matured.

Valery Radchikov openly threatened the "Afghan," Colonel Mikhail Likhodey, who knew about the embezzlement. In 1994, the tax service revealed that the fund earned about $200 million, but the disabled got only a tiny part. In August 1994, Colonel Likhodei was killed, but Radchikov remained at large, despite the testimony of witnesses. In 1996, 14 people died from an explosive device in the cemetery, on the birthday of Mikhail Likhodey, who sought the return of "Afghan" money. Among the dead was Likhodey's widow, Elena Krasnolutskaya, the fund's financial director.

In 1995, Radchikov founded a new Foundation for War Invalids. In 1996, Anatoly Tikhonov became the commercial director and then vice president of the Radchikov Foundation.

In 1998, Radchikov still ended up in jail.

It was during the period of work in the V. Radchikov fund that Tikhonov's wife, Valeria Kovalenko, had shares in companies with international offices in Europe. And Kovalenko attracts his acquaintances to withdraw money abroad.

By 1999, Tikhonov was under the wing of Viktor Krotov, the financial vice-governor of Smolny. Tikhonov becomes Krotov's deputy...

Anatoly Tikhonov. Photo:

Krotov loved budget money, for which he paid, after the failure of the election of governor Vladimir Yakovlev. In 2002, a criminal case was opened against him on the facts of abuse of office. Krotov was charged with excessive loyalty to Baltoneksimbank and Mikhail Prokhorov.

In general, the skeletons in the cabinets of Mr. Tikhonov turned out to be an impossible number! Apparently, there will be much more folders in the criminal case.

As our informant notes, in 2020, after the arrest of Anatoly Tikhonov, a variety of representatives of the disabled of the war in Afghanistan reached into the courts. The famous singer Mikhail Evteev, who worked in the security service at the Federal State Budgetary Institution "REA" Minenergo, also appeared in court. He asked the court for the "honest man" Tikhonov to be released.

Anna Ermolaeva also came to court from the Federal State Budgetary Institution REA of the Ministry of Energy. Ms. Ermolaeva was entrusted with "torturing" the ISSB company, which dared to declare extortion of bribes by Tikhonov and his subordinates. And there were a few other petitioners...

As a result, the Minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Kolokoltsev took the floor

The criminal case of Anatoly Tikhonov is in the Meshchansky court of the capital. The first court hearing is scheduled for October 26. Together with Mr. Tikhonov, 6 defendants are still involved in the case. But, apparently, given the dark affairs of Lanit JSC, there may be more of these defendants.

The editors of The Moscow Post are closely following the case of Anatoly Tikhonov.

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